USB is not a new feature on keyboards, but what makes this USB good is that it converts the MOX into a full computer audio interface with 4 audio inputs and 2 audio outputs.
The MOX comes with Cubase AI as a pack in recording program, which integrates well with the MOX. The direct performance record is a feature that Korg keyboards have had for a while, and that’s the ability to have fun and jam on a performance patches, and be able to fully convert those performances directly into a song for recording.
My first musical album called Right in Front of You was just released on many digital music stores including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and more. About LAZYTECHGUYSLazyTechGuys' is an online tech site that brings fresh and irreverent perspective to the ever changing landscape of technology.
Players looking for authentic Arabic and Oriental instrument voices and styles will appreciate the comprehensive capabilities and dynamic sound of the PSR-A300. The Oriental Scales feature lets you simply and easily raise or lower the pitches of specific notes and create your own scales. A piano keyboard is an excellent idea for anyone who does not have the room or the money for an actual piano. If you are looking for a quality piano keyboard, the Yamaha YPG-235 piano keyboard Portable Grand Piano Premium Pack is a great choice. Your Tempo Mode: This function allows you to learn the correct notes and learn timing as well. Lesson Grading: This system will act like a teacher and actually give you a grade for each lesson as you practice. Repeat and Learn: This function will set the song back four measures when you make a mistake. Chord Dictionary: This function shows you how to play the cords and it also shows you which chords that you are playing. The Yamaha YPG-235 has more precision, clarity, and power than most other piano keyboards on the market today. If you are looking for an excellent keyboard with actual piano quality, excellent speaker sounds, and a learning tool that can have you playing like a pro in no time, the Yamaha YPG-235 is the piano keyboard for you. Learning how to play the keyboard is best done using a portable keyboard before going on to the real piano.  These are way cheaper and are relatively easy to operate, and with the right portable keyboard, you an easily transition from this to using an authentic grand piano with relative ease.
One of the best to use when just starting to learn playing the keyboard is the Yamaha PSR Series PSRE233 61-Key Portable Keyboard.  This product has a lot of features that surely beginners will find useful.
The Yamaha PSR Series PSRE233 61-Key Portable Keyboard is another quality product from the world’s top producer of the best musical instruments.  It has the basic features needed from a portable keyboard and more that will surely make it easily the best one to start your music journey with.
It has an ultra-wide stereo that produces a clear sound.  For a portable keyboard, the quality of the sound that comes out is above par.
Electricity is also saved with another feature on this product; it has an Auto Power Off mode that is programmed to turn off this keyboard after a certain period of time. The Yamaha Education Suite (YES) is available in this model, making it even easier to learn and improve on your keyboard skills.  All you have to do to start using the YES is to go online and register your unit on their official website and you can now start looking for songs to practice online.
Yamaha designs the Yamaha PSR Series PSRE233 61-Key Portable Keyboard especially for beginners, but this does not mean that the professional level keyboard players will not see this of any use.
With the number of styles, voice and digital effects that come with the whole package, you can make a lot of unique music that you can call truly yours.  Pair them up or mix them together, there is no limit to the kind of music you can produce with such a useful portable keyboard. Whether you are just a starting or expert level keyboard player, surely this will be of perfect use to you.
Expert keyboard players will definitely appreciate the styles, voices and special effects in this keyboard.  This is surely the best travel companion for unplanned trips since it is quite light to carry around as compared to some premium keyboards that are just too heavy to bring during trips. It has been receiving a lot of good reviews online proving that those who have already made their purchase are contented with what they got.
I got this keyboard so I could travel anywhere with a decent lightweight portable keyboard. As a professional musician and synthesist, I bought this as a toy for my grandson and grand daughter.
With Yamaha's stellar piano sound and a LCD screen displaying music, chords and scales, this 88-key Portable Grand makes learning to play piano fun and easy.
Playing Piano is Tons of Fun on Yamaha's Portable Grand!With Yamaha's detailed stereo grand piano sound -- plus an extensive palette of 500 more sounds, tons of on-board learning tools, and inspiring auto-accompaniment rhythms and styles -- the 88-key Yamaha YPG-535 Portable Grand keyboard makes practicing piano great fun. Packed with bells and whistles, yet incredibly easy to use, the YPG-535 has a "Portable Grand" button that takes you back to Yamaha's stereo-sampled, room-filling grand piano sound with just one touch.
Like Learning to Play on a Grand PianoWhile the YPG-535 has a ton of fantastic instrument sounds, the centerpiece of this and all Yamaha keyboards is the lush grand piano. Six-Track Recorder: Compose Your Own MusicThe ability to sight-read notation will have you understanding music in a different way, so it'll only be a matter of time before you'll want to start writing your own.
With on-screen notation display, interactive lessons, and the sound of a real acoustic piano, the Yamaha YPG-535 is a wonderful introduction to the piano. Yamaha YPG-535 Portable Grand KeyboardThe Yamaha YPG-535 88 Key Portable Keyboard gives to the sound and feel of a grand piano in a portable package at an affordable price.

Optional Survival Kit ContentsIncludes a Yamaha Watch & Learn DVD, 3-Year Extended Warranty, stereo headphones, Grand Piano felt key cover, and Hundreds of dollars of Rebate Coupons. I've had two keyboards before this one, and I must admit that this is definitely the best yet.
I had no need for support, but Yamaha sent a DVD detailing all of the aspects of the keyboard anyway! No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives. It's the first in the series with a backlit LCD screen, and numerous other upgrades have been incorporated: improved Yamaha Education Suite II, dedicated split-and-layer buttons, a new speaker system with bass ports, plus it's GM and XG Lite compatible and Internet ready. Our original content is formatted in conversational media and provides answers to those who've been spiritually crippled by the crashing of their favorite devices or the burden of providing information to the technically challenged. It features convenient learning and practice features along with simple recording functions in a high-quality, touch-sensitive instrument.
Whether the piano is just a hobby or if you are an aspiring musician, a piano keyboard could be just what you need. Traditional piano keyboards require the player to chord on the left side of the keyboard in the bass section. This is something that makes a lot of users happy, and surely a lot more will find it the same. Just about the only thing I found a little odd was that there was no power cord included, so you have to purchase one to go with it unless you want to use a lot of batteries. Although they are 20 months and 9 months respectively, I wanted them to experience a real instrument and be able to play with it without the fear of doing something wrong or possibly breaking it. Although not as good as a traditional piano, digital pianos are a great cost effective solution for my musical needs!
From there, you can easily layer sounds, split the keyboard, jam along with built-in Styles, see the chords and notes you're playing on-screen, follow Yamaha's built-in lessons, and even record yourself with the 6-track sequencer. As the maker of some of the world's finest acoustic grand and baby grand pianos, Yamaha creates digital instruments that stand above the competition. Choose one of the YPG-535's 30 internal songs (another 70 are included on CD-ROM) and the notes are presented on a keyboard and music staff right in front of you. For the budding Bachs, Beethovens, or Sufjans out there, the YPG-535 has a six-track sequencer built right in. The inviting feel, the ease of use, and the beautiful grand piano sounds will make learning a joy, while the integrated recorder will have you well on your way to becoming the next world-famous composer. The YPG-535 offers a graded soft touch action that everyone from the beginner to the professional will love. The only thing that makes it better is the "Pay as you play plan", offered only by zZounds! Although I knew the basic principles of User Song recording before, I'm sure with a little time in the manual, one could easily learn how to successfully use the instrument.
Verbessern Sie mithilfe der integrierten Lernfunktionen ihr Spiel und verbinden Sie danach ihren Audioplayer und nutzen Sie den einzigartigen Melody Supressor, um bei Ihren Lieblingliedern mit zu spielen.
Standard features make it a fantastic keyboard for the price: the industry's best portable piano sound, high-quality tone generation and DSP effects, special DJ voices, 61 full-size keys with touch response, 32-note polyphony, 480 voices, 9 reverbs, 4 choruses, 100 preset songs, 100 styles, and much more.
Use the Scale Setting feature to create and instantly call up authentic tunings for whatever music style you play. It also contains a CD-ROM which contains 70 more which you can lean to play using the Yamaha Education Suite. This will allow you to keep practicing the same section of the lesson until you have it perfect.
Due to the separate woofers and tweeters, the sound is more clear and the instrument voices are more lifelike. So go ahead and check it out, and leave your comments and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.
I love music and wanted something compact enough to store (if needed) but also had the sound of the larger more expensive keyboards. A lot of the 385 sounds and voices are nearly pointless sound effects, but there are around 75 that I will use, which is still a very good amount. First, I was blown away by the sophistication of the keyboard’s sounds and sequences.
The Graded Soft Touch keyboard is gently semi-weighted and is easy for beginners to play -- just choose one of three settings for touch-sensitivity. The stereo-sampled grand piano is lifelike and rich, and it's reproduced beautifully on the YPG-535's built-in stereo two-way speaker system. Record a chord progression, then layer melody, countermelody, harmony, or whatever you like on top.

Music lessons and a fine instrument are two of the best investments you'll ever make, and both can be found in one keyboard: the Yamaha YPG-535. I still haven't been able to download music from the net due to the fact that you have to pay for it (of course). It's quite a large board with 88 keys and due to that, I have banged it on walls and door frames lugging it around, but it just keeps on trucking.
If you've been playing for a while and are looking to step up your game a bit, but you don't have the type of budget that allows you to buy a $1500 keyboard, then this is definitely for you. Das YAMAHA PSR-E343 verfugt weiterhin uber 61 anschlagsdynamische Tasten und 550 fantastische Sounds in gewohnter Yamaha- Qualitat!
The Yamaha YPG-235 allows the player to play bass notes with the left hand and chords with the right hand.
The reason this keyboard is exceptional for learning is that the songs are separated into right hand and left hand parts. This keyboard does not have just two speakers, this keyboard offers a true stereo with true stereo sound. If you do get this geeky gadget for yourself or as a present for someone else, tell us how you liked it, that would be awesome! I remember when 20 years ago this type of instrument didn’t exist and if you could find the components it would have cost about $10,000. To add to the authentic piano experience, the YPG's 88-key Graded Soft Touch keyboard recreates the action of real piano keys in a lightweight, portable package.
These three modes follow a natural progression, each building on an ability mastered in the previous mode, and each lesson has seven levels of increasing difficulty to push those abilities even further. Experiment with combining different instruments in one song -- the YPG-535 has 500 beautiful sounds to select from, including organs, woodwinds, strings and even drums and guitars.
For the beginner, the built-in interactive lessons provide a user definable tempo that allow for learning at your pace. Though there are nearly Five hundred other great voices, personally I am in love with the Sweet!
Plug a Yamaha FC4 sustain pedal in for dynamic damper effects, and you've got complete and authentic control over your music. Save your favorite work by uploading to your computer, or use the YPG-535's USB storage device port to connect an external hard disk or thumb drive. Wish it had more tracks, and the styles sound kind of outdated (which is to be expected when trying to define a genre in one pattern), but it makes up for those with the number of instruments, sound quality, and sheer beauty. When you are playing on this keyboard, it will feel as though you are playing on a traditional one. There's even a chord dictionary for familiarizing yourself with common chordal voicings and intervals, with each chord being displayed in name and as notes on the LCD musical staff.
I have shopped around for about 8 months for a keyboard that would not break my bank account, I finally found it at zZounds. The Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) on this keyboard uses technology to make the sound of the keyboard incredibly realistic.
It has instruments that I had never heard of, never thought existed, and never thought that anyone would actually be able to play. Thanks to the Digital Signal Processing (DCP) that the Yamaha YPG-235 offers, the sound quality of the digital effects of the harmony, reverb, and chorus is enhanced to the maximum level. Bottom line – this is an incredible teaching tool for future musicians who will undoubtably play instruments that I only dreamed about.
I would suggest buying a USB Flash Drive for it if you intend to record on the User Song feature. As far as more serious students are concerned, if this is your only source for a keyboard – buy it! Though each song has 5 tracks (and an accompaniment track which is virtually useless because the styles and easy song arranger sound so generic), With only 5 songs, space fills up quickly for the creative soul. The Effect Banks can be invaluable if you are playing a song with multiple instruments involved.
The only thing I really wish that it could do would be to change time signatures in a recording without having to go to another track. The hammerlock keys provide a good transition for anyone preparing to move from the traditional button-push keyboard to the full on Grand Piano. What I've been trying to find all these years was one keyboard that had both pro-quality sounds and decent sounding accompaniment to help me practice. Has great sound from the built-in speakers or you can hook it up to seperate speakers also.

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