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Whitmire Micro-Gen's Advance Carpenter Ant Bait is powerful insecticide used primarily on ants. The product contains a slow-acting insecticide that is highly effective in controlling ant populations.
Use the product by sprinkling bait granules directly on to infested areas, ant trails and mounds.
In broadcast applications, spread the bait evenly or in pockets in areas where ants thrive.
To protect structures, create a bait band measuring 1 to 2 feet around building foundations. 5 days ago, I bought the Advance carpenter ant bait and 3 day later, early morning, I applied the product as directed on the pest control product label. I want to know how this product kills the insect, I tried Advance Carpenter Ant Bait and I have found only few dead ants. The powerful bait makes its way to the ant colony as worker ants harvest the poisoned food source. The product contains Abamectin B1, a potent insecticide which is highly toxic to most insects including ants. Avoid using the product in areas where food is processed and consumed such as dining rooms and kitchens. Since my baby's room is right next to the bathroom that they took over, I was initially very concerned, but thanks to Advance, I don't have to worry about my baby girl. I bought Advance carpenter ant bait last week and I started using it like 4 days ago and so far, I scraped in no less than 1000 ants.
These so-called "professionals" that we hired to get rid of these damn carpenter ants were really starting to aggravate me because it's almost like they just came to our house to drink some water, take a tour of our backyard, and that's about it!!! This morning, when i woke up, I checked on the infested areas and I found 4 dead carpenter ant queens together with hundreds of worker ants. Advance ant baitHello, you have two Advance products for carpenter ants: the 375A select granular ant bait (white label) and the granular carpenter ant bait (dark blue label) In the small print they both say they're good for carpenter ants and have the same ingredients. A week ago, a noticed the same telltale signs of an ant infestation again and I just got myself my second container of the pest control product. No, I didn’t manually count the number of ants I found dead but roughly, I would say a thousand plus ants because my dustpan was filled with dead ants by the time I finished cleaning up the infested areas I treated.
A few days ago I started using the Advance carpenter ant bait too and so far, the product has worked great for me.
When Advance Carpenter Ant Bait get wet or contaminated with water, it will lose its effectiveness because the granules serve as food of the ants. This product contains a delay kill formula that will allow the ants to carry the bait to their colony until worker ant numbers decline; the colony's ability to sustain itself is hindered. I am not really that much into pest control products but I would definitely recommend the Advance carpenter ant bait to anyone who is having a carpenter ant problem! Each day I harvest hundreds of ants and already I can sense a decline in the population of the ants in my home. This insecticide acts to reduce the population of worker ants and can cause an immediate halt in egg production resulting in colony elimination. You will need to put Advance Carpenter Ant Bait in a bait station in order for the granules not to go the plants. Came across the Advance carpenter ant bait online and just found the best price on Pestmall.
However the inner formulation is slightly different making the carpenter ant baits appear more attractive to the carpetner ants than regular ants.

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