Tap into instant inspiration with the Arpeggio function which has been improved for smoother playing. A 6-track recording feature enables you to store your favourite performances or playback midi files downloaded from the internet. Tap into instant inspiration with the Arpeggio function which has been improved for smoother playability.
Auto-backing Mode Arabic, Indian and Chinese content has been added to Styles, Rhythm and Voices. Please Login and use the Contact User form to contact the advertiser directly instead of adding a comment below.
Singapore Expats - The Leading Expatriate & Singapore Property PortalSingapore Property, Singapore guide on expat relocation, Singapore housing, living. This powerful instrument also gives you total control over your sound, letting you dynamically change sonic textures as you play with real-time tweakable knobs. If you are interested in buying this keyboard, please call me on 071 880 7869 or reply to this advert. The Roland Worldwide Social Network keeps you connected to the latest products, exciting events, and much more. Prelude represents Rolanda€™s next generation of home-entertainment keyboards, featuring high-quality sounds and musical styles, built-in amplification, and an affordable price.
Prelude is packed with a wide variety of contemporary sounds and intelligent backing styles, plus loadable banks of ethnic sounds and styles from around the world.
If you have questions about operating your Roland product, please check our Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions.

In addition, we have a library of Ownera€™s Manuals and Support Documents that you can download and reference. It offers several features not normally found on keyboards at this price along with the basic features for learning to play. The basic features for learning to play--like the Yamaha Portable Grand and Yamaha Education Suite -- and features for when it's time to perform, like synthesizer Control Knobs for real-time control of filter, effects, sound envelope and Style tempo. Two control knobs provide real-time control for filtering the main melody tone, and changing the tempo of the arpeggio just like an analog synthesizer. There are two different waveforms that change depending on how hard you play the keyboard, this allows more expression on Voices such as overdriven or nylon guitar.
The built-in tone generator handles virtually any MIDI song file--from commercially available music data to songs created on computer or other MIDI instruments. Two elements that can make all the difference in your music, whether you compose, create or perform. Also built-in are special Patterns that provide full instrumental backing - drums, bass and chords - to accompany your live performance and song creation. Prelude is portable, and packed with an impressive library of contemporary sounds and authentic ethnic styles.
Prelude is equipped with hundreds of top-quality sounds derived from Roland’s famous sound modules.
Style Converter and Playlist Editor software is included so you can customize and arrange your songs via PC. All the best sounds are available at the push of button and recording virtuoso performances is simple with built-in recorder.

New colors from different musical styles can be added with 150 different patterns and 40 arpeggio Voices. High quality Voices, from acoustic instruments to electric sounds, have been expanded to 700 varieties. Naturally, it plays back conventional GM song data, but it also is compatible with the enhanced XGlite format, ensuring high sound quality. Retail: $510, NOW $459 Only Special Bundles at The Pianist Studio!Today You Get Special Exclsuive Yamaha PSR E443 Bundles at The Pianist Studio!1. The MM8 Music Synthesizers deliver all the musical power and creative control you need - and a whole lot more. The full length 88-key keyboard of the MM8 also delivers natural touch and expressive control over the complete piano range. It also features 128 polyphonic voices for smooth performance, even with stacks of sounds playing at the same time.
For dazzling performance effects, wave your hand over Prelude’s invisible D Beam to manipulate your sounds in unique and exciting ways. Taking their sounds from the highly popular pro-level MOTIF series instruments, the MM8 and MM6 have an enormous variety of dynamic, authentic Voices to help you create and perform in virtually any style of music.

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