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Grants 100500090 10-Count Ant Bait & Trap Stakes help you take control of your ant problem by eliminating entire colonies. Since most ant infestations are linked to a colony that is actually located underground outside the house, the second line of defense is setting up a barrier around your house.
The Outdoor Ant Killer Granules were easy to apply but we honestly didn't see a big difference in the amount of ants we saw in the house.
Win It: TERRO is generously offering (1) 2-Step Ant Killing products mentioned above (Outdoor Ant Killer Granules and the Liquid Ant Baits) to a lucky winner!
The bait is contained in the stake, and the product is effective in killing ants while protecting the environment.
TERRO liquid ant baits are made from a natural ingredient, Borax, which is safe to use around humans and pets, but is deadly to ants.

Just when we think we killed one ant colony, another one will pop up on the other side of the room or house.
I like that the bait is inside the trap so that it doesn't spill out on the floor and it isn't accessible to little fingers!
I think our house is just too imbedded with ants that one treatment of the Ant Killer Granules outside just didn't work. These ant baits definitely work temporarily and after a couple days of having these down, the ants in that specific spot do stop coming in the house.
I hate the word ants, I hate the sight of ants, I am sick of seeing ants in my house, on my cupboard, and my floor and I am tired of seeing ants crawling on my body and on my son's!
Another advantage to these bait is that they draw in the ants so I can put them where I want the ants to stay (instead of the ants spreading all over my kitchen, they go to the ant bait in the corner of the room!).

Part of the reason the granules might not have worked is because my husband thinks the ant hills may be in the floorboards or under the porch where we could not reach with the granules! The inside Ant Baits do work as a temporary fix and they are safe and small in case children are around!

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