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A devastated family fear false widow spiders killed three of their beloved pet guinea pigs.Jordan Richards, nine, made the discovery after going to feed Rosy, Roxy, and Emmy at his home in Hedge End, Hants.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. We have our fair share of spiders in the UK, nearly all are pathetic in comparison to other countries. Catherine Coombs, 48, woke up in excruciating pain when she rolled over and was bitten by the false widow on the back of the left hand. The black spider, a close relative of the deadly black widow, unleashed a toxic venom which caused Mrs Coombs' hand to swell up dramatically. She had to be taken to hospital and surgeons operated on her three times to remove the poison and decaying flesh and prevent the venom from spreading up her arm. Her body temperature plummeted as the skin infection cellulitis set in and an inflamed patch on one of her legs even sparked concerns it had spread via her heart. I work for BT and i see these (false widow) daily in our overhead and underground structures. I did post a list of the poisonous spiders that bite in UK a while ago - it was in reply to a post about a large spider found or seen in Scotland if I remember right. Some say they don't bite but on one occasion a fairly big one bit my brother-in-law on the leg and left a small bruise.
It’s considered that there are more then 170 000 species of the spiders all over the world, but only 35 000 of them are well described by scientists.
The Brazilian Wandering Spider may not be the largest spider in the world; however it is considered as the most poisonous one. At night, the most poisonous spider can be seen all over the place since they are hunting for prey.
Most spiders do not bother to make any webs at all since they prefer to be constantly on the move to look for their next prey. Now, as for the venom of the Black widow, it is one of the strongest and dangerous poison through spiders. A POISONOUS cousin of the deadly black widow spider has appeared in Scotland for the first time. We want to make as many people aware of this as possible.'I am not scared of spiders and I've never been bothered about them until these ones. Usually they are called the House Spider as we have so many of the damn things living with us.
Many of them are dangerous, but only 27 species are known to have caused fatal consequences though human.

Here, in this article, we will talk about the most dangerous and widespread spiders in world and in this countries – United States, United Kingdom and Australia. This spider has a measurement of five inches but then again do not be easily deceived by its size. Unlike the any other types of spiders, this spider will not spin a web or wait for a surprise attack.
Most of them can be discovered in the Amazon as well as the southeastern part of Brazil which are considered as highly populated areas.
Although spiders native to the UK are not generally considered life-threatening hazards, their bites can range from mildly irritating nips to severely painful ones that may hurt for days.
Also seal cardboard boxes if you are storing things.If you are unfortunate enough to be bitten and have a reaction, pack the wound in ice and seek medical attention. Many of you may have a great fear of spiders, but we must admit that they are not such a big threat as many believes. It is the deadliest arachnid in the world since it is highly aggressive as well as defensive. Most often bites happen because this type of spider will usually wander around at night and during the day they will hide. We know 6 false widow group of spiders, but the Steatoda Nobilis is the only one which is not native. In addition, dangerous exotic spiders imported from other countries occasionally show up in UK homes.
However, the antivenom is now available almost everywhere so nowadays the fatality is very rare. Sometimes this spider is also known as the Banana spider since most of the time they are found in bunches of bananas.
The most common place they are found inside the house is cluttered and undisturbed places, in crawl areas and basements. The bite area becomes painful, but sometimes it goes unnoticed, but it’s essential that the medical attention must be sought as soon as possible.
The bite is dangerous for young and elderly people, statistics show that only 1% of all people bitten by the black widow is at risk of dying. After the bite powerful venom attacks the humans nervous system and may alert the functioning of organs.
The females are larger than males, from 10 to 14 mm in size, while males are from 7 to 11 mm.
Generally, they inhabit old trees and buildings, but do live in houses, where they will walk along the walls.

They are spread all over the continent and are thought to be the most dangerous spiders in Australia. Besides all these, since 1981, there was not recorded any fatal consequences after the antivenom was available for medics. These spiders build lacelike webs around funnels, and are found in forests, gardens and cellars all year long.
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They will build tangled webs with sticky white spheres in dark corners and outbuildings all year long.
Females grow to 18mm, and are much more likely to bite than the smaller males that grow to half the size. They spin vertical orb webs from June to November,and tend to stay outside in the gardens and woodland, although they make seek shelter in homes during autumn.
They originally came from the Canary Islands and Madeira, but have spread throughout south and east England. A bite victim reported a painful pimple-like wound that burst after a few days resulting in infection of the entire hand. They live in scrub, woodland, lawns and gardens from April to June and don't spin webs. They tend to spend the day hidden in a web sac beneath stones and loose bark before emerging during the night to hunt all year long.
Black or dark brown, these cigar-shaped spiders inhabit walls, fences and tree bark from June to November.
Reported venomous invaders include the exotic sac (Cheiracanthium), the huntsman (Heteropoda venatoria), the false widow (Steatoda paykulliana) and the black widow (Latrodectus mactans).
The bites of all but the black widow spider are generally painful, but not life-threatening. The black widow bite can produce an array of serious symptoms, though people rarely die from a bite, according to eMedicineHealth.

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