Polished Ebony finish cabinet with real-wood white keys and synthetic ivory keytops, fully equipped with a rich variety of functions.
The CVP-509 has superb tonal response and faithfulness to the original sound created from Pure CF Sampling. 3, Half Pedal, Functions: Volume, Sustain, Sostenuto, Soft, Glide, Song Play Pause, Style Start Stop, etc.
A sliding keyguard, which prevents dust from covering your main button area and enter between your keys, comes in very practical and ultimately saves you the time and effort to clean the device too often.
Join our growing community for free to get useful guides and exclusive best deal reports on digital pianos delivered right to your inbox. AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling uses digital technology to record an acoustic instrument's sound. Just as on a traditional acoustic piano, the keys of the lower notes have a heavier feel while the higher ones are lighter to the touch. All finance options are subject to status and a credit check will be carried out on the applicant. Yamaha YDP163 Digital Piano; RosewoodThe Yamaha YDP163 is part of the entry level Yamaha Arius range of digital pianos, and replaces the popular Yamaha YDP162 model. The NW keyboard with wooden white keys effectively reproduces the authentic touch, weight and feel of a real grand piano - and even provides Synthetic Ivory keytops, for natural friction and improved playing ease.
The best built in option is the built-in lesson, my daughter was able to follow the score on the lcd screen without problem. You can plug in your headphones and practice as long as you want without driving the whole family mad.

With a slimline design and superb craftsmanship, the CLP-S406 is ideal for space conscious musicians who are unwilling to compromise on sound quality and realistic piano action.
AWM Stereo Sampling creates a deeper, richer and more spacious sound by using pairs of waveforms (L and R) captured with two microphones. The YDP163 features an improved Pure CF Sound Engine with 192 note polyphone and Graded Hammer Standard keyboard.
The newly introduced Tri-Amp System enables the clear expression of even delicate sound nuances.
It has a USB port, this means you can add music files or store some of your own creations easily. This content is provided 'as is' and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice. The CVP-509 is packed with hundreds of dynamic voices, including the ultra-realistic, expressive Super Articulation 2! Being also fully compatible with recent operating systems enables you to alter and mix your music and move it from the piano to your pc and back without too much hassle.
The solid wood adds up to the general weight of the delivery package (140 pounds) but the quality makes up for it.
The CLP-S406s modern style is backed up by its rich sound and authentic action thanks to Yamahas legendary sound quality and expertise. More than this, I’ve talked to piano teachers that tested out the ARIUS, and asked their opinion about it.
Featuring the latest GH3 keyboard, this piano is ideal for all serious musicians wishing to replicate the sound and tonal clarity of a true grand piano.

It also has a USB Audio Recorder for recording your own performances, complete with singing into a microphone connected to the Clavinova or even an ensemble with a guitar plugged in.
Remember to have somebody help you on delivery day, if you’re a of a smaller stature. The CLPS408 also features Yamahas IAC (Intelligent Acoustic Control), which ensures a balanced mix of treble and bass at low volumes (often distorted when played quietly). Actually the Yamaha ARIUS YDP-V240 surpasses other digital pianos that cost much more, in aspects such as sound, touch and number of effects and features. Though complete with inbuilt speakers, the CLP-S406 can be directly plugged into a house sound system, making its inbuilt speakers act as monitors. You can set your piano to accompany you with dozens of different instruments like guitar, drums, flute and others.
The Yamaha CLP-S406 comes with a number of exciting new features, including a USB audio recorder that allows performance data to be recorded and stored as WAV files on a computer.
Simply burn your music to disc, or copy to a media player device to listen to your tracks on the go! The Yamaha CLP-S406 combines the technical precision and sound quality of a top-end acoustic piano with a compact, slimline design, making it the ideal solution for serious musicians unwilling to compromise on sound quality and action.

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