Standard 61 key electronic keyboards with hundreds of musical instrument sounds, percussion beats, music styles and amusing noises. I am not sure which models are available in New Zealand but the Yamaha PSR175 is probably too basic to start with. Most schools choose Yamaha digital pianos and keyboards over other brands because they're reliable, have all the functions and sounds required for learning and are good value for money. It has 88 medium-weighted keys, larger speakers than the 61-key models and a much fuller, more resonant sound.

I have a 9 and a 10 year old boy and I am wanting to get them started on Piano Lessons, so am presently looking to buy a second hand keyboard – or something that they can start on.
You really need a keyboard with touch sensitive keys (this means that the harder you press on the key, the louder the sound).
Digital pianos are designed to feel and sound like the real thing – of course they cost a lot more though. The only thing is though, when I was teaching myself I wrote the names of the notes on the keys, but If you don't mind that, it's perfect!

I have found a CASIO CPS-50 Keyboard on trademe and I am wondering if this would be a suitable option for them to start on – seems to be a bigger keyboard than the Yamaha PSR175 that I am looking at too.

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