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Divide your purchase into 24 equal payments and receive 24 months of interest free financing. The FGX730SC acoustic guitar offers great features, including a cutaway body with a Solid Sitka Spruce top, rosewood back and sides, and a rosewood fingerboard in a beautiful hi-gloss natural finish.
Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives. All instruments in our catalogs and on our shopping site carry the manufacturers' warranties against defects in parts and workmanship. We will be glad to help facilitate the repair or replacement as specified by the manufacturer.
All warranties, stated or implied are held with the product manufacturer and they vary from item to item. Since 1887, the Yamaha Corporation in Japan has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments. An affordable, dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar that provides great sound and playing ease. The Yamaha LLX series combines the finest materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and exclusive features to give them a deserving place at the top of Yamaha's electro-acoustic guitar range.
The FX310A offers the same focus on quality, design and sound as all Yamaha acoustics and puts it in an incredibly affordable package. Controls for the under bridge mounted piezo pickup are mounted on the instrument's side for optimum access. One-way active preamp and piezo pickup system includes separate bass and treble tone controls plus a gain control for flexible sound shaping. A member of the APX family, the APX900 acoustic guitar features top-quality flamed maple back and sides and a solid spruce top.
The ART preamp system is what sold me on this guitar, as it allows me to fine-tune the independent low, mid, and high pickups (there are actually 6 positioned under the saddle for each string but three controls) plus EQ the sound to dial in exactly the tone I want depending upon the song I'm playing, or adjusting the tone to fit the amp I'm using. Traits inherited from the L-series such as non-scalloped X bracing and reverse-L block neck attachment, have made it an instrument of high quality. The manufacturer will determine whether the defect is covered under their warranty; we do not make that determination. Also, if a school, school district, or board of education purchases an instrument and resells it to an individual, the manufacturer considers the warranty to be void.
Consult the documentation that came with your product for details in addition to the information below. Musicians worldwide place their confidence in Yamaha Drums, Keyboards, Woodwinds & Brass, plus Live Sound and Recording Gear.
Matching the traditional dreadnought-style body with the latest ART pickup system gives LLX acoustic-electric guitars immense character and a big, striking sounda€?on or off stage.

Using select tonewoods and stable, reliable hardware the guitar features a spruce top, and has meranti back and sides to give a well balanced tone which is bright and responsive. The battery compartment is also located on the side, close to the neck, to provide easy replacement. The FX335 embodies the classic dreadnought look and sound with a spruce top, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, tortoise shell pickguard, and meranti back and sides.
It delivers a rich, mature tone, with a punchy projection and a bright, long-ringing sustain.A lush and tonally versatile amplified repertoire comes of a newly designed 3-Band preamp, whose adjustable mid-band frequency covers a broad 80Hz - 10kHz spectrum. I evaluated Martins, Taylors, and even boutique models like Collings, and still chose this guitar that costed a fraction of the price purely because of the ART system. It is ideal for a beginning player, who wants a quality instrument, for an affordable price.
This not only allows control over the midrange but enables reshaping part of the low and high bands in addition to the dedicated bass and treble controls. Yamaha acoustic-electric guitars have consistently used piezoelectric pickups to reproduce the pure sounds of the acoustic guitar.
Using custom-designed, calibrated push-push pots, the System 60 controls are designed to offer stage-friendly ergonomics but be hidden away and not detract from the traditional looks of the L-Series guitar when not in use. The compliments keep coming every time I play this thing, and that's even through the PA, so there's a testament to the pickup system.
But piezoelectric pickups tended to overreact to changes in attack, which, in turn, caused distortion.
It has a fast neck, and feels solid if you want to to do the big strum to more of a palm muting percussive style.
To achieve ideal playability, Yamaha improved the way the dynamics were controlled on the FJX730SC acoustic electric.The guitar pickup was designed with a multilayer structure consisting of six layers of different materials.
I bought this Used from MF and well, they knocked off a nice sizable amount over a small crack and scrap.
This dampens excessive vibration from the top board while picking up small resonances to achieve ideal sensitivity and outstanding dynamic balance. Also, because the pickup is fitted directly beneath the top board, it functions as a transducer attached to the guitar body. Needless to say, it was a good deal, and those blemishes are both in a place no one could see.
In addition to two main pickups mounted under the saddle, this system has one each on the bass and treble sides to capture the vibrations of the entire length of the strings and body, as well as the sound's bass and treble components. Nothing fancy just a good solid knock around acoustic for a beginner or even for those of us rockers who play acoustic gigs from time to time.I have never been disappointed by anything that Yamaha sells.
The 3-band equalizer gives the ability to control the mid-range for versatile sound creation. The body's non-scallop, X-type bracing design delivers deep lows full of presence that are unique to the Yamaha sound, and a clear upper end, making a clear and tight response.

The Yamaha FJX730SC's head design includes real mother-of-pearl inlay on the headstock and adds a touch of class not found often in this price range.Yamaha's original L-block neck design offers faster transfer of string vibration to the acoustic electric guitar's body for greater depth and tone while enhancing stability around the neck joint. The large bridge offers greater transfer of string vibration to the body producing a tight and clear mid-range with full, balanced tone. It arrived with the ball broken off of one of the bridge pins, but after getting a new set of pins (ebony instead of plastic - and with an abalone dot to match the sound hole inset), and putting new strings on, I'm very pleased with it. And the fact that I got it as a restock for less than half of the original cost is a big bonus. My producer played some of the guitar tracks back to me in the studio, and personally, they sounded really junk. Beautifully appointed and a solid instrument that always blows my friends away with Taylors & Martins. The sound is full and the notes resonate forever!On the downside, the action was incredibly high.
What I don't understand is, $200 guitars made in China have compensated bridges, some even from bone.
If you want great plugged in sound, get an under saddle pickup or a microphone or something, like a Martin, Taylor, or McPherson. It feels comfortable and sounds exceptionally good, but there are a lot of bad things connected to it.
I can hear that it definitely has a neck pickup, but no natural sound, so it doesn't sound good. In other words, if you are a person who likes to rock out on your guitar, this may not be the guitar for you, because it buzzes a lot, for some reason.
A gloss finish is really beautiful and everything, but if you get body oils on it, it will be there forever, unless you can find something to wipe it down with. They do not line up with the end of the fret, so be careful not to get any hair stuck in their or anything else.
In conclusion, this is a guitar that I rated below average, because it deserves that title. I would definitely recommend any guitar except ones made in Indonesia, Korea, or China, for they are not the best quality.
There are a few pros to this guitar, as listed above: Comfortable, slim neck, good output jack, and a beautiful gloss finish.

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