Divide your purchase into 24 equal payments and receive 24 months of interest free financing. The link above will take you to an eBay search for this synth to see active listings with more images, specs and information.
All images, audio, downloadable media, logos and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. Although discontinued in the USA in the Spring of 1998, the Yamaha W-series synthesizers are nonetheless state-of-the-art keyboards that offer the amateur and professional musician a more-than-adequate palette to create sound and music. The keyboard series that has essentially replace the W-series workstations is Yamaha's brand new EX5 & EX7 (kinda familiar nomenclature, huh?).
OK, go into RECORD mode with the sequencer and set the parms for your song (you know, tempo, beat, measure, blah, blah, blah). W7: Introduced in December of 1994, this 61-key workstation uses Yamaha's standard quality non-weighted key action. W5: Unveiled during the 1995 Winter NAMM, this 76-key workstation uses Yamaha's highest quality non-weighted key action.
Bank (E): Expansion cards are after-market "extras" that usually have about 20 or so specialized voices (Piano Card is an example).
If you choose step record mode, the machine will auto-quantizes your key strokes note-for-note. During playback or record of your song multi, you can mute or solo any existing track or tracks if you need to hear your song without a particular voice that you had added or to only hear THAT voice alone. DISK DRIVE: Apparently, Yamaha got a bad batch of disk drives and installed them unknowingly. Disk Drive Fix The W-series synths are known for problematic diskdrives, this site addresses solutions. Book Of Days - One of Enya's great songs beautifully done by Tony Escueta of San Antonio, Texas.
Memory - 256 preset patches, 8 preset drum kits, 128 internal user patches, 2 internal user drum kits, 128 external user patches, 2 external user drum kits, 128 internal Performance banks, 64 external Performance banks.
Our forums also has a Buyer’s Guide section where you can ask for advice on buying synthesizers. If you don't find it there, try looking in our forum marketplace or post a wanted classified. Yamaha called the keyboard a "Professional Music Workstation" and when the keyboard was introduced in the early 1990's, Yamaha decided they'd like to try staying with this keyboard series for a long while.
Answer: you will have voice banks P1, P2 and P3 instead of only a P1 bank (each bank holding 128 voices).

The reason you have to be good at this is because you perform the song one track at a time. Nutrol Control Cleaner - this stuff may help clean non-reponsive contacts on the W-series synths.
Our marketplace gets thousands of visits every week so make sure to check back often if you want to buy or sell a synth. Examples of effects are: chorus, delay, reverb, phaser,"rotary speaker", wah, flanger, and Yamaha's own "Aural Exciter".
I don't highly recommend the cards because for the money (some over $100) you really don't get the voice potential that you cannot somehow emulate with the voices that are already in the unit's ROM. Human error lurks at every corner during your recording performance - but don't worry, you can punch in and clear out any mistakes! By the way, the manual is online and can be found at Joe Hoyle's website (see below).Within the sequencer is the mixer. In other words, instead of building a new keyboard to keep up with changing technology, they'd just do like NASA does: burn new chips and write new software!!!
When you are done, you can "quantize" the completed project track-by-track or en masse to correct any timing or tempo errors. The advantage is you can produce music that is quite complex or impossible to perform it real-time!
This was great for us W-series owners: the keyboard would not become obsolete so quickly!!! The voices are made with up to 4 digitally sampled elements where Yamaha also incorporated high-quality DSP stereo effects processors. The sequencer collects & holds the voices you want and all of the tweaks and settings you choose for your song multi. Once Yamaha saw the keyboard was a success, they offered what they called the "Version 2" upgrade for all models made before 1996.
During the Winter NAMM of 1996, Yamaha introduced an IC chip & software upgrade to the W-series workstations. A total of 16 song multis can be stored in the so-called Song Bank (S) memory at any given time. The mixer has "virtual" LCD sliders and knobs that you can tweak and hear the effect in headphones or keyboard amp (stereo amplifier a must!) Note: In "song" mode, if you tweak the mixer, you must "store" the info or it will be lost if you go into "voice" mode for that track. I bought mine through the internet from a used gear by mail type business (they are no longer in business).

These kits are still available as "Dealer Items" and although very hard to find, anyone interested should call their local Yamaha keyboard dealer and inquire on this part number: W5_Version_2 or W7_Version_2. The upgrade provided for more voices (especially for modern dance music), drum sounds (hip-hop) and more powerful and user-friendly sequencer features. You get: (2) additional preset voice banks, 128 new voices, multi-track loop recording, more powerful remix ability and such. When you power the unit down, all song bank (S) information is lost - except the original voices brought in from the songs.
Of course, all W5's & W7's manufactured since then come already equipped with these expansion. Therefore, the floppy disk drive is an essential component - it is used primarily to store your song multis and provide you with unlimited access to completed songs during a performance. A machine giving you the power whether you are recording in the basement or performing in front of an audience. The voice line-up, the array of settings, the song itself are all saved on a floppy disk as the so-called song multi. Therefore, the song multi, the sequencer and the flopy drive all combine as the cornerstone of how this keyboard performs as a workstation. Finally, you can load your favorite voices into the sequencer's 16-tracks simply to "gather", "archive" or "group" them for convenience and to keep from searching for them in the numerous banks.
A fringe-benefit is that this allows for immediate access of your "chosen" voices in the middle of the performance if necessary.
Now think: 16 tracks per song multi and the ability to have 16 song multis loaded and ready to go during any performance! To solo along with a recorded performance (sequencer playback), you simply hit the track containing the voice you need and it's there! But again, you don't have to have a song recorded to use this sequencer - it is great to use to just for access your favorite voices quickly! Yamaha gives you full control, and it can be easy or it can get complex very quickly - it depends on what you are after in you playing.

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