A Keyboard that Grows with YouThe 88-key Yamaha DGX-530 is part of a Yamaha's Portable Grand series of keyboards -- hugely popular with everyone from beginning pianists, to experienced players who want to dive into sequencing and arranging.
Great for BeginnersThe DGX-530 is loaded with features -- but for students just starting out, this 88-key keyboard is easy to use. Record Your Own MusicCapturing your ideas and performances is easy with the six-track sequencer. Ease of OperationThe simple-to-use DGX-530 puts one-touch settings and tools right where you need them. Save Your Favorite Settings in 16 RegistrationsWhen the keyboard is set up just the way you like it, you can save it all -- voices, effects, styles, and so forth -- to the keyboard's memory with one of the Registration buttons. Make the Songs Your OwnYamaha's Easy Song Arranger puts you in charge of the "feel" or arrangement of songs.
Built-in Effects: Reverb, Master EQ and MoreWant to feel like you're performing in a concert hall or in a cozy lounge? Play Right Away with Performance Assistant TechnologyWhile you're learning to play the piano, the DGX-530 will help you along with Performance Assistant Technology, which makes sure that every note, chord, or melody you play will suit the song being played. What's the Score?Anything that you play on the DGX-530 can be displayed as a score -- a great feature if you want the sheet music interpretation of a song you've got loaded and playing on the keyboard, the internal song selections on the DGX-530, or even a song that you've recorded yourself. Yamaha DGX-530 88 Key Portable KeyboardThe 88-key Yamaha DGX-530 offers Graded Soft Touch action, 500 voices, USB connectivity, a built-in sequencer, a stand, adapter and sustain pedal. This Yamaha is the one of the best keyboards for number of sounds, 88 keys, USB MIDI, weighted keys, piano, and multi-track sequencer that is on the market anywhere.
This keyboard is a piano first and can be layered with strings in a simple one push of a button to dual mode. For the price you are getting a keyboard that sound professional in almost every respect but you can't edit the sounds too much, and you only get 500.
The quality of the keyboard is good as I expected, so I feel I got a good return on my investment. I like my keyboard and I did research the product before deciding on purchasing this one in particular. Make practice fun with 500 realistic sounds, 160 auto-accompaniment styles, and learning tools. Just press the "Portable Grand" button to get back to Yamaha's stereo-sampled grand piano sound. Use it to record one or more instrument parts at a time and assign each part to one of six tracks. There's even a One Touch Setting (OTS), which suggests voices with effects to go with each style, such as guitar with overdrive to go with a rock style.

Just hit the Easy Song Arranger button and then you're good to remix any MIDI file, changing a rock-style song to one with a jazzy vibe, or any other kind of style. Automatic scrolling means you won't need to employ a page turner to view the staves, and visible chords and lyrics to XF-compatible songs means you can sing and play piano at the same time without missing a note. Performance Assistance Technology ensures error-free performances and a Music Database provides complete keyboard setups by song title. All the best sounds are available at the push of button and recording virtuoso performances is simple with built-in recorder. Clarinet, Trumpet, Muted Trumpet, Flute, Pan Flute, Soprano and Tenor Saxes, Trombone; Cool! The expandable Music Database provides complete keyboard setups by song title -- use this feature to start with the familiar sounds of a song you know, and compose a new song on the fly! The song recorder is easy to use, and five types of Master EQ allow players to adjust the sound. The Yamaha DGX Series offers users a high quality, moderately priced digital piano with features typically found on high-end professional synthesizer products. I like portable stage keyboards because I have played in bands much of my life and like to travel with keyboards. The stand is solid and I feel comfortable sitting at it which was an improvement from my prior keyboard a smaller Yamaha 5 octave. It also has Performance Assistance Technology which ensures error-free performances and a music database that provides complete keyboard setups organized by song title. Soon you'll be digging into Yamaha's fun auto-accompaniment Styles -- jamming along with 160 rhythm patterns.
The keyboard selects an appropriate voice for the right-hand melody, plus the correct musical style and tempo. Yamaha Education Suite is a proven method to help get novices playing music on the keyboard easily and intuitively. This comes with a addon wooden stand that can be removed if needed and it can be put into a case and traveled.
I record on a Tascam 8 track Digital Recorder and since you get basically 5 tracks built into this keyboard you have great versatility and a huge number of tracks in theory if you want to MIDI sync. The onboard song recorder is easy to use, and 5 types of Master EQ allow you to adjust the sound. USB connectivity lets you bridge the DGX-530 to a computer for (optional) software-based sequencing, scoring, sampling, and more.
It is a little more delicate so you would have to be careful if you plan to travel with it.

I have used the MIDI sync but it is very time consuming to get it all to work with the recorder but I did get it to work.
The sound selection screen is easy to use and has a nice little rotation function that allows you to spin your way through the sounds quickly and easily. Yamaha's "Sweet!" voices reproduce all the natural expression and vibrato of their respective acoustic instruments, while the "Cool!" voices feature long samples of electronically amplified instruments, and "Live!" voices use stereo samples to get accurate reproduction of each instrument's natural presence, resonance, and vibrato. Whether you use the keyboard's internal speakers, or headphones, or an external speaker system to listen as you play, the DGX-530 will make your music sound its best. It also has some great learning features where you get to read music and play along with selected melodies that can be changed out via downloads from Yamaha. Voices: Clarinet, Trumpet, Muted Trumpet, Flute, Pan Flute, Soprano & Tenor Saxes, Trombone* Cool! Voices: Galaxy Electric Piano, Suitcase Electric Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Rotor Organ* Live!
It also has a jam or accompaniment feature that will have you sounding like a one-man band. The organ sounds are nice, but the real test is always a Pipe Organ sound and it is only so-so on the Church Organ which is the pipe organ sound.
It is not as great as some of the top in jamming Yamaha keyboards I have played but it has some nice functions. It's hard to explain the jam functions, but they are not as "intelligent" and don't follow you as well as the 1800 dollar keyboards. Basically it is tied to whatever bass note you are hitting and type of feel you selected from the many provided.
One of the best (and I play the flute myself) and I use this sometimes as a 2nd flute part. There are many special effects sounds, and most all of the common instruments in a band or orchestra. If you can only afford a 500 dollar keyboard buy this one you will get a 1000 dollar sounding keyboard.

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