The P116SH - A piano you can play any time you want, with the natural touch of an acoustic grand piano.
Bert Smorenburg - "When I switched on the Silent mode and played with the new headphone on, I was completely overwhelmed by the fantastic sounding digital piano, the spaceousness and the dynamics.
Irene Hierrezuelo Osorio - "When I first tried the SH silent system I really could not believe what I was hearing. A recording system in which microphones are installed in the ears of a dummy (see diagram) so that the sound can be reproduced the way it is heard by the player. This increase in memory capacity enables the SH type to reproduce even the subtle difference in nuances brought by key touch and thus significantly increases the expressivity of performance. 19 voices, including harpsichord, pipe organ strings, celesta and jazz organ provide a wide range of musical expression.
Blue-lit control buttons on the front panel are easy to identify and provide superb operability. Meticulously crafted from the finest materials, the YUS5 offers a refined look in an elegant upright. Featuring a solid high-end design, the YUS3 delivers a rich, unparalleled sound.We'll try to match your best price on this. Featuring a solid high-end design, the YUS3 delivers a rich, unparalleled sound that discerning pianists swear by. Los pianos verticales de serie U de Yamaha han sido durante mucho tiempo la primera opcion de las instituciones educativas, los musicos profesionales y los pianistas exigentes que tocan en sus casas.
Su diseno y fabricacion con influencia europea hace que sea un placer verlos, oirlos, tocarlos y ser su propietario.
Una exclusiva colaboracion entre Oriente y Occidente hace posible que la serie SE aune la reconocida meticulosa precision de Yamaha con la inspiracion y la calidez de la rica herencia musical europea.Basados en las experiencias combinadas de artistas europeos, tecnicos y artesanos, la serie SE de Yamaha ha sido disenada para convertirse en el definitivo piano vertical en este mercado tan exigente. The b series, like all Yamaha pianos, are instruments of extraordinary, natural beauty, combining art, craftsmanship and technology ; a pleasure to play and to own.
With its larger dimensions and heavier construction, the new b2 delivers a superior sound through added depth and volume. Produced at a Yamaha factory in Indonesia from a scale design developed in Japan, b Series pianos are Yamaha’s most affordable entry-level uprights.
Unparalleled in their beauty and musical range, grand pianos are the ultimate expression of the piano maker’s art. Yamaha grand pianos have earned a global reputation as instruments of outstanding quality and value. The Yamaha reputation rests on a century-long tradition of uncompromising care and craftsmanship, supported by an unmatched range of integrated expertise, top-of-the-line production facilities, and an exceptionally skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated workforce.

An open dialog with professional musicians generates invaluable input that, in conjunction with sophisticated research facilities, has led to continual advances in each new generation of Yamaha pianos. Balancing cutting-edge technology and innovation with the timeless skills of expert artisans, Yamaha pianos have come to represent an unsurpassed standard of affordable excellence. You can check the details in a piano blue book or the website where you will be able to get small pianos such as baby pianos or pianos from different parts of the world. Yamaha upright pianos are preferred by many institutions for learning due to their durability. In a unique collaboration between East and West, Yamaha’s SE Series combines the meticulous precision for which Yamaha is renowned with the inspiration and warmth of Europe’s rich musical heritage.
At the heart of the sound you’ll find European materials of the highest quality available; specially selected bass strings, hammers and soundboard, all sourced locally to make the SE a truly striking piano. The new Silent Piano™ from Yamaha, offering enhanced Silent functions and an even richer sound. It even made me take off my headphones a few times to double check if I wasnt listening to the acoustic one! After the first few notes I had to check that I was in silent mode as the sound was that good it was like playing the piano acoustically".
With the increase in maximum simultaneous polyphony CFX sampling and piano effects can be utilized more effectively for enhanced precision in sound reproduction. It can be recorded either directly to the built-in recorder of a piano, or to a USB audio recorder, in which case the data stored in USB flash memory in WAV format can be played on a PC as well. It allows them to listen to the entire performance of a music piece or to go back and listen to a particular section of the piece. The production know-how of the SU7 has created a piano with superior voicing: a superbly crafted instrument with inspiringly rich sound and delicate balance. Although reduced production costs allow budget-friendly prices, Yamaha makes no compromises in the materials and workmanship that go into these exceptional uprights. The original Yamaha Disklavier, which made its debut back in 1986, introduced the world to the wonder of traditional pianos equipped with integrated digital electronics for recording, auto playback and more.
Yamaha is proud to present a comprehensive line of incomparable grands, reflecting the very latest in Yamaha acoustic and technological advances.
Renowned for their eloquent expressive range, and for their reliable performance over time, they play an important role in the performing arts and music education. Our strength in the full range of relevant technologies allows us to produce virtually every part of every piano ourselves – an approach that has helped us initiate significant advances and set what has long been recognized as the industry standard in quality control. Our global network offers Yamaha customers additional advantages, from cost-efficient regional manufacturing to the ready availability of sales and support throughout most of the world.

It is a standard that continues to generate ever-higher acclaim and make Yamaha grand pianos the first choice of many of the world’s most discriminating pianists. The nuanced touch and response of the grand piano are an essential standard yardstick for piano quality. It has about five manufacturing industries around the globe which enable them to be widely distributed around the world. Winter pianos are dissembled in weather controlled conditions such that their quality is not compromised. Drawing on the combined experience of European artists, technicians and artisans, Yamaha SE Series is designed to be the definitive upright piano in this highly discerning market. But what really takes Yamaha’s SE Series pianos to a higher level is the craftsmanship lavished by the same team as that which prepares our flagship CFX concert grands. Music Box Manchester does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy, currency or completeness of this information and expressly disclaims liability for errors or omissions in this information.
With magnificent cabinetry, spruce soundboard and back posts crafted to European preferences, the P116 delivers superb sound quality while remaining compact in appearance. I have no idea how they managed it, but with the headphones on I felt like sitting directly in front of a real CFX grand piano". The simplicity of the cabinet gives superb acoustics to the subtlest note, and specially designed hammers provide rich tone.
It is marketed, distributed and sold by many piano company outlets and re-branded as Gulbrasen pianos, Hamilton pianos founded in Chicago, sohmer pianos, Brambach and Howard pianos.
You might not be in the UK so it is important for you to check the rates in your country since taxes, dealers and shipping is different in different countries such as India, China, Germany, UK and USA. No task has been too great and no detail has been overlooked in making these exquisite instruments: the ultimate embodiment of the piano makers’ art. And the simple, meticulous design rounds out a piano that enhances the performance of professional and home pianists alike. Yamaha was originally situated at northern china but due to its wide production it has spread to all language speaking countries. Think of Yamaha upright pianos since the designs are made to bring out the true essence of music.

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