One of the 2 speakers is working intermittently, however this makes a negligible difference to the overall sound quality. Although this item is no longer available, a Sweetwater Sales Engineer can help you find an appropriate replacement that we have in stock and ready to ship today.
The P60 (black) or P60S (silver) are the perfect pianos for some one who is just starting out and wants to learn to play piano or for the accomplished player who wants a very light weight, portable instrument!
Sweetwater's friendly Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. This keyboard is very good in terms of its similarity to the sound produced by an accoustic piano. This keyboard is very attractive; I prefer the black version (and the one that I use is black) but the silver version is also very pretty. Unless my church decides that they want to spend a fortune on having a keyboard that sounds more like an accoustic concert grand, I don't think we will ever want to buy another keyboard.
The place I purchased the instrument from didn't have the black finish, just the silver finish, so I had to go with that, otherwise I would've pickef the black finish. I haven't had to contact them yet, so I don't know, but from the way it looks, they are very reliable.
I kept coming back and playing this keyboard, I like the feel of this 88 keyboard and the quality of the piano sounds. My only concerns with the P-70 is the sound level volume is sometimes not loud enough, but you can use the headphone outs into a mixer and amplify it to a professional level. I use this keyboard also for a midi controller for my Motif ES Rack Module and it makes it sound perfect and expressive like no other keyboard controller can, a real piano feel to any of your synthesizer sounds! The way you choose to program this keyboard has to be memorized from pages in the manual, and you have to hit certain piano keys while holding down some other key and sometimes it is easy to forget which piano key does what.
I wish Yamaha put the programming info right on the top of the keyboard so you can easily program it rather than memorizing the pages of the manual. I guess you could just put labels on the top next to the keys on the keyboard for programming purposes.

But Great job anyways Yamaha, on a nice light weight but well made 88 keyboard with a great feel to it and a great midi controller to boot! Programming could have been easier and rather labeled on top of the keyboard for easier programming of the piano keys and various functions you have to hold down multiple keys, sheesh! It should have been labeled right on the case by Yamaha, come on Yamaha get with the programming!!!
Very well made, you could drop it off a ten story building, well, if it survived after that I would be surprised!!! It is an adorable little keyboard with a resemblance to it's big brother the CP300 which in itself is an engineering marvel. This is the best piano for rehearsing and small rooms that I have ever owned, but for the big shows the YAMAHA CP300 reigns supreme. This product is discontinued in the United States and may not be available at all dealer locations. The P-60 digital piano offers a combination of high quality, performance and value for the beginner or long-time player. The P60 or P60S are the perfect pianos for some one who is just starting out and wants to learn to play piano or for the accomplished player who wants a very light weight, portable instrument. It features the same the GH (Graded Hammer Effect) keyboard found on more expensive Yamaha digital pianos. The hi quality AWM ( Advanced Wave Memory) sampled sounds feature Grand Piano with 30 different sample points for an accurate digital emulation of the nuances of a Grand Piano. When I am on stage with Grand Ole Opry members its the CP300, but I have rehearsed with many legendary performers with my lightweight P60, and now with my P70.
It includes the same Graded Hammer Effect found on the most advanced Yamaha digital pianos, exactly emulating the touch, feel, and response of an acoustic grand piano, and multiple voices that sound like the real thing. The GH action of the P60 has the right keyboard feel to insure correct technique and inspire you to play more.
The built-in speaker system is specifically designed to reproduce all the tonal quality of the P60's voices including the built in digital reverb to add the ambience of a concert hall to your living room.

The matching stand for the P60S is the L60W stand, it is matching silver color and is the same price as the LP120. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.
I wasn't looking for one of those fancy expensive keybaords with the screen and all that crap,I just wanted something simple and versitile.
The piano is perfect for rehearsal and performing in very small rooms, which we don't usually fin ourselves in.
I have played YAMAHA pianos professionally since 1986, coming up through the ranks of the CP series of the 80's and 90's. I use to take it on stage as a controller to play my Coakley Perfect Piano programs through my Proteus 2000. I've used it for diner parties, and concerts and I find it easy to play with a great live piano sound.
Now I own the YAMAHA CP300 which I use for stage performances and the P70 is kept for rehearsal only. I've had a lot of compliments on it saying how much better it sounded verses other brands of electric pianos.
And, in order to change the sound you have to hold down the voice button and press the key that corresponds to what sound you want to use.
Another issue, I actually found this out on accident, I was playing a song and in the middle of a key change I transposed the keyboard. Good thing I have a keen ear and think quick cause I had to play in a totally different key to match the rest of the band.

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