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Ants are one of the most common back to school pests because they are so tiny and can easily find their way in through cracks and crevices. Both carpenter ants and termites are wood destroying pests however carpenter ants damage is far less than termites.
Carpenter ants damages are only a result of their nest building efforts however give them enough time to build a large enough nest, damages can be severe.
Ants will find tiny cracks in our house to get in and out, simple use things to block these entry points can help.
According to a study published in the latest issue of PLOS ONE, ants created waterproof buoyant raft linking each other.
Baby ants were at the base of raft, worker ants formed link to finish rest of structure and queen ant was placed in the middle.
I understand queen being placed in the middle since it is safest spot on the raft but baby ants at the base does not make any sense. Jessica Purcell from the University of Lausanne said, “We expected that individuals submerged on the base of the raft would face the highest cost, so we were astonished to see the ants systematically place the youngest colony members in that position. Pavement ants, Tetramorium caespitum (L.) are among the most common ant species in Minnesota.
During summer, these ants will occupy a wide range of pavements and become a nuisance, especially when they find their way into a structure.

Adam’s Premier Home Pest Prevention service provides year-round prevention of common household insects and rodents keeping your home cleaner and safer.
Common reasons for the carpenter ant to invade a home include left out food and poor home maintenance.
Carpenter ants are capable of living in a wide variety of habitats, which include California and most of the United States. Although pavement ants do not create any health-related risks, they may forage in unsanitary areas and leave debris or contaminated food items behind. In their natural environment Carpenter ants have been commonly seen eating other insects and sugary honeydew. Preferably these ants enjoy moist, concealed, undisturbed environments; however there are always exceptions and these ants have been seen nesting in environments not listed above when conditions permit.
Ghost ants are practically invisible, it just appears that way because of transparent legs and abdomen.
With such large number of students coming together in classrooms, it makes it easier than ever for pests such as ants and bed bugs to hitchhike rides from kid to kid or backpack to backpack. Exteriorly, carpenter ants may be attracted to such items as undisturbed wood piles.A  Be diligent about keeping wood piles raised off the ground and far from the home. Honeydew is obtained from the behavioral adaptations of the symbiotic relationship of tending to aphids and different types of scales.A  These insects produce a sugary byproduct in their excrements, which the ants have learned to feed from.

We put together some helpful tips to help keep “back to school” pests out of schools, homes and backpacks this fall!
EnviroCare Pest Solutions recommends that you inspect backpacks each night and check around the seams to avoid carrying them inside the home. For this reason it is important to provide your home with an ongoing maintenance program in order to keep ant populations under control. On the interior of ones home Carpenter ants have been know to snack on leftover meats and sugary products such as soda, candy and juice.
By reducing carpenter ants opportunity for entry, there is a higher likelihood of steering clear of these pests.
Maintenance programs may include perimeter sprays and baits, which can help reduce the likelihood of ants re-entering your home. Their colonies have multiple queens and luckily ghost ants do not bite us like other well known ants.
A If one nest is under attack or destroyed it is common for these ants to rebuild the nest.

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