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Da ich in einer Mietwohnung lebe und der Platz eher spärlich ist, habe ich mir dieses Keyboard gekauft.
Habe das Gerät auf Empfehlung eines Musikers gekauft, wird aber erst zu Weihnachten als Geschenk zur Anwendung kommen.
Price: $130 You should buy the Yamaha YPT-230 because nothing will beat the features that you will get with the product for the price that you pay for it.
Playing the keyboard is one skill that many parents truly wish there children will acquire at an early stage of their life.  Now, with the Yamaha YPT-230 Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand, parents won’t have worry about letting their kids catch on playing the keyboard with relative ease. This product has all that is needed both for the starting keyboard players up to the experts.  It has features that will not only lead you to produce quality music, but also will help you practice playing as well.
One cool feature with this keyboard is that it can connect to the Internet to upload as many song files as you want.  It is a state-of-the-art keyboard perfect for every keyboard player.
The Yamaha YPT-230 Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply and Stand comes with a lot of features that make it the foremost in music technology.
It is mounted on a stable X-style stand that securely gives it the support it needs for comfortable playing.  The headphones are also another plus point for this product since it gives you the utmost audio experience with its closed-cup design that lets you hear your keyboard clearly despite a noisy environment.
Among the 385 natural-sounding voices programmed into the product include the 371 XGlite voices, 13 drum kits, and stereo grand keyboard.  The sound effects kit programmed into it makes making music even more fun and dynamic.
Dragging it from one spot to another is made noiseless and mark-free with its non-marking rubber end caps.  Now you won’t have to worry about having marks on your floors that are especially hard to remove with this keyboard.
Some conventional keyboards need batteries to operate, but this doesn’t need any since it already has an included power supply for 12 watts.  Yet, it can still run without this – all you need are six pieces of the “AA” sized batteries and you’re good to go. With theYamaha YPT-230 Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand, some customers had a hard time setting up the keyboard stand which comes uninstalled in the package.  Even with the instructions provided for installation, it is still quite a tedious task to take on.

Yes, the Yamaha Education Suite is included with this product, but, the catch is that you have to be connected to the Internet to use it.  Added to this is that after connecting to the Internet, you still have to register it on their site, which is quite complex to do. Got this for my sister so she would keep her coca cola sticky hands off my expensive keyboard. I ordered and received this Yamaha Keyboard Pack because I was interested in learning a musical instrument and I have absolutely no knowledge of how to play one, but my package arrived faster than normal, in a great big sturdy box…it was easy to assemble and I had no issues with the stand.
Yamaha YPT-230 Portable Keyboard, 61-KeyThe Yamaha YPT-230 features 385 high quality, natural sounding voices. Advanced Education SuitePractice at your individual level with the advanced Yamaha Education Suite lesson functions. High Quality SoundsIn the Yamaha YPT-230, You will find 385 high-quality instrument voices and 100 accompaniment styles.
Portable Grand ButtonEnjoy Yamaha's world-famous grand piano sound The Portable Grand button instantly recalls a great sounding piano "covering" the keyboard's full range. I bought a blemished unit and it was just a bit scratched and had some kind of white residue on the case and keys. Es war schnell ausgepackt und aufgebaut, und ohne die Anleitung zu lesen, waren schon viele Features ausprobiert. Mein geheimer Wunsch seit Jahren,nun auch zur Beweglichkeit der Finger, da ich nicht mehr zur Jugend gehöre. The headphones and stand that come with it also make it all the more appealing and practical since everything that you need is right here in one package. Since I’ve owned Yamaha keyboards before, I was familiar with most of its features, most of which have stayed consistent (and dependable) over the years.
Although not as good as a traditional piano, digital pianos are a great cost effective solution for my musical needs!
Now, the playback of the selected song is continuously adjusted to the tempo of the player's performance. The Yamaha YPT-230 comes with a function that turns off the power automatically if the keyboard has not been used for a set amount of time in order to avoid using power unnecessarily.

Nur Kunden, die Produkte erworben und mit diesen Erfahrungen gesammelt haben, kA¶nnen Kaufbewertungen abgeben. We love the light weight stand because she can easily carry it but we know it will hold up to her playing the keyboard very well.
I enjoyed it for one week; however had to return it because the parents wanted "a full set of keys".
I use it principally for composition and arranging, but if the opportunity arises, out of my computer room it goes, and it does just fine on the job, either as the sole accompaniment for a singer, or as part of a larger ensemble. I thought I would have to set it up for her but this is essentially out of the box ready to go. The Yama YPT-230 has rich Reverb effects, adding concert-hall ambience to your performance. Ihre Einwilligung in den Erhalt der E-Mails und die Weitergabe der Bestelldaten kA¶nnen Sie jederzeit widerrufen. Fits in her tiny dorm room, and the headphones are great so her roommate can study while she plays.
The headphones are acceptable but you’d do better to get a decent pair if you want quality sound.
The stand works perfectly thanks to our reading the reviews and putting it together correctly.
If you’re just starting out, not sure if you are serious about playing, or just want something to plunk around on, this is a great option.

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