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We tell our customers not to store wood right up against the house because firewood can contain termites and carpenter ants and a number of other wood borers and nuisance pests.
In fall, when their insect prey are dying off, carpenter ants may become more desperate in their search for food and may be more likely to forage indoors. We have stacked firewood at the back door of our house and the wood seems to be full of big, black ants. By the way, seeing carpenter ants inside your home doesn’t necessarily mean they are nesting there.

I’ve told my husband that he needs to move that woodpile away from the house because the ants could get inside.
Carpenter ants usually first infest homes in these locations where the wood has been softened or is decaying. A woodpile, especially if it’s sitting directly on the ground, would be a typical nest site for carpenter ants. Having said that though, as long as the ants have that wood pile for a nest site and plenty of food in the form of insects, they are probably pretty content where they are.

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