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Anaheim Signs  is an established  Sign Contractor service company. We provide our over 30 years of  Sign Crafting  expertise for Business Signage, Commercial Signs, Industrial signs, retail signs, mall signs, strip mall center signs, monument street signs, pole and pylon signs, freeway signs, and and most any type of sign. Email Rick at Anaheim Signs

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DIY signs, when it comes to designing your own signage marketing and business sign design  pieces, you artistic talents, with a highly developed imagination and the creativity and technical savvy to actualize what you envision.

 So let your creativity fly! Make your 3d building letter sign designs unusual, eye-catching, unique. So long as your signage design doesn't interfere with your message but rather conveys and supports it, you're limited only by your ideas and your budget.

You can make your custom signs in Irvine ca.unique in several ways: by what you include, by how they are produced, and by what special touches you add to them.

Including a photograph of yourself or possibly your studio makes the piece distinctive. It will also add to the cost. For economy's sake and because the technique is not overused, don't have the photo converted to a halftone; just paste up a strong, high-contrast black-and-white print—matte or glossy—on your mechanical and have it shot by the printer as one piece of art.

This "conversion" drops out all the greys and leaves a dramatic image. Norm Adams' business card is an example of this. Compare that image with the stan­dard halftone printed as part of his re­sume.

A local Sign Designer provide clients with a photographed sample of her four-color sign artwork—with her name, address, and telephone number a part of that photo. She pastes up both her artwork and the typeset information, which will print be­low the art in black directly on the me­chanical.
Instead of taking the camera-ready art to a conventional printer— where the four-color image would first have to be electronically scanned to separate it into yellow, cyan, magenta, and black, converted to negatives and transferred to printing plates, and then recombined on the press into an ap­proximation of the original image—she has the mechanical shot by her photog­rapher and printed in quantities suited to her needs. For small quantities, such as 50 or 100, the cost of the conventional scanning and printing process would be too high for most free-lancers.

Using the same sign illustration or design element in several ways on different printed pieces makes them unique while boosting name and work recogni­tion. Carol Strebel used four photorealis­tic paintings, arranged in a square, as the cover of her marketing packet fold­er. She then rearranged the four panels into a vertical design, as the original canvases are hung, and produced a nice business sign.

Monument Business Sign

Lighted Channel Letters Irvine lend themselves to a long lasting pro­motional message, such as "I meet deadlines!" or "I listen to my clients— it's profitable to work with someone who cares." Your one tool now deliv­ers two messages—one about your work (visual) and one about you (written).

To decide what verbal message you want to pass along, first look into yourself. Make a list of all the quali­ties you bring to an art business rela­tionship. Flexibility? Diversity? Me­chanical skills? Meet deadlines regu­larly? Work well with people? Humor? Listen well? Know how to be a team member? Conscientious? Take direc­tion constructively? Contribute opin­ions? Responsible?

These are the added elements that broaden your value: an art director needs to be able to rely on creative "team members" to complete projects satisfactorily and on time. You need to inform the client that you're a talented business per­son who brings more than an illus­tration or business sign design to clients.

Sign Company Orange County

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