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The unique designed bait cave allows Ants & Cockroaches to enter and crawl out after consuming the poison bait within which lead to their deaths. I went in to the office this arvo to discover 100's of ants chomping on my $700 headphones. Black ants like sweet, sugary stuff and you can control them with Antrid though I've found that home made baits with honey and boracic acid is more attractive for them. We also have really big ants probably 20x the size of the black ones, but they don't seem to do anything negative.

Unfortunately for the residents of Texas, it is very much a reality: billions of tiny reddish-brown ants have arrived onshore from a cargo ship and are hell-bent on eating anything electronic. My house seems to have been built on a huge ants nest and I've had trouble with both of them over the past 20 years so I know a little about them! You can get a bait made for these that works like Antrid (they take it back to the nest) but it's usually only available to pest controllers. The bacteria attacks hydrocarbons and converts them to low grade heat, a small proportion of sugars, and a protein polymer that ants use to build chitin.

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