As some of the sections and demographic areas at our site are relatively new, an effective way to get a response is by trying one of the above options.*Note that you'll be prompted to logon, and you'll need to register for a userid if you have not already done so. The Yamaha CP70 Electric Grand Piano is a rare instrument that was produced for a very short period in the mid to late 1970s. We found our extremely collectible Yamaha CP-70 in a storage unit that we had bought in NJ. We eventually got $500 for our Yamaha CP-70 which had torn tolex and a cracked key but aside from that was entirely in functional condition. Please check that you are accessing the correct URL or web address.If the URL is correct, it is likely that this Ad has been deleted either by the user who posted it, or by the Support Team.Can't find what you're looking for? An electric keyboard and a concert quality piano; this amazing hybrid was one of the first instruments of its time.

We actually used ebay to find a local buyer and we got a lot fo hits immediately in good shape the saleability of the instrument is HIGH. I've owned this electric piano for 10 years and it show some wear do to constant use with a giging band and for many recording sessions. It was like when I bought this unit 10 years ago and I never bothered to fix it since I never used that feature and because you can still turn it by pushing your finger against it. Popularized by bands and performers such as Stevie Wonder,  Genesis, Journey and many many more.
When moving or transporting them be very careful and use moving blankets because the material tends to be very dry and may crack easily before it is treated. Vient avec 116 voix, 361 XGLite, 20 Arpeggio, 12 percussions, 165 styles pre-enregistres, Metronome integre.

Obviously the keys being free of cracks and attached to the hammers is also paramount to the overall condition of the piece.
Check all the knobs as these are pretty hard to find the right ones for this piano.When transporting DO NOT put it upside down or it will throw it completely out of tune and possibly dislodge the hammers.
We literally had people considering freighting this piano and you can only imagine the cost of that!
This piano now in great condition could bring upwards of $1000 and can still be worth $300-$500 in lesser conditions.

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