The Yamaha Clavinova CLP320 Digital Piano is an excellent choice for a beginning student who is serious about learning to play the piano. The Clavinova comes equipped with a music book which includes fifty songs which are programmed in. The Yamaha Clavinova CLP320 Digital Piano is designed for any pianist, beginner to advanced. The touch and feel of a piano is vitally important to any pianist, whether they’re just starting out or playing at a professional level.
The  NU1 Piano features sound carefully sampled from one of the finest instruments that Yamaha has ever made—the CFX full concert grand piano. The elegant simplicity of the NU1 blends effortlessly into any setting, adding an air of distinction without being imposing. The Yamaha Arius YDP141 Digital Piano is a versatile instrument that will grow as a player advances from student to professional.
Just like most pianos, the Yamaha Arius Digital Piano has 88 keys, allowing players of all levels to perform works in any range. Parents looking to buy a first piano for their budding virtuoso will be pleased to learn that the Yamaha Arius YDP141 comes with several songs already programmed into the memory. A Real Grand Expression (RGE) sound engine is incorporated into the new F02, giving performers the full playing response and expressive capability of a concert grand piano.
Additionally, the instrument features 50 built-in piano preset songs, including both classic pieces and jazz standards. With Clavinova, you can enjoy the exquisite beauty of the sought-after tone that the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial deliver. The Clavinova faithfully recreates the sound of an acoustic piano by utilising features such as String Resonance to emulate the mellow tonal colours that occur when strings react to one another.
In addition to the reverberation of the strings themselves, Damper Resonance reproduces the broad, deep sound field of an acoustic piano.
A pianist changes the volume and dynamics of the sound by varying the pressure applied to the keys. Featuring Yamaha's Smooth Release technology, Clavinova recreates the crisp tone heard when playing staccato as well as the lingering sound produced by releasing the keys slowly.
Powerful polyphony ensures that more complex passages of music can be played without notes cutting off. Using knowledge gained from many years of piano manufacturing, Yamaha Clavinova has an incredibly realistic keyboard feel that recreates the sensation of playing an acoustic instrument. The newly developed GH3X keyboard features an escapement mechanism that reproduces a slight clicking sensation near the bottom of the key travel. Synthetic Ivory key tops reproduce the tactile surface of the Ivory keyboards once used in acoustic pianos. The sound of a Clavinova is calibrated in fine detail, with speaker positioning and body materials checked to ensure that the entire instrument resonates optimally.
The body of the Clavinova contains Acoustic Optimizers that regulate the flow of sound and control tone.
Features exercises for building piano technique from Hanon, Bayer, Czerny and Burgmüller.
The recording function featured in Clavinova digital pianos allows you to record your performances with a single touch, which is useful when you want to review or archive your playing.
Record performances to USB flash memory and create audio files (WAV format) you can save and play back on a computer or portable audio device, share with friends or use to create a CD. In addition to pianos, the Clavinova CLP Series boasts an impressive library of additional voices including electric pianos, strings and organs.

A new reverb system allows to you experience the sensation of playing in a large concert hall, cathedral or other venue, adding depth and atmosphere to the sound. The ability to adjust performance volume is extremely useful at home where players may not always be able to play at high volume levels. This digital piano includes many features which beginning students may find helpful, but also features a full sized keyboard and a real grand piano feel which are desirable features for a more advanced student. There is a key-off feature which duplicates the sound of a piano when playing light and delicate passages. It responds to a light touch with a soft and delicate sound, just like a real piano, whereas a more powerful sound is produced when the keys are struck harder.
This allows pianists to stream Radio Service for Piano and listen to a variety of different types of piano music on the piano itself. It has excellent features which experienced players will enjoy as well as helpful teaching aids for beginners.
The Yamaha NU1 Digital Piano delivers an authentic playing experience that is almost indistinguishable from that of an acoustic piano. To complement its sparkling highs and full-bodied bass, the Yamaha NU1 Digital Piano utilizes newly-developed acoustic technology unique to Yamaha to reproduce the characteristic resonance felt when playing an acoustic piano. Inheriting the superb sound and playability of the AvantGrand series of pianos, the Yamaha NU1 Digital Piano offers the warmth and natural presence of an acoustic instrument in a stylish, compact form. It costs comparably less than a traditional piano, but unlike many other digital models, the Arius feels the most like an acoustic piano.
Young players can learn how to play along with the recordings, further enhancing their technical skills.
Not only is it a great choice for the novice pianist, it is also a wise investment for the highly trained. In addition to providing smooth tonal changes that respond to touch, it also features a Smooth Release function, which clearly articulates staccato notes and produces the sound of lingering resonance when gently lifting your fingers from the keys, just like the soft damping action of real dampers. The keys are soft and slightly porous, giving them added grip with natural friction that enables users to play easily. It is the key components of the sound, the touch and the pedals, together with the application of technology developed through a history of acoustic piano manufacturing.
Tuned to perfection by a highly experienced piano technician with the sound from each key sampled individually, Clavinova truly captures the unique tonal character of each of these outstanding instruments. It also mirrors the tonal changes that result when a damper pedal on a grand piano is depressed. A Clavinova responds perfectly to give the player an outstanding level of performance control. Key-off samples feature actual recordings of these changes, offering a faithful reproduction of the most subtle nuances in the piano’s tone, creating a more realistic overall sound.
By using a similar hammer mechanism (with no springs) as that found in a grand piano, the GH3 keyboard action reproduces the touch of an acoustic instrument, from the heavier feel in the lower register to the lighter touch in the upper octaves. It has been designed in such a way that the click is discernible only on the lightest keystrokes, similar to the keyboard of a grand piano. It features highly absorbent material that prevents fingers from slipping even after hours of performing, while retaining the ideal texture and feel. To create a sound field that is very close to that of a grand piano, the Clavinova features tone escapements in several locations throughout the body that allow the sound from the speakers to be projected to the listener without being trapped inside the instrument. A new technology developed from Yamaha's intimate knowledge of the acoustic properties of musical instruments, Acoustic Optimizers deliver a natural, smooth sound across the entire keyboard. You can record up to 16 tracks for simultaneous playback, so that each hand can be recorded separately or parts recorded using different sounds.

Now you can experience concert hall ambience and spaciousness in the privacy of your own home.
With the same action and natural wood keys as used in Yamaha’s finest upright pianos, the Yamaha NU1 Digital Piano offers a realistic feel that is sure to inspire. Older pianists will also appreciate how seamlessly they can transition their finger technique to this instrument.
The metronome will help solidify counting and performing, by keeping the pianist on beat at all times. This instrument perfectly blends the feel of an acoustic piano with the technical advances of a digital piano. The MODUS F02, which will be unveiled at the 2013 NAMM Show, combines true piano sound in a modern, attractive cabinet that evokes the beauty of a real, acoustic grand piano, adding sophistication and musical expressiveness to any living space. The special Natural Wood keyboard uses white real-wood keys, just like an actual grand piano.
For an even wider song selection, simply connect a USB flash memory device to the instrument and your favorite MIDI formatted songs are ready to be played at random or in sequence. With Real Grand Expression, these elements are combined perfectly into a single instrument, creating the exact sound you want through the touch of the keys and the feel of the pedals. It includes sounds such as those emitted from the key bed and emulates the cumulative resonance that occurs when all of these sounds blend together. By using long, carefully-sampled recordings of notes on a piano and unique Yamaha technologies to achieve smooth tonal transitions, rich sonic detail is delivered in response to the touch of the player.
It also features a three-sensor configuration which accurately senses and interprets the behaviour of the keyboard to create a response and feel very much like that of a grand piano.
To counter this, Clavinova is equipped with Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC), which adjusts the sound automatically, allowing players to enjoy balanced sound at any volume level. This way, students can play off of the written music while the lights indicate the correct notes. There is also a resonance feature which means that the sound of other strings resonating when a single string is struck by a hammer on an acoustic piano is imitated in this digital piano, giving it a much more realistic sound. These are used in combinations of three to five levels to provide an exponential amount of dynamic options. A half pedal effect is also possible by controlling how far the damper pedal is pushed, creating more control over sustains. The instrument selections can even be changed after a piece has been recorded, allowing the composer to find the perfect ensemble.
Moreover, the Linear Graded Hammer provides an authentic action in which the lower keys are heavy in touch and the higher keys are light, with all the natural gradations in between. Audio files (.wav) saved to a USB flash memory can also be played back on the instrument or on portable music players, enabling the musician to record the MIDI file, easily convert it to Audio, and listen to their performance nearly everywhere. The lower notes are heavier, while the upper octaves have a lighter touch, perfectly mimicking an acoustic piano.
All in all, this gives you the performance functions and expressive power found only in grand pianos, including having repeated plays of the same note perfectly articulated, even when playing at high speed or with partial key release. This model even has variable touch sensitivity, allowing the player to customise the key response to their personal preference.

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