Yamaha YUX Upright piano for sale with a black case: Specialist piano dealer, trader and wholesaler.
If you are interested in this Yamaha YUX piano, give us a call on 0113 244 8344 and ask for Steven Leeming who will be happy to discuss your requirements. If you require buying advice, we recommend making an appointment before coming down to the showroom.
Yamaha U1 Upright piano for sale with a black case and polyester finish Serial Number 4328419: Modern Yamaha U1 upright piano. If you are interested in this Yamaha U1 upright piano, give us a call on 0113 244 8344 and ask for Steven Leeming who will be happy to discuss your requirements. If you require more personal attention during your visit or would like to guarantee a quiet slot to try out our pianos in peace, we recommend you book a Meet & View appointment with Steven Leeming Head of Sales who will show you round and be able to answer all of your questions. I can convert any of my Yamaha U1 or Yamaha U3 pianos to silent very quickly and easily and the results are very impressive.
If you fancy a few extra options then you can upgrade to the PianoDisc MagicStar model instead for an extra ?200.

The 2 systems perform the same basic function so the upgraded version for ?200 is not necessary at all. The PianoDisc system lets you plug in headphones so that only you can hear what you are playing. The system also has a record & playback function which could prove a useful practising aid. I usually have silent kits in stock which means I can have the conversion complete within a week and then we can get a delivery date booked straight away. Press each key from the very bottom to the very top in order one after the other at medium speed and medium volume.
With the myriad, refurbished, older Yamaha pianos being sold everywhere, be assured this is a top quality instrument for the most discerning player, premiere venue or recording studio. It can be a big help to just plug in the headphones and play to your heart’s content no matter who is sitting close by or who is at home next door. When you activate the silent option a cushioned rail is lowered in front of the hammers which then prevents them from hitting the strings.

It still feels exactly the same to me and we’ve never had any complaints about the action feeling different after the conversion. This will only need doing if you notice that some of the keys don’t play as expected when in silent mode. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Besbrode Pianos Leeds to anyone looking for a piano". The unit also has MIDI in, out and thru just in case that is of any use for linking up to a computer etc.
Perhaps some notes don’t sound at all in the headphones or other unexpected sounds could be heard.

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