This is a Japanese made Yamaha baby grand with the state-of-the-art recording Disklavier System.
There is a large library of music as well as instructional materials available for this piano. The piano not only plays back a huge library of music including those with accompanying audio which plays through the speaker system mounted invisibly beneath the piano.

It has been prepped like a new piano to play evenly throughout all registers with the highly regarded Yamaha action. But it also records impeccably every nuance of performance including touch, all 3 pedals, and even subtle half pedal techniques for faithful recreation of musical performances of Yamaha artists as well as your own recordings of yourself! It is extremely difficulty to find a recent model Disklavier in the used market in top condition.

If you appreciate the capabilities of a fine Yamaha grand piano that can reproduce your playing faithfully, then this is the piano for you.

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