Our club, much like any other volunteer group, gets things done by being organized about it. Members reach out and respond to the community - the club officers respond to the members - the club president responds to the officers, and keeps all informed of club and committee activities.

We delegate tasks to a rotating set of members by annually electing club officers.

The intent is to create a board of directors that will mesh stimulating ideas from our newest members with the community experience of our longstanding ones. Serving as a club officer assumes an enhanced level of responsibility, associated with an enhanced level of satisfaction in service.

Speaking of responsibility, while the office of club Secretary runs a close second, no office assumes overall responsibility for the club like that of the president - creating meeting agendas, establishing committees, between meeting communications with committee chairs and the community at large, delegating tasks to officers and members, etc., etc. A potentially daunting office that can and, with the help of the club members, will be a most rewarding experience.

Here, we wish to pay tribute to the men and women who have served our club in that unique capacity - our Past Presidents - Thank You!

Club operations - it's all about open discussion and communication. An idea is brought to the club for consideration - a member or committee of members agrees to investigate the idea further - once they report back their findings, the club determines what further action should be taken (if any), and interested member(s) volunteer to turn the idea into reality.

If you have just such an idea and/or would like to join this organization's efforts, feel free to contact us or come on over . . . Care to see what we've been up to lately, click here to read our meeting minutes.


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