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Some colonies of ants can be as small as a few dozen, living in a small hollowed log or mound of dirt clearly visible when happened upon, while larger supercolonies have been discovered spanning 100 kilometers or more across. Unlike ants, however, termites reach for the sky in their endeavors and build colossal towers to hold their huge populations. That particular trait combination can be found in another part of the animal-kingdom; the Insect Kingdom, and most notably among its ground-dwelling denizens, the Ants and Termites.

Not all colonies are permanent, as the inhabitants will abandon the structure to save the group at nearly any hint of danger, and some ants do not stay in one location long enough to warrant the tunneling it takes to create them at all. These towering palaces of dirt and fiber are nearly hollow when analyzed, as the termites themselves are smaller than ants and weigh almost nothing.

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