All of our Yamaha and Kawai pianos have first been shipped to the restoration factory in Japan that supplies us. Afterwards, the piano must pass the like-new inspection before it’s ever placed in our inventory. Because we only stock the like-new pianos, our inventory consists of the best instruments from all over the world. We also purchase other major brands from dealers who have gone out of business or need to reduce their inventory for operating cash.
Once in a while we will purchase a good used instrument if the price is right.  Then we can give our customers a great deal on it.
Let us save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars by purchasing your piano from Piano Liquidators today.

With the myriad, refurbished, older Yamaha pianos being sold everywhere, be assured this is a top quality instrument for the most discerning player, premiere venue or recording studio. FRANKFURT, Germany (April 14, 2014)–The Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano received the Musikmesse International Press Award (MIPA) for best Stage Keyboard. Yamaha formally launched the CP4 Stage Piano at the 2014 NAMM Show this past January, and it became an instant hit with artists and dealers world-wide. The CP4 Stage features a selection of 45 Voices from Yamaha’s Premium handcrafted grand pianos, including the CFX, CFIIIS and S6; 47 vintage electric pianos with Virtual Circuit Modeling effects and a wide variety of 341 sounds based on the flagship MOTIF synthesizer.
The model’s slim, lightweight design combines portability with elegant style and features an easy-to-understand interface with large lighted buttons for splits and layers that gives performers all the controls they need right at their fingertips. More than 100 magazines from around the world participate in MIPA voting, selecting what they determine to be the best musical instruments and audio equipment in 38 categories at the Musikmesse 2014 music industry trade show.

These sounds have been matched with an 88-note Natural Wood Graded Hammer triple sensor action to provide the ultimate piano touch and response. We are especially looking for all models of Steinway, Bluthner, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Fazioli, Knight, Kawai. Our supplier gives us a warranty on these like-new pianos, and in turn, we give you a warranty when you purchase the instrument.

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