The P-105 is a compact digital piano with Yamaha's oustanding acoustic piano touch and tone.
Basic drum patterns put the "fun" back into practicing and are a practical alternative to a metronome.
Just as on a traditional acoustic piano, the keys of the lower notes have a heavier touch, while the higher ones are more responsive to lighter playing.
The P-105 is equipped with USB TO HOST to connect directly to your computer for use with various education, notation and music production applications. The P-120 is a compact Electronic Piano with 88-key Graded Hammer Effect Keyboard and built in speakers.
The P120 features 14 preset voices available with the press of a button: Grand Piano 1, Grand Piano 2, E. Yamaha QL1s added to hire stockWe are very pleased to announce the addition of a brace of Yamaha's small but perfectly-formed QL1 digital mixing consoles to our PA hire stock. Sennheiser LSP 500 PROOne of the most popular ranges in both our PA hire stock and our sales department is our selection of battery-powered wireless PA systems.
We have added a Soundcraft Vi1 digital mixing console to our hire stock, complimenting our existing Vi6 console.
A Yamaha digital piano comes with superb piano sound & expressiveness, and is designed with detailed attention to piano fundamentals.
In terms of options, you can choose either the portable stage pianos or the classic upright home pianos. Yamaha is a very well known brand in the music industry as it manufactures a complete range of musical instruments and recording equipments, targeting both the amateur and professional musicians. Yamaha has over 100 years of experience in making pianos, and that coupled with their experience in digital technology has helped them to create some of the best models in the Digital Piano segment. Yamaha has a wide range of models with the stage piano, upright and the grand piano looks, so you will definitely not fall short of choices. If you are looking for portability and a cost effective option then you should have a look at Yamaha’s stage pianos.
These yamaha digital piano keyboards feature graded hammer action for authentic Piano feel, and has Panel locking facility so that you do not accidentally change any setting, very handy while performing. Some of these come with built-in speakers but if you need to perform for an audience then you will need external amplification. The more high end portable pianos are also known as electric pianos and they are used more for performing on stage or in the studio. Some of these yamaha digital uprights are portable and are available with sleek cabinet designs. Grand Pianos – These Yamaha digital grand pianos provide you with all the musical enjoyment of a real grand piano!

The Clavinova CLP and the CVP series feature some of the yamaha digital grand pianos and the baby grand pianos. The huge library of sounds and styles will make sure that you never fall short of inspiration for your work. If you’ve been dreaming about a digital piano that could finally (and accurately) replace the Baby Grand I that you have in your home or recording studio, then hold on to your hats – because you’ve finally found in the Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano. Widely regarded by many as the most piano like portable digital solution available on the market today – and this is from amateur and professional musicians all around the world – it doesn’t get any better than this. The engineers behind the Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano have absolutely smashed it out of the park with the tactile feel and response of this specific piano, to the degree where even the most ardent student of traditional pianos – and a hard-line traditionalist swearing off digital instruments forever – would have a hard time trying to keep their fingers from this keyboard. The truth of the matter is that everything about the Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano feels perfect underneath your fingers, and the responsiveness is absolutely incredible.
Understanding that single speaker solutions – commonly found in a number of lesser digital pianos – simply cannot produce the kind of quality that you’re looking for, the Yamaha engineers behind this specific digital keyboard created an all new speaker solution.
On top of that, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the digital signal processor (DSP), giving you 237 types of DSP effects that can be added directly to the sound pumping out of your digital piano. If you’ve been looking for one of the very best of the best options when it comes to digital piano solutions, and then you need look no further than what the Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano provides.
This piano sound was recorded from Yamaha's renown CFIIIS concert grand piano, which can be heard on stages all over the world. The true-circle speakers vibrate naturally with good balance to convey full, rich, low-frequencies. There's also an AUX LINE OUT to connect to a computer sound card, mixing console or powered speakers - great for recording or performing live. Rich and expressive stereo-sampled piano voices and other essential instrument voices are available on-board. There is no question about their quality of pianos, and they have lots of experience to back it up as well.
Be it a Yamaha stage piano, Yamaha upright piano or the Yamaha grand piano, you have plenty of models to look at. These use samples of extremely high quality, thus producing some superb Piano sounds, and they even have a distinct color to it. The graded hammer action available in all these models gives an almost authentic feel to its keys.
On the digital ensemble models, you can expect to find hundreds of sounds, styles, effects, sequencer, learning lessons, performance improvement features. Suitable for musicians who demand acoustic piano performance when on stage or when in the studio! These electric pianos come with several synth like features that make them suitable for professional work.

You have a great range of models, some with the basic Piano sounds and some loaded with hundreds of sounds, styles and effects.
Most of the yamaha digital uprights fall in the YDP, Clavinova CLP and CVP series, and feature graded hammer action. The wide range of options available from Yamaha ensures that you find something that is just right for your needs.
Gorgeous & elegant looks, combined with digital sampling technology accurately reproduces the rich harmonic sound of a real grand piano.
These pianos combine the best digital technology with the elegance and beauty of an acoustic grand piano to create an amazing line of yamaha digital grand pianos. Yamaha has been responsible for some of the most exciting digital instruments the world has ever seen, and this is just another feather in their cap, so to speak. Using a unique technology to create this kind of tactile response and feeling, you have a hard time closing your eyes and not believing that you were sitting at a traditional piano the entire time. Now you’ll be able to enjoy incredibly authentic and dynamic sound that you simply would not have been able to enjoy otherwise – another reason why this specific keyboard is so much of a joy to use.
This allows you to control distortion and other dynamic processing tools throughout the entire production process – without ever having to leave the control center of your digital keyboard – a benefit for those interested in post-production and getting the most out of their instrument.
Perfect for professionals and amateurs alike – and even hardline traditionalists – this is the kind of digital experience that you have been dreaming about.
10 built-in Styles offer the variety of backings to fit your performance and help you sound great! This Graded Hammer technology allows this lightweight instrument to provide an authentic touch. Since it's a true line-output, the built-in speakers remain on for monitoring as opposed to switching OFF when using the more common headphone output. The two built-in 12.5W speakers are suitable for personal monitoring, soloist accompaniment, or for background music in a small space. The keys are heavier on the bass side and lighter on the right side emulating the keys on a grand piano. Standard features like connecting to a computer, digital effects, and sequencer will be available on any Yamaha electric piano. All the Yamaha pianos come with a contemporary design and are designed to maximize your enjoyment of genuine piano playing.
A Yamaha digital piano gives you everything that you need for practice, playing, and performance.

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