The Disklavier™ E3 consists of a Yamaha C1X, an instrument rich in reverberation, to which auto-playback functionality has been added.
The E3 features a cutting-edge, easy-to-see display panel called an organic electro-luminescent display.
The E3 also comes with enough built-in digital storage to hold literally hundreds of hours of music and still have room to spare. Listening to your favorite music is as easy as plugging a USB memory stick into one of the E3’s USB ports.
The E3 allows you to effortlessly record yourself playing along with commercial CDs of your favorite artists, bands, and symphony orchestras.
Yamaha Disklavier Piano: There was a time when you just had acoustic and digital pianos, and they were kept as two different groups with minimum overlapping. But over the years, things have changed and manufacturers today realize that the consumer has become much more demanding. Today an acoustic piano also comes with several features that is usually found on digital pianos.
Just play the hottest new groups, classic combos, or a full symphony orchestra, then sit back, press a couple of buttons, and listen to yourself performing ‘live’ with the pros!
MIDI and AUX connections: Connect to headphones, speakers, audio equipment, MIDI devices, computer or even the Internet. Watch the video demonstration by Peter Baartmans on the Yamaha Disklavier DS6 M4 PRO Grand Piano. He plays a beautiful song and does mention that the Yamaha Disklavier is an actual acoustic piano. The most impressive feature of the Disklavier piano is the way it plays back the recorded song. Peter also takes you through the other functions of the Disklavier piano and also demonstrates the amazing sounds of this piano.
Disklavier pianos can capture anything that's played upon them and recreate this performance with remarkable precision. The original Yamaha Disklavier, which made its debut back in 1986, introduced the world to the wonder of traditional pianos equipped with integrated digital electronics for recording, auto playback and more.

We sold this piano new, locally owned, player system can be upgraded to operate with iPad or iPhone.
The b series, like all Yamaha pianos, are instruments of extraordinary, natural beauty, combining art, craftsmanship and technology ; a pleasure to play and to own. Wherever your music may take you, DBR Series loudspeakers are up to the task of delivering powerful, high-quality sound with an un-matched economy of transport and setup time.
The DBR’s lightweight, high performance Class-D amplifier is capable of producing up to 1000W* of power, achieving an SPL of 132dB, delivered with remarkable clarity and dynamic characteristics.
DBR Series speakers feature a compact, lightweight, and durable plastic cabinet which offers the highest level of portability of all Yamaha powered speakers.
The clear and logically laid-out remote is designed to be easy to read as well as easy to use; anyone can quickly and effortlessly enjoy all the E3 has to offer.
Not only is it bright and easily readable from any angle, but it can be seen clearly from a distance as well.
So feel free to record whatever and whenever you want, all with just the touch of a button. Transfer music from anywhere and listen to it on your E3, or replay your own performances for friends and family. Your entire performance, including all key presses, pedal movements, and dynamics, will be recorded as MIDI data and stored in the E3’s internal memory. Music Box Manchester does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy, currency or completeness of this information and expressly disclaims liability for errors or omissions in this information.
Special Yamaha developed fiber-optic sensors register the motion of each key and pedal, and record this data to internal flash memory or onto a standard 3.5" floppy disk for unlimited capacity and easy portability.
The piano along is valued at more that our asking price, and you get the benefits of having a player piano if you would like to entertain. The most portable powered loudspeakers Yamaha has to offer, the versatile DBR Series harnesses the same state-of-the-art Yamaha DSP and amplifier and speaker technologies developed for the professional DSR Series and DXR Series lineups, ensuring high-resolution sound at any output level.
The sleek steel grille bolsters cabinet durability and protects the internal components while a newly designed ergonomic handles provide effortless transportation and system setup.
CH1 has a combo jack which accepts both XLR and TRS Phone allowing for either Mic or Line level input signals.

Each speaker is angled to create a spacious overall sound that beautiful complements the sound quality of the acoustic piano. Then, your recorded piano performance will play back in perfect time with the music from your audio CD. The song will not only play itself back but the keys move as well on their own, without hands. I am in the Tampa Bay area of Fl but have access to the best piano movers in the country and can easily have this delivered anywhere in the USA. Versatile recording functions allow you to record left-hand and right-hand parts independently, using the full keyboard for each hand or a designated split point – even create your own four-hand duets.
Comprised of 10”, 12” and 15” models, each DBR loudseaker is housed in a newly designed, durable, lightweight cabinet optimized for FOH sound, floor-monitoring and even rigged applications. CH2 offers two input options; a combo jack that accepts XLR or TRS Phone, and an RCA pin jack for input from CD players or other stereo line-level sources. Whether playing the piano yourself of listening to recordings, the E3’s state-of-the-art speaker system will bring your music to life like never before. Please call me at 310-625-1540 to discuss and arrange a viewing or purchase of this amazing instrument. And because the sensors use beams of light, rather than the physical contacts common to electronic keyboards, they have no effect on the feel or operation of the keys, capturing the subtlest nuances of expression without sacrificing the traditional touch and responsive control for which Yamaha pianos are renowned. They allow you to record and play back your own performance, create complex multi-track arrangements, and connect to the world of musical opportunities offered by MIDI devices, personal computers and the Internet.
Whether you’re powering your band’s live performance, DJ-ing a party, or MC-ing an event, be prepared for DBR Series speakers to take your performance to the next level. Their unique combination of acoustic excellence and digital versatility has made them an increasingly popular choice of pianists, educators and music-lovers worldwide.

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