Italy - Bella Toscana!

September 2007

In September we were extremely fortunate to attend the wedding of Robert's cousin Renate and her partner Valdo in Volterra, Italy, a beautiful hilltop town in Tuscany.

The town was a Neolithic settlement and an important Etruscan center with an original civilization; it became a municipium in the Roman Age. The city was a bishop's residence in the fifth century and its episcopal power was affirmed during the twelfth century. With the decline of the episcopate, Volterra was the subject of the interest of Florence, which defeated Volterra many times though rebellions sometimes took place. When the Florentian Republic fell in 1530, Volterra came under the control of the Medici family and later followed the history of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

In and Around Volterra
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Manfred, Renate, Liza and Valdo

The Palazzo dei Priori (note
5-sided tower)

The Duomo

Palazzo Pretorio and
Il Porcellino


Enjoying gelato and the beautiful

Manfred, Renate, Valdo,
Manuel, Robert, Liza

City view, from outside our hotel

La Fortezza Medicea

Robert on the balcony at
Renate's & Valdo's home

View from their balcony
overlooking the Piazza XX

Renate and Robert out for
a walk

Nice walking paths in

Outside the Porta Fiorentina,
one of the gates in the medieval

Beautiful doors...

The garden outside our room
at our hotel, the Albergo Etruria

Robert outside the upper gates
to the hotel property - literally
a 5-minute walk to Renate's

Around the dining table...Robert,
Benjy, Manuel, Valdo, Manfred,

How to keep your roof tiles from

Towers in San Gimignano

Robert with his wine in San

...and Liza with hers, a little
Brunello di Montalcino ($$$$)

Liza in San Gimignano

Towers in San Gimignano

Robert in SG.  We remembered
this area from our cycling trip
several years earlier...

In SG...

US Army BDUs for sale!  Or at
least, knockoffs.

Back in Volterra, prosciutto
at the market

Robert eyeing the meats and
cheeses at the market


Liza at the Roman theatre
and baths in Volterra

Roman theatre and baths

View up from the ruins

...and a view down from the top
to see the ampitheatre

Liza at the Acropolis, Volterra

Liza buying fruit at the market

A wine/Tuscan specialties store...
complete with boar's head!

Robert enjoying his lunch in the
garden outside our room

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