Jamaica - Feb 2007

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Map from www.sweetmarias.com


Click here for Robert's article in the March 2007 Huachuca Audubon Society Newsletter, The Trogon.

The itinerary from Victor Emanuel Nature Tours.

Liza's Trip Journal

See also the web page for the Portland Bight Protected Area, Jamaica

Also the web page for the Old Tavern Coffee Estate

View from our room at the Emerald Escape Beach Resort, Reading district of Montego Bay

Robert watching the bay from our room

Robert on the little jetty at the EEBR

...and Liza out there, too

Robert in the thatched gazebo

Robert with the main building of the EEBR in the background

Rockland's Bird Sanctuary, up the
road from Montego Bay

Red-billed streamertail

Jamaican mango

A grassquit in the hand is worth...

Feeding the hummingbirds at Rockland's (hard to tell, but there's a red-billed streamertail feeding from Brynne's (on the left) hand

Setting up feeders at Rockland's

Robert on the bus

The main residence at Marshall's Pen, near Mandeville, the group home for several days; the home is approx 200 years old

The garden at Marshall's Pen

Liza in the garden

Enjoying lunch at Marshall's Pen

Marshall's Pen

The guest house at Marshall's Pen, where Robert and I stayed; formerly it was a coffee storage building retrofitted to have comfortable guest rooms

Brandon Hay, conservationist and our in-country guide, with Ann Sutton, owner of Marshall's Pen

...and the gate to what Liza affectionately called the sand-tick trail (no, we didn't really get bit)

Jamaican oriole

Jamaican tody

Fearless leaders Brandon and Brennan

Breakfast on the road...literally

Eating breakfast while
watching birds

Birders on a trail

A roadside fruit stand

Ok, why can't you shoot on gun club property?  Are they anti-gun?

In search of the Bahama Mockingbird (yes we saw him)

Clapper rail (yes, he's really in there ...take a closer look)

Old milestone in the Blue Mountains (they're metric now?)

Robert at the Starlight Chalet, in the Blue Mountains, where we had an excellent lunch

Coffee in the Blue Mountains - i.e. real Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee!

All possible jokes aside, this was a restaurant serving jerk chicken, jerk pork, etc.; for more on jerk, click here!

Another restaurant...

The bread sticks (I forgot the name) were similar to hush puppies

Sign over the jerk centre entrance...

Jerk still-life...jerk pork, chicken, yams (african), and the bread sticks...and of course, Red Stripe beer to wash it down!

Happy eaters

The semi-outdoor cooking area, here are the yams...

...and here's the chicken and pork...

and the fried bread

Coming soon to a jerk center near you...

Birding is tiring!

Liza on the bus

Fellow tourmates!

Least sandpipers

Royal terns


Along the southern coast east of Kingston

Another coast view, somewhere out there is a white speck of a white-tailed tropicbird

Anglican church along the southern coast

VENT leader Brennan Mulrooney going over the list at the final dinner in Kingston

The rest of the table at the final
dinner...including our superb driver
Milton Levy

Photos below all (c) 2007 Brennan Mulrooney
See also his website! 

Jamaican mango

White-chinned thrush


Red-billed streamertail (minus

Loggerhead kingbird

Red-billed streamertail

Jamaican lizard-cuckoo

Black-billed parrot