The small Yamaha uprights of this time period are among the best small pianos Yamaha ever made. Product DescriptionYamaha Corporation of America continues to build on its successful line of portable keyboard products with the debut of the 61-key PSR292 and 76-key DGX202.
When players say that these keyboards speak to them, they mean it, as many of the functions have vocal cues that announce in English.
Expandability has become easy and affordable, as both models contain Flash ROM, allowing the user to download new music and store it in the onboard, non-volatile memoryOeliminating the need for a disk drive. Other professional features include bass ports for enhanced sound, 32 notes of polyphony, Yamaha's exclusive Wave Memory tone generation technology and an easy-to-read, icon-based LCD display.
I compared this board to others in it's price range (and higher), and I found the sounds and features of the DGX202 better than anything I played. The fact that the keyboard doesn't include an AC adapter pretty much forces you to buy the Survival Kit, which is sort of annoying. One defect - one of the keys is noticeably harder to press than the rest, and it feels "mushy".
Looks pretty good, but if it had more buttons instead of a really long Function menu, it would look better and be easier to use. After visiting my local Yamaha dealer, I had the pleasure of trying out the new Yamaha PSR-S950 keyboard, packed full of accompaniment styles & voices as well as a myriad of additional features. The PSR-S950 workstation keyboard effectively blurs the line between digital and acoustic sound and the result will change your musical perceptions forever.
Thank you to Roger Hagarty of Roger’s Music for allowing me access to this keyboard for this recording. Freelance Journalist, Author, Blogger & Podcaster specialising in gaming and technology. Ever since he experienced the first controllable pixel movement on the television screen, he has been entranced by the possibilities and rewarding entertainment value generated from these metal and plastic boxes of delight. My Revolution’s 25th Anniversary Box Set Unboxing video – certainly a lot of content here! Sonic the Hedgehog celebrates his 25th anniversary with an epic selection of classic titles for charity. A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, the Yamaha U1 offers outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured. An expansive soundboard and acoustic chamber give the 131 cm U3 extended power and projection, with the peerless tonal and expressive control of the legendary Yamaha action. The P Series gives you the dynamic, high-quality sound and natural piano touch response they expect from Yamaha - manufactures of world class acoustic pianos for more than a century. We strive to provide outstanding quality pianos, supreme service and the best value to every customer. Keyboard synthesizers are great for making many different sounds, but digital pianos have a more narrow focus, carefully reproducing the most detailed acoustic-piano characteristics. The sound quality is impressive, but when combined with the P70's detailed acoustic-piano feel, you get a digital piano that's truly amazing. To further cement the acoustic illusion, the Yamaha P70's damping characteristics are much more realistic than typical keyboards. P70 pianos are self-contained units, with their own onboard amplification and speaker systems.
Yamaha P70 Digital PianoOffering elegant design and exceptional value, the Yamaha P-70 is just right for the home user. The P-70 has an amazingly realistic sound quality usually only found in more expensive models.
While the sound quality of the P-70 captivates, it also compels with its impressive visual design. Responsive piano action is at your fingertips with the new Graded Hammer Standard keyboard. The P-70 features an array of commonly used sounds such as grand pianos, electric pianos, organs, harpsichords, vibraphones, and strings. Rather than simply switching sustain on or off, the P-70 responds to 127 levels of pedal depth. Complement your P-70 with an attractive stand designed to match the look and feel of this fine product. This keyboard is very good in terms of its similarity to the sound produced by an accoustic piano.
This keyboard is very attractive; I prefer the black version (and the one that I use is black) but the silver version is also very pretty. Unless my church decides that they want to spend a fortune on having a keyboard that sounds more like an accoustic concert grand, I don't think we will ever want to buy another keyboard. If you're buying a keyboard having piano in mind, you'll want Yamaha's Touch Response feature.
Bass Ports: A special port on each speaker adds a powerful impact to bass sound reproduction. Stereo (Not just 2 Speakers): We all know that stereo sound adds realistic character and spatial depth. The PSR-E303 comes with 102 built-in songs and an interactive lesson system, divided into left and right hand parts, for learning them. Dual mode allows you to combine two voices across the keyboard at the same time - for example piano and strings. The PSR_E303 has 102 built-in songs for you to learn to play, using the Yamaha Education Suite. Lesson 2: TIMING mode allows you to play the melody or chord by pressing any key using the correct timing. Lesson 3: WAITING mode stops the playback of a song until you find the correct note and then continues. Lesson Grading -- monitors your progress as you practice each lessons two and three and gives you a grade. Chord Dictionary -- shows you how to play chords and tells you which chords you are playing by displaying the notes and chord name on the LCD screen. In electronic keyboards, the more sounds made at the same time - polyphony - the more memory is needed. You're never more than a button push away from the most realistic piano sound in portable keyboards today.
The 400 some odd voices make this an awsome keyboard for recording, performing or practicing.
The Yamaha YPG-635 portable grand is an affordable keyboard that boasts an authentic grand piano like touch. For a limited time, purchase a DGX-660 and get a mic that plugs directly into the keyboard, plus digital sheet music!
Yamaha YPG-635 Portable Grand KeyboardThe Yamaha YPG-635 88-Key Portable Grand Piano is an affordably priced 88-key weighted graded hammer action keyboard that boasts an authentic grand piano-like touch.
Lyrics, Chord, and Notation DisplayThe Yamaha YPG-635 can display the score to a song whether it comes from the Internet, the internal selections or ones that you record yourself, and the pages scroll automatically when a song is played back – no more page turning. Record Your Own MusicImagine capturing your child's first performance or writing and recording your own songs. Learn How to PlayThe YPG-635 has 30 built-in songs plus 70 more on included CD-ROM for you to learn to play using the Yamaha Education Suite. Featuring Extensive Digital EffectsYamaha has long been a world leader in digital signal processing technology.
Full Keyboard ModeThe YPG-635 delivers on its piano theme with a special mode of fingering called Full Keyboard Mode. The Premium Pack includes a set of Nady HP03 closed-back stereo headphones, a Yamaha WB2 padded wooden bench, and Yamaha LP7A three-pedal system. If I was forced to come up with some negatives about this model, it would be the onboard speakers- weak volume wise and lacking that "depth" in the low ranges not to mention many reviews have said they have a tendancy to blow at prolonged high volume(I've yet to have a prob.
But if you're looking for a solid, high-end sounding piano for your home or studio for under $1000, you can't beat this unit. I am a performing songwriter but I am also a fataher of ten children so budget friendly is everything to me!

As for the feel, sound, features, and such; the possibilities for a songwriter are endless! If you're a songwriter, especially a recording songwriter on budget- BUY THIS PIANO AND LOOK NO FURTHER! I bought it with the deal that contained the bench and three pedal system - most definitely required for a full piano experience.
Just turn it on and go - Yamaha has included many great sound samplings in this instrument, allowing for a host of instruments to be accessed. There are many advanced features, which do look to have a somewhat steep learning curve - however, since I haven't needed those, I can't comment authoritatively on those.
So far so good - I don't think it is an instrument that is made to be moved frequently or "on the road" - a large part of the device is plastic and doesn't look like it would take a large amount of abuse before having issues.
Since the DGX-640 is out (and the "new" version of this keyboard) I think that the pricing should be lowerd a bit; while still manufactured I would imagine that it won't be long before it is discontinued. I chose this one over the DGX-640 because (a) it was about $100 less, and for my needs, the additional benefits of the DGX-640 would rarely (if ever) be utilized, and (b) this has the "wood" accents on the keyboard itself - missing on the DGX-640, I think these accents give the keyboard richer look that is missing from the 640. Haven't needed service, so I am non-commital on this - however, Yamaha has had an excellent history with their musical instruments so I don't expect any problems if I needed support. Yamaha U3 Upright piano for sale with a black case and polyester finish: Serial Number 2298605.
If you are interested in this Yamaha U3 upright piano, give us a call on 0113 244 8344 and ask for Steven Leeming who will be happy to discuss your requirements. Set to deliver in the third quarter of 2002, the PSR292 and DGX202 retain many of the fun and educational features of their predecessors, with a new emphasis on computer friendliness. The PSR292 and DGX202 have the feel and sound of an acoustic piano with full-sized, touch-sensitive keys, a stereo-sampled piano voice and dynamic filteringOtechnology usually reserved for high-end professional units. The built-in Yamaha Education Suite (YES) contains both right-hand and left-hand exercises, a built-in chord directory and interactive functions that grade the playing of internal exercises.
This is easily the best sounding keyboard I've owned to date (this includes Yamahas and Casios).
I may purchase a higher end board soon, but I will keep this one as part of my small studio setup. Also, the piano voice is distinguishable from a real Yamaha grand piano, but difference is still slight.
But, the Survival kit includes other stuff (headphones + pedal), so it's not like they're ripping you off or anything.
We’ve recorded professional musicians to achieve authentic renditions of their instruments and playing nuances and now you can play alongside them.
Writing hundreds of articles including commentary and reviews on various gaming platforms, while also interviewing well known industry figures for popular online publications. As the largest piano maker for professional musicians in all genres, Yamaha is one of the most tested and trusted piano names for the home, in performances and recording.
NJPC proudly provide our customers with the highest quality rebuilt Yamaha and Kawai pianos with a fraction of the price compare to brand new pianos. The Graded Hammer Standard keyboard of the YDP-142 make it a true joy to play, both in practice and in performance.
These Yamaha hallmarks, along with a high-quality built-in stereo speaker system are packed into a slim. Even if yours does, you can't just throw a grand piano in the trunk and take it to the next gig. As one of the few manufacturers of both acoustic and electronic instruments, Yamaha is in a unique position to blend the two elements for the most realistic digital pianos available.
With the flick of a switch, you can change from grand piano to electric piano, organ, harpsichord, vibraphone, strings, and more, all with AWM stereo quality.
Yamaha's extensive electronics background shines again, with a lighter, much less bulky frame than similar digital pianos.
These presets can be triggered automatically for listening enjoyment, or you can mute left- or right-hand parts to build your chops in steps. You will be impressed not only by its compact size and lightweight body, but also by its superior sound quality.
Using Yamaha's own AWM stereo sampling, sounds were recorded directly from a variety of instruments. Lightweight construction, curved corners, and built-in speakers make the P-70 look stunning in virtually any setting. Each of these sounds has been recorded and recreated with Yamaha's unrivaled attention to detail. The P Series uses highly efficient amplifiers that pack more sound into a lighter digital piano. This allows for a more authentic piano performance by emulating the fluid control a pianist has over the damper pedal. Learn your favorite piano pieces on the P-70 by muting the left or right hand parts of any song for hands-separate practice.
On an acoustic piano, striking a key harder will produce a louder sound, striking it softer will produce a softer sound.
Only Yamaha's best keyboards have the capacity to support and reproduce Yamaha's XGlite voices.
In addition, you have the ability to connect to a computer, download more songs from the Internet into the internal Flash ROM, and use all of the Yamaha Education Suite V5 features to help you learn to play them. In fact, Yamaha professional audio products are found in most professional recording studios around the world.
Split Mode allows you to select a different voice for each hand - for example piano for your right and bass for your left. Obviously, more is always better, because too little polyphony can cause dropouts in dense passages of music.
One press of the Portable Grand button resets the entire keyboard to a stereo-sampled piano - perfect for when it's time to practice. Includes a two-year extended warranty, power adaptor, footswitch on models that require it, stereo headphones, bonus coupons and a DVD-ROM.
The XG lite is a less suped up of Yamaha's XG software and the lite alone has a ton of voices.
The YPG-635 features many more voices and styles than previous models along with brand new DSP effects for improved rotary organ sounds. With the Yamaha YPG-635, you have the equivalent of a built-in multi-track recorder to record one or multiple instrument parts at a time and assign each part to a different track.
The songs are separated into left and right hand parts, providing 7 levels of lessons plus a convenient chord dictionary. This allows the player to play the keyboard like a piano; for example a chord with the right hand and bass notes with the left.
Survival Kit includes a two-year extended warranty, full length Watch & Learn DVD, Grand Piano cloth key cover, stereo headphones, bonus coupons and a DVD-ROM.
The piano sounds sound slightly tingy through the built in speakers BUT, plug this baby into a mixer or outboard amp and POW! So if you have a chair at your place, keep in mind that it already comes with a sustain pedal, and the headphones are probably the cheapest on the market so I wouldn't bother with buying the package.
I only opened the manual once because I was curious about a few commands and wouldn't you know it, they worked exactly how I thought they should!
The stand comes with a "reinforcement steel bar that mounts to the underside of the unit to keep it from sagging!
You can play comfortably with an acoustic set (Couple of acoustic guitars, etc.) but other than that, not enough volume to support itself without amplification. But i did go on the Yamaha site to attempt to register my piano, there is no registration page!
And from the reasearch that I've done, other than speaker problems I don't see that happening!
I bought the "survival kit" as it advertised the dust cover, but it is nothing more than a felt cloth that just covers the keys.
I especially like the fact that there is a button that no matter what is programmed with return the instrument to it's original function of a grand piano sound.

It is as good as it gets - as stated above, the "wood" accents make it look better than it's newer cousin the 640. If it is in still good working order at that point, then anything I would buy would be to supplement this one. We are especially looking for all models of Steinway, Bluthner, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Fazioli, Knight, Kawai.
Playing piano is fast and easy with the Yamaha Portable Grand function, as one dedicated piano-shaped button sets up the keyboard to play as a piano in full keyboard mode. Touch sensitivity is MUCH more precise than a Casio keyboard's at the same price, though the Casio has more features.
The PSR-S950’s other incredible features—including Vocal Harmony 2 and Super Articulation for thrilling instrumental and vocal support—will add a whole new perspective to your creativity.
The Yamaha P70 piano puts all the sound and feel you'd expect from a real acoustic instrument into a compact and stylish digital device.
They developed a special technique, known as Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) sampling, to capture all of the expressive, dynamic nuances of a true grand piano. You can find the right tone for any song you want to play, adding a new dimension to your set list and creating different moods from song to song. While other digital pianos have the same action on every key, all 88 keys on the P70 are individually weighted with the touch and feel of a real grand piano.
But when combined with a half-damping pedal such as the Yamaha F3 or the M-Audio SP2, you have access to 127 levels of pedal-depth for detailed playing expression.
Dual six-Watt amplifiers drive the 12 x 6 centimeter stereo speakers for full, clear sound. Each voice is recorded in stereo, and thus faithfully replicates the sound and warmth of the original instrument. Half pedaling is just one more example of Yamaha's dedication to its acoustic piano heritage. The result is amazing sound quality and almost 500 voices for you to choose from, offering even greater compatibility with both 3rd party and Yamaha XG software. The PSR-E303 takes full advantage of this know-how, giving you an extensive range of nine, top-quality reverb effects that simulate playing in everything from a small room to a large spacious concert hall and four chorus effects that add richness to electric pianos and guitars in particular. Call up your favorite style of music like Rock, Big Band or Country, press a chord or play Single Finger mode, and the PSR-E303 will follow you through a piece of music, providing all of the drums, bass, piano, guitar, horn and string parts for you. With the 482 voices found in the PSR-E303, the combinations are limited only by your imagination. Yamaha is known around the world for the quality of our acoustic pianos and this attention to detail is evident as you enjoy the warmth and clarity of the PSR-E203 Portable Grand piano.
The expanded 64-note polyphony adds to the lush sound palette especially when using the on board sequencer. For those that want to learn to play using the Yamaha YPG-635, notation adds a new dimension to the Yamaha Education Suite, allowing you to hear a song while you follow the notes in the display. Six tracks are provided to accommodate sophisticated melodies, chord accompaniment and rhythm parts. The Yamaha YPG-635 takes full advantage of this know-how, giving you an extensive range of twenty-nine, top-quality reverb effects that simulate playing in everything from a small room to a large spacious concert hall and twenty-four chorus effects that add richness to electric pianos and guitars in particular and 182 DSP types for adding everything from distorted guitars to rotary speaker effects. Kind of "always in your face" like that bright stereo face in your car at two in the morning. The pedal unit is very cheaply constructed (All plastic) and I wasn't aware that the piano came with a sustain pedal in the box! I was hoping for something more substantial like a vinyl cover that completely covered the keyboard. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Besbrode Pianos Leeds to anyone looking for a piano". And, to make the learning experience complete, a music book containing the internal songs is included.
And since it's sort of soft, a lot of times you have to crank up the volume all the way when using it as a Portable Grand, and so there's some "Sssssshhhhhh"-type noise coming from the speakers. Moreover, the damper pedal includes a half-damper effect, giving you nuanced expressive control over the sustained sound. AWM samples are recorded in stereo, giving you an accurate representation of every note across the stereo field.
Offset a dark piano sound with some lush strings or a soulful organ to add texture to your music.
Control your dynamics, letting some notes ring long and clear while clamping down on others. At about 52 inches wide, 14 inches deep, 5 inches high, and weighing-in at around 28 pounds, you can transport and set up your P70 wherever practice or performance dictates. Experiment with different melody arrangements and chord rhythms within the presets to put your own stamp on a familiar tune. The P-70 not only duplicates the sound of a real piano, it emulates the feel and action as well.
Now, instead of wading through function menus and fighting through a maze of selections, one button is your expressway to music on the web and your computer.
And to make it easy and fun, when you select one of the styles, the One Touch Setting function will automatically configure keyboard parameters, such as voice selection and digital effects, to match that selected music style.
The PSR-E303 has 32 notes of polyphony and will play back 16 different parts or sounds at once (16-part multi timbrel); enough for the most demanding needs.
And of course, the keyboard includes a Sustain Pedal jack on the back for practicing and playing piano pieces. Traditional portable keyboards normally require you to chord on the left side of the keyboard, in the bass section, which is foreign to most piano players. Granted there are a lot of better pianos on the market right now, but none close to this price range in my opinion. The feel of the weighted keys mimick some great true-life baby grands I have played in my life. Plus, with Yamaha's Music Database, simply select from over 200 song titles, and the entire keyboard will set itself up for that song.
Dual voice capability lets you play two different instrument sounds at the same time, while a 1-track song recorder allows you to capture your original musical ideas and performances. More than just tone, AWM samples contain the warmth and character that was only previously available with an acoustic instrument.
Your audience may not be able to explain why they're connecting with your performance in a new way, but you'll know. Many acoustic players have trouble transitioning to keyboards because of their lack of "feel," but there's no learning curve with the P70. Combined with the GHS keyboard, you can pour your personality into any composition, with nothing to inhibit your creativity.
You can connect to the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) port on the back with an optional USB-MIDI Interface like the Yamaha UX16. Your performances will come alive with all the dynamic atmosphere of the finest pianos in the world. A total of ten individual voices are available from an easy-to-use patch bank, and the onboard reverb effect adds depth and rich ambience to your tone.
An additional headphone out is perfect for late-night jam sessions or undisturbed practice. Once connected, you can play your songs into the computer, edit them if necessary, and e-mail them to your friends and family. And with General MIDI (GM) and XGlite compatibility, song data always plays back with the correct sounds.
I find myself consiously "taking it easy" on the pedal unit for fears of breaking it with normal use! As a solo instrument or part of something bigger, you'll really appreciate the pristine sound quality and spot-on acoustic touch.

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