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It is very important to know which species of cockroach you have since their habits and food preferences vary greatly.
You are living in their (the American roach's) neighborhood, whether your home is in Raleigh, Charlotte, Wilmington or a surrounding town. One capsule can have up to 16 eggs (16 x 90 = 1440), so you can see that you can have quite a pest problem with American roaches. The 3rd step is a 37-point inspection of your property to identify areas that allow easy access for the American roach either by direct access (cracks in the foundation) or harborages or food sources that would be attractive to this roach.
The American roach is very fast moving and has been clocked at 5.4 mph which is comparable to a human running 210 mph.

Liquid sprays do a nice job for American roach control in cracks and crevices or as spot treatments where dusts are not desirable. This entry was posted in Roaches and tagged american cockroaches, american roach, cockroaches, do roaches fly, flying roach, how to get rid of roaches, palmetto bug. This largest of the common household roach did not originate in America but came in shipped cargo from Africa in the early 1600’s. American cockroaches are not attracted to lights but often seek shelter in homes as the cold weather sets in.
Oriental roaches are black however and Australian roaches although similar in color have a visible yellow stripe on the outer edge of each wing and the American does not.

Leaky pipes, damp basements or crawl spaces, faulty gutters or roof shingles that provide moisture will allow for American roaches to thrive indoors. Eliminating or at least reducing moisture problems is the first step to American cockroach control.

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