ProduktbeschreibungP-255 Ob Sie nun zuhause spielen oder unterwegs, alleine oder in einer Band – das portable Digitalpiano P-255 bietet professionellen Klang mit dem hochwertigen Anschlag der Graded-Hammer-Tastatur (GH) mit Synthetic Ivory Tastenbelag. Yamaha has now ceased production in Thomaston, Georgia and has expanded their manufacturing plants into other off-shore locations.
Yamaha builds a verity of products, and today they are the largest piano builder and one of the largest manufacturers of consumer goods in the world. This is a great piano for stage performers who want to make the most of the acoustics of a venue, or play a piano solo with a truly beautiful and memorable sound. Join our growing community for free to get useful guides and exclusive best deal reports on digital pianos delivered right to your inbox. Yamaha Acoustic Pianos are known for their superier quality and performance, while creating a piano, thats not only one of the world’s most dependable and reliable instruments, but is also an oustanding value.
Yamaha Acoustic Pianos reflect a wide range of tone and dynamics, and the advantages that each instrument offers is emidiately understood once the first string is struck. It has been over 110 years now since the founder Torakusa Yamaha layed the plans for  a company that would lead the world in performance and quality. Yamaha is continuously pursuing this idea as they work with the the latest materials and advances in technology.
We invite you to explore these and many other instruments, as we have placed them side by side so that you, the customer, can decide for yourself which piano you have a passion for.
News & Events33rd Anniversary Sale33rd Anniversary Sale Ellis Piano is proud to celebrate 33 wonderful years, with the community… How a Piano Saved a PharmacistA Pharmacist’s Best Medicine Kristin Kennamer had been an unhappy student in Pharmacy School at… Practice, Practice, Practice!It Takes Practice!
Od momentu wejscia na rynek pierwszych modeli Pianocraftow seria ta nieustajaco cieszy sie wielka popularnoscia. Pianocraft E730 to system mikro komponentow skladajacy sie z wzmacniacza, odtwarzacza i dwoch glosnikow.
Jak widac kazdy element, kazdy detal tego systemu zostal przemyslany, rozplanowany i z japonska precyzja wdrozony w zycie. Their success is due in part to their outstanding quality in every aspect of the manufacturing process. I would say that the Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano is actually superior to an acoustic grand piano in several aspects.

Whilst it is true that this make of electric grand is superior to many other electric keyboards in these aspects, it can still be a little unwieldy to transport and get on to the stage, and some people might find this to be a weakness of the Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano. As well as offering the musician several features over and above what an acoustic piano can offer, this model of keyboard is also superior to other leading types of electric grand. This is why Yamaha is the largest manufacturer in the world and their pianos speak for themselves.
For educational, institutional, or enthusiastical purposes, Yamaha Acoustic Pianos are instruments that are versitile and unique, as they grow along with you. This is shown through the Yamaha U series, which is one of the world’s most popular pianos, and the incredible CX series, which Yamaha has dawned as one of its signature pianos for anyone looking for a high performance instrument.
Systemy mikro komponentow zaproponowane przez lidera branzy audio firme Yamaha zachwycily nie tylko piekna linia i wyrafinowanym wykonczeniem Piano ale rowniez albo przede wszystkim fantastycznym i niepowtarzalnym brzmieniem odtwarzanej muzyki. Jego niewielki rozmiar jest mily dla oka a dzieki wykorzystaniu autorskich technologii Yamahy oraz czerpiac z jej bogatych tradycji i doswiadczen w tworzeniu nie tylko sprzetu audio ale rowniez znakomitych instrumentow muzycznych system ten, dostarcza dzwiek rowny, a nawet lepszy niz wiele duzo wiekszych i drozszych zestawow. Milosnikow przenosnych urzadzen audio ucieszy umiejscowiona na panelu gornym stacja dokujaca do iPoda oraz mozliwosc podlaczenia odtwarzaczy przenosnych za pomoca zlacza USB.
Dank dem USB-to-device-Anschluss können Midi und Wave-Songs direkt von einem USB-Speichermedium wiedergegeben werden oder eigenen Songs abgespeichert werden. If you would also like to check out are new inventory of Yamaha pianos, just give us a call or e-mail us. This feature will really revolutionize your musical career if you want to make recordings of your piano playing that you can tweak and enhance later on, or upload and share your musical performances to an online audience. The CP33 is suitable for a wide variety of uses, and for pianists of all ages and abilities.
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Yamaha also incorporates highly advanced electronics and software in their Silent Drive and Disklavier Pianos. Do licznej rodziny systemow Pianocraft, nowy model E730 , ktory szybko zyskal uznanie klientow.

Ellis Piano is proud to carry the Yamaha and Cable-Nelson line and we currently we have one of our largest selections of Yamaha’s that we have had in 30 years. This USB function has been a godsend to me, as placing a microphone next to the piano often picked up a lot of background noise and unwanted interference. However, that said, the case does come with comfortable and strong handles, so I personally have found carrying this model of digital piano relatively easy. It can be set up permanently in a front room for daily practice, or packed up in its carry case and transported to gigs. Whether you are practicing at home or on the road, performing solo or in a band, the portable digital piano P-155 offers professional quality sound with the high-quality touch of the Graded-Hammer keyboard (GH). With a non-electric piano, I find that as a pianist I am at the mercy of the particular acoustics of the venue I am playing in. Recording straight from the piano to the laptop, however, gives a clear, crisp sound, just as if I had been engaged in a studio recording.
As a stage piano, the Yamaha CP33 offers a fantastic sound quality, strong volume, and rich notes, and can combat even the most challenging of acoustics. Oczaruje nas niskimi tonami, zaskoczy perfekcja w detalach a do tego jesli postanowimy wykorzystac go jako element kina domowego – dostarczy nam niezwykle realistycznych efektow. The instrument features Yamaha’s Pure CF-sampling in four dynamic levels and is equipped with Key-Off- and Stereo-Sustain-samples as well as damper resonance effect.
Thanks to the USB-to-device connection you can playback MIDI-songs directly from a USB device or you can store your own recorded songs with the built-in 2 track recorder.

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