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Fire ants are most active when soil temperatures begin to warm up, said LSU AgCenter entomologist Alan Morgan.
Ants perceive the baits as food, which is picked up by worker ants and taken back to the nest and fed to the rest of the colony, Morgan said. Individual mound treatments may be used in combination with broadcast treatments to eliminate the mounds before the broadcast material has taken effect or to eliminate colonies that the broadcast treatment may have missed, he said. While mound treatments are watered in, baits must be distributed when the weather is dry – no rain and no wet lawns, Morgan said. The entomologist also warned that some fire ant formulations are not labeled for use in vegetable gardens. Ants are social insects that live in colonies or nests usually located in the soil near the house foundation, under concrete slabs, in crawlspaces, in structural wood, in the yard or garden, in trees and in other protected places. Larger yellow ants (Acanthomyops interjectus) live in the soil next to building foundations, in cracks in foundations and masonry, or in rotting wood. This ant normally lives outdoors with nests consisting of huge conical mounds, sometimes measuring nearly 3 feet high by 6 feet in diameter.

Allegheny mound ants feed on insects (dead and alive) and the sweet honeydew produced by aphids and similar insects. People often confuse winged termites with ants, which often swarm at the same time of year. The critters begin to move around the landscape and forage when temperatures are above 70 degrees but below 90 degrees. The soybean oil that’s used as an attractant tends to turn rancid after a period of time and the ants will no longer feed on the bait. This means that if homeowners treat only their own properties, fire ants may move in from a neighboring lot, Morgan said.
Most product labels for fire ant mound treatments state specifically where the labeled dosage should be placed. Some ants are a nuisance, others can cause structural (economic) damage or health risks to humans. It has become a significant pest because these aggressive, stinging ants interfere with people's use and enjoyment of their properties, gardens and parks.

One of the advantages of broadcast treatments is that colonies may be controlled before mounds appear above the soil surface. Common mound treatment active ingredients include hydramethylnon, bifenthrin, acephate, lambda-cyhalothrin, deltamethrin and spinosad. They eat a wide variety of foods, especially those containing fat, grease or sugar, but they will also eat many things other ants rarely consume, such as toothpaste and soap. When disrupted, the ants will deliver a painful sting which has in a few cases produced severe allergic reactions to the venom including anaphylactic shock. Managing the ants in the landscape around buildings reduces the probability on indoor invasions.
They are considered one of the most difficult ants to control and pesticides can cause them to bud, creating new colonies.

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