We tune approximately 700 pianos a year from both our existing customer base, built up over the past twenty years and from new customers. Stephen has been playing piano for over 40 years and has been tuning them for 20 of those years.
A traditional tuner relies on themselves for accuracy, not a machine, which may be inaccurate in any case. A piano should ideally be tuned every twelve months, however, if it has not been tuned for many years, initially it may require more than one tuning.
Piano tuning should only be carried out by a skilled professional, who has the appropriate experience and expertise. Once the tuning is completed, Stephen normally plays for about ten minutes, varying the pieces in different keys, for his own final approval. We offer limited appointments for piano tuning on Saturdays, for our clients in Geelong and in towns along the Great Ocean Road.

For an interesting article on tuning an Australian made Beale piano, please read Stephen Rae’s post here. For twenty years Stephen Rae of Brunswick Pianos has provided sales, repair and tunings of pianos for me and many of my students.  His products and service are of high quality and value and I recommend Stephen without hesitation. Stephen Rae was referred to me by a friend of mine who was very satisfied with the service Stephen provided.
Do give us a call for any of your used piano needs and arrange for a viewing at our showroom. Do give us a call for any of your piano needs and we will help you to find a piano for you based on your requirements and budget. For the past ten years we have been responsible for the tuning and upkeep of all uprights and grands at Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School’s three campuses. Our tunings are performed in the traditional manner, by ear, without the use of any electronic devices.

He was extremely friendly, listened to my requirements and based on his excellent knowledge of the piano was able to acquire for me a wonderful piano that I really love to play. As a musician, composer and music teacher I wanted a piano that sounded beautiful and comfortable to play. The piano that Stephen Rae delivered is fantastic and my students, friends and I love playing it.
Stephen also tunes the piano regularly and it’s always a pleasure to swap stories about music with Stephen and to hear him play the piano.

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