I SVT's 'Dom kallar oss artister' hos Per Gessle, sa var det fler synthar an jag orkar rakna upp har, men jag blev tagen av ett litet Celeste (tror jag det heter).
EDIT: jakligt bra bidrag btw, paminner om nan sorts rockig pet shop boys, hoppas de vinner.
No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives. Ett litet pianoliknande instrument i tra som lat som ett klockspel dar man spelar med filtade klubbor.
It comes with a mind-blowing 355MB of wave ROM which combines with the Expanded Articulation tone generator for previously unheard levels of expression and sound quality. I have owned it for a year now and i love it way better than the larger motif with weighted keys, especially moving around and gigging a lot ..
Also key to the XS experience is the easy-to-use performance recording for capturing ideas as you playa€?voices and effects intact. Over 1,000 voices (plus 64 drum kits), 4 musical arpeggiators, over 6000 phrases, a sampling sequencer, studio-style mixing, a color LCD, and assignable knobs and sliders for hands on control. Includes Cubase AI, optimized for seamless integration with the MOTIF XS.Instant inspiration, infinite possibilitiesWith the Yamaha MOTIF XS, inspiration is just a key press away.
With all this and more, the MOTIF XS will soon be your goa€?to instrumenta€?whether youre composing at home, recording in the studio, or playing live.
It's got absolutely everything you need to make professional quality music.High-quality sounds to spark your creativityThe MOTIF XS provides an exceptionally broad selection of realistic sounds to spark your creativity, with 355MB of high-quality waveforms and samples on board. A single Voice can have up to eight separate sound elements, enabling composite sounds of remarkable complexity and nuance.
Among the standout voices is a resonant, meticulously recorded concert grand piano sound practically worth the price of admission by itself.
New acoustic piano, electric piano and orchestral samplesa€?not to mention the richly textured and distinctly electronic synthesizer wavesa€?give you the sonic tools to fully realize virtually any style of music and any instrumentation.The sound engine has been upgraded with the Expanded Articulation (XA) tone generation system.

Using the eight available elements, XA allows you to more effectively recreate realistic sound and natural performance techniquesa€?such as legato, staccato, and key release soundsa€?often used on acoustic instruments but unavailable or difficult to realize on electronic keyboards. XA also offers other unique modes for random and alternate sound changes as you play.A wide selection of special Mega Voices provide even more expressive nuance, when used with sequencer tracks or the special Mega Voice Arpeggios. Mega Voices are not meant to be played from the keyboard because of their complex velocity layers, but have special expressive sounds that are designed to be precisely triggered by recorded dataa€?for example, letting you create an acoustic guitar track with authentic sounding muted playing, slides, and bell-like harmonics.Other voice-related features include a uniquely natural half damper effect for acoustic piano sounds.
This gives you nuanced control over the sustained sound when pressing the damper pedal, depending on how far down you press the pedal. The MOTIF XS has a full complement of effects, both insert (Insertion) and send (System), and includes a special set of VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) effects that authentically model the elements in analog circuitry, realistically recreating the uniquely warm characteristics of vintage processing gear. Speaking of vintage, the instrument also includes a sophisticated Vocoder effect that produces classic robotic synthesizer sounds, molded by your speaking or singing voice through a connected microphone.Ideal for live performance, song creation, and arrangingThe MOTIF XS has lots of sophisticated features to help jump-start your creativity and live performance potential. One of the most powerful of these is the arpeggio phrase function, which lets you trigger a variety of sequenced phrases from the keyboard. There are approximately 6,000 different arpeggio phrases on board, and you can have four different phrasesa€?playing four different instrument partsa€?running simultaneously and in perfect sync. Have a drum Voice play an automatic rhythm, add an Arpeggio bass phrase, and fly in other instrument phrases as the inspiration hits you. Everything stays in sync and everything follows your chord changes.While you experiment and play around with Arpeggios in the Performance mode, the song ideas will come fast and fiercea€?maybe too many to remember. You can capture them easily and directly by recording them to a song or pattern (which can be stored to the built-in flash memory). You can record your keyboard playing, freely calling up various Arpeggio types as you improvise, then edit the Song later as necessary. You may even want to keep the recorder running as you play, then listen back later and pick out the best parts to create your final composition.Another powerful feature is the Integrated Sampling Sequencer, which seamlessly combines audio and MIDI recording.
Simply install optional DIMM modules (up to 1GB) and record the audio directly to tracks on the MOTIF XS. It gives you a large, full-color LCD that lets you see multiple parameters at a glance, and has clear, high-resolution graphics with virtual sliders, knobs, and more.The panel of the MOTIF XS provides an amazing level of control and flexibility.

Eight knobs and eight sliders let you instantly tweak a variety of parameters and effects as you play. The eight knobs are especially versatile, letting you use the knobs to independently control eight different parameters (out of 24 selectable), or use them to control a certain effect setting (reverb, chorus, or pan) for up to eight different parts (in a song, for example). The knobs can also be used to change the rhythmic feel and other settings of Arpeggios and Patterns while they play back.
Two Assignable Function buttons give you added control over the sound of the new Expanded Articulation (XA) Voices, letting you change sounds within a Voice in realtime.Other convenient operation features include the improved Category Search function, which now is organized with Dual Categories that help you find the Voice you want. Calling up the Guitar category, for instance, gives you access to the Dual (sub) Categories, such as Acoustic, Electric Clean and Electric Distortion. The Mega Arpeggio Voices also have their own Dual Category for easy selection of those unique Voices.The MOTIF XS is not only exceptionally intuitive and easy to operate, its a true joy to playa€?right down to the newly designed expressive keyboards. In particular, the ethernet connection gives you fast transfer of your MOTIF XS files to and from a computer on the same network. The IEEE 1394 interface (included on XS 8, optional expansion for XS 6 and 7) gives you a one-cable, one-network solution for higha€?speed, realtime transfer of multia€?channel digital audio and MIDI data.Software integrationTodays music production is highly dependent on software, and the MOTIF XS is designed to work seamlessly and transparently in your computera€?based environment.
Naturally, the editor can be used within Cubase as part of Studio Connections, and all settings can be saved with each project for instant recall.If Cubase is not yet part of your software arsenal, a copy of Cubase AI is bundled with the instrument, letting you dive in and start using the versatile features of Studio Connections right out of the box.
Cubase AI is a full-featured music production software that integrates fully with the MOTIF XS, and can easily be upgraded to Cubase 4. Whenever you open a project, your MOTIF XS is automatically enabled as well, with all the custom settings you previously saved.
You can use the convenient panel controls on the MOTIF XS to remotely to control a wide variety of operations on Cubase 4. And since song files on the MOTIF XS are in Cubase format, you can create material on the MOTIF XS and easily import it to tracks in Cubase 4 for further editing and mixing.

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