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The animal world contains so many amazing facts, misconceptions, and mysteries that we could write a list based on it every day. Afterwards, they seek out the nests of a specific species of red ant, and hibernate inside their tunnels. Intact females, if not mated, will remain in heat, and after some time the high levels of estrogen will cause the bone marrow to stop producing red blood cells. After its change from caterpillar to butterfly, the insect emerges from its chrysalis and leaves the red ant nest to find a mate.

Usually, red ants will escort the newly emerged butterfly to the surface, taking it to a low plant or shrub nearby. The red ants will encircle the butterfly and ward off any predators that attempt to attack the butterfly as it dries out. Once the caterpillar is inside its chrysalis, it will rub its head against the chrysalis walls to make a scraping sound that the red ants make. Failure to complete any of these disguises will often lead to the caterpillar being eaten by the red ants.

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