If you are interested in a product that you do not see on the site, please call or email us for price and availability. Long before the world began tapping its toes and humming along to recorded music, the piano was the center of entertainment in many homes-the radio, stereo, and television of its day. Enjoy the luxurious look of a grand piano cabinet with a polished ebony finish, as well as grand piano touch and sound. The grand piano Voices of a Clavinova were obtained by recording the sounds of a Yamaha concert grand piano that led to the creation of the CFX, the piano selected for a performance by the 2010 winner of the famed International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition. 128-note polyphony lets you play without notes dropping-out, especially in dense passages of music.
When you play fast phrases or superimpose chords while pressing the damper pedal, you want to be able to perform without notes dropping out. Clavinovas are provided with distinctive piano voices in addition to the piano voices that offer playing response like that of a concert grand piano.
The touch of the Clavinova keyboard has been praised by pianists for a performance feel that makes you forget it's a digital piano.
Pianists enjoy a touch that clings firmly to their fingers, just like the ivory keyboards historically used in top-class pianos. The keyboard must respond perfectly to the touch of your fingers so the notes sound just as you intend. Keys have a long distance to the fulcrum offering easy-to-play touch, even to the base of each key.
The keys provide a pleasing touch down to the base, because the distance from the tip of the key to the fulcrum is extremely long. The acoustic system produces acoustic piano sound as if the instrument itself is resonating. Because Yamaha places so much importance on the joy of playing, the speakers, amps and other acoustic systems have been optimised so the player hears nothing but stunning sound during a performance. Volume adjustment is convenient for playing at home, where sometimes others may prefer you play softly. A full selection of basic functions unique to a digital piano such as sound volume adjustment and metronome are provided. In addition to being compact and not requiring tuning, Clavinova models provide volume adjustment and two headphone jacks so you can listen to your children practice or enjoy playing duets in private.
Along with the piano voices, Clavinova also offers a wide selection of musical instrument voices, including electric pianos such as Yamaha's CP1, harpsichord, guitar and strings, which you will find many opportunities to use.
Clavinovas have a USB TO DEVICE port for plugging-in USB memory devices and a USB TO HOST port for connecting to a computer via a single USB cable. The Panel Reveal Key Cover lets you perform with all signs of technology on the control panel discreetly hidden. A deep and brilliant luster, achieved by using the same coating and techniques as for grand pianos.
A wide selection of songs, scores and other great musical content is available at the Yamaha Online Services website.
We rarely get used digitals this nice, and we're thrilled to be able to offer customers a piano of this quality at an affordable price. The elegance, touch, & sound of a concert grand in a spatially-conscious piano you need to hear to believe. The Yamaha AvantGrand pianos are only available in-store.  Click "Inquire for Details" or dial your local Heid Music to audition a Yamaha AvantGrand N3 today! With Clavinova, you can enjoy the exquisite beauty of the sought-after tone that the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial deliver.
The Clavinova faithfully recreates the sound of an acoustic piano by utilising features such as String Resonance to emulate the mellow tonal colours that occur when strings react to one another. In addition to the reverberation of the strings themselves, Damper Resonance reproduces the broad, deep sound field of an acoustic piano.
A pianist changes the volume and dynamics of the sound by varying the pressure applied to the keys.
Featuring Yamaha's Smooth Release technology, Clavinova recreates the crisp tone heard when playing staccato as well as the lingering sound produced by releasing the keys slowly.
Powerful polyphony ensures that more complex passages of music can be played without notes cutting off. Using knowledge gained from many years of piano manufacturing, Yamaha Clavinova has an incredibly realistic keyboard feel that recreates the sensation of playing an acoustic instrument.
The newly developed GH3X keyboard features an escapement mechanism that reproduces a slight clicking sensation near the bottom of the key travel. Synthetic Ivory key tops reproduce the tactile surface of the Ivory keyboards once used in acoustic pianos. The sound of a Clavinova is calibrated in fine detail, with speaker positioning and body materials checked to ensure that the entire instrument resonates optimally. The body of the Clavinova contains Acoustic Optimizers that regulate the flow of sound and control tone. Features exercises for building piano technique from Hanon, Bayer, Czerny and Burgmüller.
The recording function featured in Clavinova digital pianos allows you to record your performances with a single touch, which is useful when you want to review or archive your playing. Record performances to USB flash memory and create audio files (WAV format) you can save and play back on a computer or portable audio device, share with friends or use to create a CD.
In addition to pianos, the Clavinova CLP Series boasts an impressive library of additional voices including electric pianos, strings and organs. A new reverb system allows to you experience the sensation of playing in a large concert hall, cathedral or other venue, adding depth and atmosphere to the sound.
The ability to adjust performance volume is extremely useful at home where players may not always be able to play at high volume levels. First and foremost, Clavinova is renowned for the outstanding quality of its piano sound, keyboard feel and and response. The new Piano Room has been expanded to include additional keyboard instruments including vintage electric pianos. The CVP-700 series is unmatched when it comes to learning, entertainment and creativity, with a wide range of features including Guide Lamps, recording options and wireless connectivity.
True grand piano performance in a contemporary upright cabinet that is minimal in design and aesthetically pleasing.
Featuring the same grand piano action as the N3 in a form that sits beautifully to any wall, the N2 is an instrument for the future, yet one that holds firmly to its identity as a grand piano. The nuanced touch and response of the grand piano are an essential standard yardstick for piano quality. Together with a variety of piano sounds, the Yamaha Avantgrand N2 Digital Piano features samples of the actual vibrations from within the soundboard of the instrument.

This instrument utilizes a four-channel multi-speaker system, designed in a three-way configuration with woofer, squawker and tweeter, to allow more natural reverberation in the soundboard. With the advent of player and reproducing pianos employing the latest technology, even households without resident pianists could look to the piano for entertainment. The new CLP Series uses the RGE (Real Grand Expression) Sound Engine, the next-generation piano sound source.
The strength of touch varies not only the volume, but also the sound from bright to dark, creating rich expressiveness. A single piano best suited for recording was selected and then tuned to the finest possible condition by a veteran piano tuner. The Clavinova provides 128-note polyphony so you can enjoy complex works such as those by Liszt or Ravel, which feature numerous pedal presses, with no limitations. These include a piano for ballads that gently resonates the start-up sound, a piano for jazz that adds depth to the sound, and a piano for popular music with bright, rich sound.
The secret behind this superior touch is the same hammering system and spring-less mechanism as a grand piano.
Synthetic ivory keytops feature a soft, slightly porous surface that gives keys added grip and natural friction for improved ease in playing, especially during long performances or practice sessions.
Because the keyboard plays such a critical role, it must allow you to play smoothly and maintain good touch for long periods of time.
When playing a piece that uses many black keys, even when you press a white key near its base, the key sinks softly, maintaining the delicate nuances of soft and hard key strokes. These musical instrument-like resonances give the impression that the Clavinova is more acoustic than it is digital. You've probably experienced the fact that when the volume is low, it is difficult to hear treble and bass. Dual, which means playing two voices simultaneously, provides a rich sound by overlapping the piano sound with strings. They provide a way to conveniently store performance data, and transfer other data between your Clavinova and computer or other Clavinovas. These emotion-filled performances are not only perfect for BGM, they can also be used for lessons. The impressive body line projects a look of elegance, adding visual enjoyment to your playing. The coating, which is resistant to scratches as well as to excessive humidity and temperature, is the same as that used to finish grand pianos. This is the highest of high-end digital pianos, as evidenced by the gorgeous grand cabinet, full color screen, and unmatched sound. The Yamaha AvantGrand N3 faithfully brings the subtle nuances & dynamic range of the grand piano to a compact digital instrument. Click "Inquire for Details" or call your local Heid Music to audition a Yamaha AvantGrand N3 today! It is the key components of the sound, the touch and the pedals, together with the application of technology developed through a history of acoustic piano manufacturing. Tuned to perfection by a highly experienced piano technician with the sound from each key sampled individually, Clavinova truly captures the unique tonal character of each of these outstanding instruments. It also mirrors the tonal changes that result when a damper pedal on a grand piano is depressed. A Clavinova responds perfectly to give the player an outstanding level of performance control.
Key-off samples feature actual recordings of these changes, offering a faithful reproduction of the most subtle nuances in the piano’s tone, creating a more realistic overall sound. By using a similar hammer mechanism (with no springs) as that found in a grand piano, the GH3 keyboard action reproduces the touch of an acoustic instrument, from the heavier feel in the lower register to the lighter touch in the upper octaves. It has been designed in such a way that the click is discernible only on the lightest keystrokes, similar to the keyboard of a grand piano. It features highly absorbent material that prevents fingers from slipping even after hours of performing, while retaining the ideal texture and feel. To create a sound field that is very close to that of a grand piano, the Clavinova features tone escapements in several locations throughout the body that allow the sound from the speakers to be projected to the listener without being trapped inside the instrument. A new technology developed from Yamaha's intimate knowledge of the acoustic properties of musical instruments, Acoustic Optimizers deliver a natural, smooth sound across the entire keyboard. You can record up to 16 tracks for simultaneous playback, so that each hand can be recorded separately or parts recorded using different sounds.
Now you can experience concert hall ambience and spaciousness in the privacy of your own home. Tuned to perfection by a highly experienced piano technician and having the sound from each key recorded individually, Clavinova truly captures the unique tonal character of each of these outstanding instruments. In Session Mode, you can invite three additional session musicians into the room to accompany you, automatically following your harmonies in either full-keyboard mode or split mode. CVP-700 series is also compatible with a variety of iOS Apps including the new Chord Tracker, which can identify the chord sequence in an Audio song on your device and transfer it to the Clavinova.
With a revolutionary speaker system and a touch that simply compels you to play, the compact form and feel of this elegant piano exudes refinement.
The Yamaha Avantgrand N2 Digital Piano offers the player a specially-developed grand piano action that features the same configuration as the action of a real grand.
To permit the sound to travel well to the player’s position, as it does with a grand piano, we sampled the sound from four locations in the left, right, center, and rear of a grand piano.
Each of the speakers in this layout is equipped with its own dedicated amplifier, a luxury that reduces the interference in each pitch range and offers more natural expression to the delicate nuances in each sound. The bass range in particular is an essential part of the reverberation that is continually transmitted to a player’s body.
In 1986, Yamaha introduced the original Yamaha Disklavier-a 'player piano' for the computer age that uses digital functions to complement and enhance the inherently rich musical experience of the Yamaha acoustic piano. It is not only the full realisation of the sound, the touch and the pedals, but the application of technologies nurtured by crafting acoustic pianos to perfectly integrate these three elements into a single piano.
It improves upon the Pure CF Sound Engine, which earned high praise in the CVP Series, and lets you enjoy the playing response and expressive capability of a concert grand piano. Clavinova produces deep resonances by using piano sounds that have been accurately sampling for their entire length. All the sounds were recorded resulting in a sound that displays not only the beauty of each note, but the harmonised sound of a single piano. As your playing improves over the years, your Clavinova will continue to let you make the most of your abilities. To ensure that the sound conforms closely to the genre, adjustment of each piano voice focuses on the resonance, or the sound produced when you lift your finger, and other delicate nuances. Depending on the weight of the hammer, the force of your touch and the natural key return when you release it, the Clavinova faithfully reproduces the keyboard touch of an acoustic piano from the heavy feel in the lower range to the light feel in the higher range.

You will even hear the subtle changes that occur according to whether the player begins to press the pedal before or after striking a key. On a Clavinova, however, the Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) function automatically adjusts the sound, so you enjoy proper sound balance even at low volumes. You can record with the touch of a button and even do two-track recording, which lets you record the parts for your two hands separately, then play them simultaneously.
You can listen to them as models, reduce their tempo and play along, or play back only the right hand part so you can practice the left hand part.
The design embodies the true essence of a piano, with careful attention paid to every detail. The coating process is also the same, and results in a beautiful luster thanks to repeated grinding and polishing by piano craftsmen.
This instrument resonates in a way that could easily be mistaken for an acoustic grand, and the robust software allows for nearly unlimited options.
With Real Grand Expression, these elements are combined perfectly into a single instrument, creating the exact sound you want through the touch of the keys and the feel of the pedals.
It includes sounds such as those emitted from the key bed and emulates the cumulative resonance that occurs when all of these sounds blend together. By using long, carefully-sampled recordings of notes on a piano and unique Yamaha technologies to achieve smooth tonal transitions, rich sonic detail is delivered in response to the touch of the player.
It also features a three-sensor configuration which accurately senses and interprets the behaviour of the keyboard to create a response and feel very much like that of a grand piano. To counter this, Clavinova is equipped with Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC), which adjusts the sound automatically, allowing players to enjoy balanced sound at any volume level.
Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) features throughout the range, recreating the subtle nuances of an acoustic instrument. They also follow your volume expression using Dynamics Control and can easily be activated and deactivated depending upon your musical needs at the time. For piano-lovers wanting a grand piano for small spaces, the AvantGrand series now offers yet another choice.
The hammers strike from underneath, allowing minute adjustments to the weight distribution of the hammers, and to the movement of the hammers themselves, for a smoother feel when playing. Sampling from deeper inside the instrument, we were able reproduce the attraction of the original sound almost perfectly. Moreover, by using speaker positioning that mimics the positions in the grand piano from which the original samples were taken, it offers a more natural sound to the pianist. This is replicated by our newly-developed Tactile Response System (TRS) that focuses on reproducing reverberation. This piano produces that exact sound you want through the touch of the keys and the feel of the pedals. It features a new Smooth Release function which can express sound with great clarity, and clearly enunciate staccato notes with the sound of lingering resonance heard when gently lifting your fingers from the keys. Proprietary technology creates smooth and dynamic changes according to the strength of the touch. Each time you play, you can immediately enjoy the perfect piano sound without having to make any adjustments.
Also important is Yamaha's unique three-sensor system, which accurately senses and interprets the behavior of the keyboard, just like a grand piano. This not only lets you play with a natural touch, it greatly improves the stability and durability of the keys. You can enjoy playing impressionistic pieces, such as those by Debussy or Ravel, where half-pedal expression is important. Additionally, the volume dial automatically makes fine adjustments to overall sound of the speaker system (EQ) at low volume. When it comes to the feel of the instrument, a range of features combine to create superb playability including synthetic Ivory key tops and escapement. In addition to a hammer sensor, this instrument employs a non-contact key sensor that has no effect on the movement of the keys, affording excellent recognition of the player’s pressure on the keyboard, timing, and the other delicate nuances that affect musical expression. It was the experience of our engineers, and a reiterative cycle of trial and error conducted with piano tuners that made this success possible. This system features two transducers in the soundboard, the area underneath the keyboard, resonating natural reverberation throughout the entire instrument. The Disklavier Mark IV, with its own unique pairing of Yamaha's acoustic and digital excellence, takes this all a step further.
It succeeds in capturing the essence of a piano performance to create grand piano-like, richly expressive experiences. Additionally, to achieve a performance feel rivaling that of a grand piano, the touch was carefully refined by many pianists who played it and gave their feedback for Yamaha’s research and development. When playing continuously or with a light trill, techniques used in many pieces such as Für Elise, you can play with a bright, vivid feel.
This ability to adjust volume without losing the rich and balanced sound is an exclusive Yamaha benefit, ensuring you always play with the utmost sound quality. To play the files on a computer, compatible software (such as QuickTime or Windows Media Player) and sound source are required.
On larger models, Linear Graded Hammers, counterweights and a GP Response damper Pedal enhance the performance experience further. Naturally for CVP, there’s a huge range of incredibly realistic Voices and Styles to choose from featuring Super Articulation voices and, on CVP-709, SA2 voices.
This combination provides an impressive sensitivity for the entire range from pianissimo through to fortissimo, and the ability to translate even the swiftest trills of the pianist with transparency.
And of course, the samples in this instrument are all taken from a specially-selected example of Yamaha’s CFIIIS full concert grand piano. Combining the tone and touch of worldclass Yamaha acoustic grand pianos with an astonishing range of interactive capabilities-including a direct link to the Internet for quick and easy access to an extensive song library-the Mark IV is the obvious choice of musiclovers, pianists, and educators worldwide. All models feature an informative colour display, with large touch screens on higher models. The wood construction of the keyboard mirrors that of the grand piano, and features New Ivory II on the white keys. This is a unique new material developed by Yamaha, with a texture superbly close to that of natural ivory, allowing you to play swift passages with ease while also offering a sure response for slower pieces.

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