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Active in all fields of STEM, I find myself settled down in electronics engineering where I was exposed at a very young age to electronics as my dad (KB9FTM). Working in the broadcasting industry on a tv truck I grew up with the chief engineer Carl (WB9AVW) and followed his footsteps as a EE. I began with getting my radio license and toying around with anything that caught my interest. Being a dyslexic individual and the environment I was in science was in me at a very young age and the curiosity of science drives me still to this day. After some time I found myself working with my mentor Carl where with him in the broadcasting field we are developing fiber transport systems to aid in the packaging of video and audio threw fiber.

In the community of ham radio I was guided by many of the smarted people of their day such as Joe (KA9KBU), Mark (W9GNC) and Lionel Freedman. I began developing a very close bond with some of my best friends all whom built the framework for us today in the 60s-80s. In my teen years I started being asked by the community to put up repeaters with usually the towers associated with as well. I always said yes to every opportunity to develop my skills.

Now in my latter 20s I have moved my curve from electronics to software and dove head deep into javascript, python, verilog, VHDL, GOLang, Reactjs, React Native, to name a few off the top and I love it. My mentor is my girlfriend whom I owe a great gratitude for nurturing my curiosity. The complexity of microservice architectures and the beautiful balance of the webstack is something I enjoy very much. Allowing me also to use the skills in supercomputing where I built my own supercomputer and bridge the gap of my passion of science. Now I can programmatically tackle small problems with the resources I have at my disposal and simulat before I act and spend money :P

I hope with this information I provide a insight of a little about me and where I came from to develop my interest as the amount of information out in the world is limitless i'm never afraid to dive in.

Personal Information

  • NameTimothy Szymanski
  • Age27 Years
  • ResidenceIllinois, USA
  • AddressChicago
  • Emailtszymanski@timison.com
  • Phone(+1) 708 691 6286
  • FreelanceAvailable


Web & Mobile Development

My primary focus is on Reactjs, React Native, HTML, CSS, and GOlang and RethinkDB. I like using Firebase and AWS for my backend goodies.


RF and 3G/12G SDI video with fiber is what i'm involved in now. However I enjoy using FPGAs and arduinos with raspberry pi for my projects when I can. But favor the vacuum tubes with homebrew tube amps and transmitters.

Computer Science

Supercomputing is neet and you can do it with MATLAB, Python, MPI, CUDA and virtually any library out there. I like simulations that can be applicable to me testing them out on my machine. Neural networks are cool to observe and play around with more research is needing to be done in that field.


STEM is cool I have won two contest so far involving STEM. This includes a 3D printed telescope and a smart TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) system.

Popular Projects

My Resume.


  • Electronics Engineer

    Joseph Electronics, Niles, USA

    Personally crafted over 20 million dollars worth of customized fiber equipment for clients including University or Texas, Fletcher, CNN Engineering, CIA, NEC, and Turner.

    2018 2015
  • Maintenace Engineer, Information Technology

    Hickory Hills, IL, USA

    Primary rolls include maintenance of the electronics systems making up of electric/gas cranes along with website design and computer maintenance.

    2018 2014
  • Manager and Cook

    Peppos Inc., Palos Hills, USA

    Helped grow a family owned sub sandwich shop into a very profitable business that still continues to prosper today. Organized employee work schedules and provided training for new recruits. Finally worked with cash register and made nightly deposits.

    2015 2001




    Moraine Valley Community College, Palos Hills, IL

    Coursework involved: Dig. Logic/Solid State Devices, PLC systems, Voice and Data Cabling, A+, Network +, Advance Industrial Controls, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Managing IT, Computers for Industry, Advanced PLCs, Mechanical Systems, WLAN Design, Mechanics Heat and Sound.

    2013 2010
  • Education Cont.

    Continued Education

    Other involvement in 3G/12G SDI video technologies, analog audio, optical fiber transmission, analog video, digital RS422/232, TCP/IP, cavity duplexer tuning, board level repair, board level design, and embedded systems.

    Autodesk CAD, Solidworks, ANSYS, Wildfire ProE, Altium Designer PCB design, FPGAs (Al- tera) Verilog, VHDL, National Instruments, Cin- ima Studio 4D, Photoshop, Gimp, Sony Va- gas, After Effects.

    2013 2018
  • Awards

    1st IBM COMMON user group student innovation award: Designing a Smart Traffic Collision Avoidance System using IBM Watson

    1st STEM in physics for the Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference: Acoustic Fire Suppression System

    1st STEM Moraine Valley Community College Science fair: 3D designed and printed vacuum telescope

    2st STEM for engineering Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference: 3D designed and printed vacuum telescope

    2013 2018

Software & OS Skills





Solidworks & Autodesk


Altium Designer


National Instruments


Coding Skills

React & React Native












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