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The people living in United States often see the black widow living in the outdoor furniture, rock piles, and fences. The black widow has the scientific name of Latrodectus mactans.  The animal is included in cobweb spiders.
Just like any other spider, male counterparts have the smaller size compared to the female ones. The male black widow has a light color.  The back of its body features pink or red marking.

Honey bee facts below inform you with interesting information about the profitable insect in the world. Spider monkey facts offer you with interesting ideas of an animal which live in a tropical rainforest. Krill facts present the interesting information about small semi transparent crustacean like a shrimp animal. You can see a globular look on its abdomen.  The marking comes in bloody red or orange yellow color.

You can see the in Southern Asia, Southern Europe, United States, African, Australia and South America.

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