Republic of Korea

27 August - 3 September 2010

In August/September 2010, Liza had a work trip to the Republic of Korea (aka South Korea), with coworker Don Adamson, to visit the CECOM Life-Cycle Management Command (LCMC) Software Engineering Center (SEC) Field Support Directorate (FSD) (yes that's a mouthful) personnel at the 403rd AFSB Far East Region offices.  We stayed in Seoul at the beautiful Shilla Hotel; work primarily took place at the US Army Garrison (USAG) Yongsan / K-16 site, but we also had time to shop in the Itaewon district (wow!), visited the Korean Folk Village to learn more about Korean culture, and enjoyed many fine Korean meals (it definitely helps to go with someone local who knows what to order!).

Many thanks to Sok Kim (the regional C4ISR Support Manager) and Ray Perez for taking such good care of us on this visit!

For my birding friends, that was not the focus of this trip, but saw a few goodies nevertheless, including azure-winged magpie, the ubiquitous black-billed magpie, long-tailed tit, eastern great tit, an assortment of herons and egrets, etc.  Very nice wooded grounds at the Shilla Hotel were good for birding - when it wasn't raining!   The birding looked good along the Han River and the mudflats out to the airport at Incheon, but those will have to wait for an actual birding trip.

We also had the excitement of typhoon Kompasu passing through one day - didn't seem bad from the hotel but a subsequent walk and drive revealed many uprooted trees, and there were major power outages in much of Seoul that day.

At the Shilla Hotel, Seoul

Dinner our first night - Liza, Don,
and Ray Perez (ok, not at the

Proof of where I am!


Special event hall at the Shilla

Close-up of building decor

Section of the ancient fortress wall
that still circles parts of Seoul; it represents
the border that once ringed Hanyang, the
historical capital of the Joseon Dynasty

Octagonal pavilion

Roof decor

In the sculpture garden at the

Last view...

403rd AFSB Far East Region Offices, K-16

Don at the regional office

Liza, Ray Perez, Sok Kim, Don

Liza, Sok, Uchong Pak, Ray Perez

Liza, Sok, Ray, Don

Sok always working!

Blinds that Sok had made for the

Ray in his office

Sok and Ray at lunch (note to
Don - ask for chairs :-)

Lunch, yum!

Yes, it was indeed a good

Impressive gate!

Lunch another day - Bob Culbreath,
Ray, Sok, Don

Shopping at Itaewon

Shopping at Itaewon was a bit


Here Liza is buying amethyst earrings...

...while Don figures out luggage
tags (Liza later bought some too).

Liza eyeing a leather jacket (yes,
she bought it).

Liza and Don with the watch
lady - replica Rolex, Cartier, anyone?
(Ok, I bought one of these too -
another day.)

Here bought a refrigerator magnet...
a required travel purchase

Bracelet, but I didn't bite.

At the Korean Folk Village

Entrance to KFV - note the
traditional dress.

Kimchi, too bad I couldn't take
it home with me.

A wishing wall, so to speak.

Totem poles, too!

Liza at one of the replica

Chiles drying in the sun.

A family scene from years
gone by...

Liza checking out the ovens
(those lids were heavy).

More shopping!

Beautiful pavilion...

Don tries his hand at a traditional

...then practices flogging Liza.

Don paid close attention to the
sign demonstrating how to flog.

Women would actually be carried
in these things - I couldn't even get

About to enjoy a yummy sweet
rice drink.

Oops, I forgot what these
were already!


Near the gardens.

More traditional buildings.

Don waiting for lunch. :-)

And here it is!

Sok *never* stops working.

Pretty kitty...the only one I saw
on the trip, actually.

A wooden cart.

Hey!  My dad had these flowers
in San Pedro!  Four o'clocks!

Equestrian exhibit - fine trick
riding skills on display.

These riders were very skilled...

Liza watching the equestrian display

Crossing a bridge that said was not
for the old, infirm, or pregnant.  We
were all safe.  :-)

Water wheel.

Interesting wall.

Dueling cameras!

This is harder than it looks...

Checking out more wares.

Ms. Pak and Liza

Sok, Ms. Pak, Liza

New Signs for Liza's Office?