European Concert Tour 1998

In late June/early July, our chamber singing group, the Mansfield Chamber Singers (Ken Wells, director) joined with the St. Albans Choir of Westwood (Jim Vail, director) on our first ever European concert tour. Although there is lots of competition for a concert audience this time of year in Europe -- occasionally our combined groups outnumbered our audience! -- it was a marvelous trip, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely as we sang our way through Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria, both formal and impromptu performances. Plus, it was really fun to travel around a couple of weeks with friends instead of our usual "on our own" approach. 

Photos from the trip are below.  Also available are our travel itinerary (pdf) and Liza's trip journal.

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Roman ruins in Frankfurt

Robert, Heinrich Müller, Chris
Haggstrom in Bamberg

Altes Rathaus in Bamberg

Proof that we were performing
in Zeilitzheim (outside Würzburg)

Tenors and basses rehearsing in

Jim Vail conducting in rehearsal

Chris Haggstrom studying his
music intently

Liza and Robert at the Würzburg

The Würzburg Residence

River, bridge, fortress ... Würzburg

Liza and Tamara Haggstrom
became Liesl and Heidi in dresses
purchased in Würzburg

Karlovy Vary, formerly Karlsbad,
in the Czech Republic

Sts Peter and Paul Russian
Orthodox Church in Karlovy

Robert at the foot of composer
Dvorak in Karlovy Vary, where
Dvorak completed his "New
World Symphony"

Chris, Tamara, Robert enjoying
Pilsner Urquell in Karlovy Vary

St Vita's Church in Prague
on castle hill

View of Mala Strana area of
Prague from the castle hill

View of the castle hill from below

Tamara and Liza enjoying the
*real* Budweiser beer in Prague

...and Liza enjoying more Pilsner
Urquell at a nice restaurant along
the Vltava River

Terezin, formerly Theresienstadt -
this is the entrance to the Kleine Festung

Holiday Inn in Prague, looking very

Czech/Austrian border

Liza (on the bridge) in Freistadt,

A view of Freistadt

Robert waiting for a streetcar
in Linz; the yellow church in the
background is the Ursulinenkirche

St. Florian's Abbey

Anton Bruckner's tomb in
the crypt at St Florian's

Bruckner's eternal audience

At Melk Abbey...we're on the Abbey
Road :-)

View from Melk

Liza at our hotel in Vienna, the
final stop on the concert tour

Liza and Robert at the banquet
following our final concert

One thing I liked about this trip was all
the impromptu singing that Robert, Chris and
Tamara Haggstrom, and I did...we sang on street
corners, trains, buses...and at the request of our
loyal fans, sang our signature piece, Zombie Jamboree,
at the banquet.

How to embarrass a friend...or

Tour over, Liza getting ready
to board the train back to

Robert with friend Florian
Prugger in Munich

Robert and Liza going Bavarian
(lederhosen courtesy of Hans Prugger)

Robert with Hans and Lisa

A beautiful half-timbered
building in Kirchheim, not far
from Stuttgart
Liza with Hans Prugger
waiting for the S-bahn

Robert with his cousin Bettina Reid
and family in Ludwigsburg