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The tech space is currently buzzing with reports of anti-virus software not being compatible with the now publicly released Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview. Thankfully, people have been reporting success with a number of antivirus programs which do a great job of protecting your computer from malicious scripts, viruses and attacks.
AVG antivirus software is arguably the most popular free antivirus packages out there, with the free package stopping threats, viruses and malware. Computer antivirus protection is something that we should all be interested in because we all store important data on our computers and we all need to use it whenever it might be useful for us to use it and not being able to do so is never something pleasant for us. The good news is that nowadays there are all sorts of possibilities to choose from when it comes to protecting our computers and Norton Antivirus is an antivirus software that we are going to focus on in this article.

Norton Antivirus is quite popular among computer users and it has been mainly appreciated for the fact that it can scan, update and delete viruses faster and better that numerous other such software programs that many computer users are using nowadays. Norton Antivirus can prove to be a good choice of use for those who have not yet protected their computers against viruses and all sorts of malware or who have used antivirus programs that they have not been pleased with. Their Internet security package allows for safe sharing and downloading of files, email protection, instant messaging virus protection, banking and online shopping protection among other things, not to mention free phone support. Many of us have also lost important data due to all sorts of viruses which have infected our computers and we have not been able to recover that data. The possibility of having free Norton Antivirus protection is one that users should be familiar with because when they might not have their computers protected by malware in any way this can prove to be a good solution for them to consider.

Certainly, there are advantages and disadvantages that can be considered when analyzing each of these programs and there will always be better and worse versions of the same product but it is important to be said that at least some of the features presented by this antivirus software are actually good and could be useful to be considered by those who need to have such free Norton Antivirus protection for their computers. Free updating is also enabled in its case and any users have appreciated for its quick automatic scanning features and for the proper deletion of spyware and viruses. AVG claim to be working on a fix to remedy this, although they have released a beta of the 2014 antivirus package which promises to not have any compatibility issues whatsoever.

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