Panama 2005

Panama Canal mapIn August, Robert and I embarked on a birding/nature trip to Panama with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours.  Our destination was the Canopy Tower, a former US Air Force radar tower facility on Semaphore Hill overlooking the Culebra Cut of the Panama Canal, later used by the DEA before being abandoned in the 1995.  Remodeled and turned into an eco-lodge, the four-story structure provides visitors a bird's-eye view into the surrounding canopy and was the perfect base from which to explore the surrounding area.  Following are some of our photos.  (Click on the photos for a larger version.)

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Welcome ?
Canopy Tower
The Canopy Tower

Interior - first floor
Our room (well, the door)
Our room...
Our room
We didn't actually use the mosquito nets...
Dining room/library
Top floor - library/sitting room...
Dining area
...and dining room
View from top floor
View from the sitting room
Stairs to top deck
Stairs up to the observation deck
Breakfast up top
Breakfast up top

Bridge of the Americas
Bridge of the Americas (over the Canal)
Up top
Birding from the top deck
On the entrance road
Birding the entrance road
Entrance road
A forlorn bench
A mossy wall
CT's "birdmobile"
Liza on the birdmobile
Liza on the birdmobile
Liza on our balcony
We had a hammock on the balcony...
Robert in the hammock
...and in the room as well.
Robert on the balcony
Robert on our balcony
L & R up top
Another morning up top

Liza hammock #2
Liza after a long day birding