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Pivot App
Digital Smoking Cessation Program
Client Reporting Tool
Data Visualization
Investment App
CO Breath Sensor
Hardware UX/UI
Mobile App for Group Therapies
The Mind Walk
A Brainstorming Tool in VR
Genghis Kahn Family Tree
Data Visualization
A VR Educational Platform Concept
Other projects
Art / Installations

About Me

  • UX Designer

My name is Sida. I am an experienced UX designer with a Master's degree in Interaction Design. My design background includes both the physical and digital worlds, and I am comfortable with both 3D and 2D tools. I am a logical, open, and artistic person who loves problem solving.

I am currently working at a medical device company as a UX designer. My recent practices include mobile product design, hardware UX design, data visualization, and virtual reality.

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