No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. The Yamaha S70 XS Music Synthesizer is an exceptional keyboard for performing and creating. Play, replay, control, and easily adjust the multitimbral sounds of your best performances on this advanced Yamaha synth that sounds like a grand. All the synthesis power and control capabilities of the Motif ES line with a stunningly natural acoustic piano sound. Yamaha S90ES 88-Key Weighted SynthesizerWhen you're on stage, your focus is on connecting with your audience and making every moment magical; you don't need some clunky workstation keyboard, with its complex sequencing and arranging functions, getting in the way.
The sleek look and low-profile of the S90ES testify to its role as a finely tuned performance instrument. The S90ES may do without the arranging, sequencing and compositional tools of its workstation brethren, but that doesn't mean it doesn't boast extensive sound-sculpting options. The perfect gigging keyboard needs to have great synthesizer capabilities, but it also needs to have great acoustic piano sounds--no point in making it lightweight if you're going to be lugging a second "digital piano" around with you anyway. After you fall in love with all the amazing sounds the S90ES has to offer, it's going to be hard giving it up when you get into the studio.
Yamaha S90ES 88-Key Weighted SynthesizerThe S90 ES combines a stunningly natural acoustic piano sound with all the sonic flexibility of the award winning Motif ES.
Is the S90 ES an 88-note weighted action digital piano with the sonic flexibility of a synth or a synthesizer with the best sounding piano samples ever available? In designing the S90 ESs new grand piano voice, the focus was in creating a voice that produces naturally sounding long tones even when played at a pianissimo level.
This voice also features stretch tuning and a damper resonance effect, which bring this voice even closer to reality by simulating the inner workings of an acoustic grand piano. Some classic pieces call for a half damper technique, where the damper pedal is pressed half way down raising the felts only partially off the strings. Using a powerful new tone generator derived from the Motif ES, the S90 ES produces voices with stunning clarity and great response that heightens the musical experience for both you and your listeners. An 88-note weighted action keyboard based on our acoustic piano designs offers players a feel that is natural, smooth, and responsive especially on keyboard voices like the acoustic grands and electric grands. The S90 ES takes great advantage of the processing power inherited from the Motif ES to produce effects like damper resonance, reverb and others with stunning clarity. Compatibility with Studio Connections lets the S90 ES function as if it were a plugin within compatible DAW applications like Cubase and Nuendo.
The graphic user interface of the dedicated voice editing application lets you edit and create your own voices with point and click convenience.
The S90 ES arpeggiator is a powerful real-time performance tool that can be used in combination with Mega Voices to create remarkably realistic instrumental performances. A library of 1787 phrases offers everything from popular phrases to the latest cutting edge rhythms. The S90 ES delivers a lot of impressive features and sound on its own, but if you want to expand its capabilities its Modular Plugin System lets you add the sounds you need with easy to install expansion boards.
When I recieved the s90 for Christmas from mum and pap, I had never touched an electronic keyboard before in my life.
I am very "hard" on my possessions, and have the "touch of a blacksmith" according to many of my close friends.
The Yamaha s90 is all about balance, a balance between performance and production, and balance between value and features. When I was starting to mess with the sequencing software, I called on Yamaha twice for help (not for technical issues, just for some general advice).
The the sleek, black color and the simplisic layout of buttons and sliders make the s90 a sort of "stealthy sexy" appearnce one might associate with a ninja. Yamaha MOXF8 88-key Synth WorkstationYamaha MOXF8 features an 88-key GHS keyboard that provides authentic, realistic keyboard response, much like the playing feel of an acoustic piano. Truss on Sale Sale Used New Learn 800-268-5520 Call or chat with us now!
The way the weighted keyboard feels is a lot smoother than that of a Motif, and even an S90. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a road crew haul our gear around, but with a weight less than 50lbs and few extruding knobs to worry about, you won't mind carrying your Yamaha S90ES around by yourself. Just like the Motif, the Yamaha S90ES has a huge and varied sonic palette, and gives you the ability to tweak every aspect of those sounds. Luckily for you the Yamaha S90ES boasts amazing, stereo-sampled acoustic piano patches that'll have your audiences doubting their own eyes. With its depth of sonic variety and expressive playability, the Yamaha S90ES could easily be that instrument for you, as well as the last performance synth you'll ever need to buy. A new multi-velocity, stereogrand piano sample, the new sound board simulation and the half-damper capability (when used with the Yamaha FC3) all ensure a rich and realistic acoustic piano sound.
To realize this goal, a generous 53MB of memory was dedicated to this voice to use longer samples of a specially selected S700 grand piano -- a $250,000 acoustic grand handcrafted by Yamaha's master artisans. Damper resonance simulates the resonance of the strings and soundboard when the damper pedal is pressed -- a factor that contributes to the unique sound of a grand piano.
To meet the needs of todays players its 228MB* of wave memory holds an enormous library of expressive voices and drum kits, many of which come from the Motif ES, that cover everything from acoustic pianos and orchestra to cutting-edge hip-hop and Electronica. For its non-keyboard instruments like basses, drums and percussion, which require slightly varied playing styles, the action is evenly balanced from top to bottom making these instruments feel and play more responsive.

This power also satisfies users of its multi-timbral capabilities, allowing liberal application of effects without the restraints experienced in lesser designs. Call up a guitar voice for example, play a chord and it delivers a performance complete with hammer-ons, pull-offs, harmonics, slides, even fret noise. With drum kits it generates innovative rhythm patterns while normal voices and its chord recognition capabilities produce pitched phrases. I also happen to be in the possesion of a Boston grand piano, and I can say that the s90's actually sounds far better. Within an hour, I was editing voices, changing Performance Mode rhythms, and generally having a blast. Yet all the same, the s90 has not yet broken, faltered, or even stalled or frozen in one year of use (which cannot be said for my laptop). I'm already saving up to get three plug-in cards for it, and play on it at least once a day.
Its highlights include convenient, real-time controls for adjusting the sound as you play, the ability to audio record to USB memory, extensive computer music features, ease of use, and compact size and portability. The controls themselves are intuitively laid out, with each button and slider clearly labeled to eliminate guesswork. Whether you simply want to adjust EQ, reverb and LFO, or get into the nitty-gritty and edit waveforms, velocity curves and the like, the editing functions are self-explanatory and comprehensive. Across their entire digital keyboard line, Yamaha is proud of their stereo sampled grand piano sound, but the S90ES's piano emulations are the cream of the crop.
The 128 note polyphony tone generator, Studio Connections compatibility, mLAN expansion slot, and PLG expandability give it all the synthesis power and control capabilities of our Motif ES line.
The new multi-velocity stereo samples of Yamahas hand-built S700 grand piano, the damper reverb effects, and half damper capability all ensure the S90 ES has the most expressive acoustic piano sound Yamaha has ever offered in a synthesizer. Played at normal tempos and dynamic levels the sound of this voice is truly superb, but its at the opposite end of the tempo and dynamic range that the results are most stunning. Using the sustain pedal on soft, slow pieces it adds a rich resonance to the pianos tone and enhances its natural sustain and decay. The S90 ES however, is able to respond to small changes in the FC-3 foot controllers pedal position due to its half damper capability.
Even in song or pattern modes you wont feel confined since voice insertion effects can be applied on up to eight individual parts simultaneously. For fuller accompaniments use a split voice to create two part accompaniments -- bass phrases from lower keys and chords or melodies from mid and high range keys -- that are great for backing vocals or instrument solos. Each expansion board has its own dedicated tone generator and polyphony so its almost like adding another synthesizer to your system without losing any of the S90 ESs onboard voices. Mine came with pre-packaged sequencing software which is more than sufficient for recording needs, and smapling is what samplers such as a Korg Kaoss Pad are for. As always, it pays to read the manual, and if you seek to use the computer recording software, it may take a day or two to get down the basics. For a thousand dollars less than a Motif 8, you get the most beautiful piano voice in the world, and you still get the same Yamaha quality.
Expect your probelms to be solved with speed and effecience beyond your highest expectations. I believe that the Yamaha has given me the perfect audio weapon, something I will never replace or sell, for any price. The S90ES features the same powerful sound engine that's at the core of the incredible Motif ES workstation, but with a streamlined design and interface that's geared towards explosive live performance.
The large and super-bright LCD screen gives you instant feedback as to which patch is selected, what parameter is being manipulated, and what effect is active, and can be read even under low-light stage conditions. And don't worry about getting lost in a whirl of editing madness; if you ever feel like you've gotten too far from a patch's original character, a press of the "Compare" button will instantly switch between the preset sound and the edits you've made. The keyboard's designers dedicated a whopping 53MB of sampling memory to the sophisticated acoustic piano sounds, all sampled from a hand-built, $250,000 Yamaha S700 grand piano.
The 128-note polyphony tone generator based on the award-winning Motif ES (including 8 inserts, 2 system and separate mastering effects) and Studio Connections, mLAN, and PLG expandability give it all the sonic power and control flexibility of our Motif ES workstation lineup.
The longer waves give each note a very natural sustain that, when used on ballads and slow, exposed pieces, plays expressively with a full, natural sound. This gives the performer greater control over the muting by the damper, and expressive freedom to create the subtle nuances required by the music. Further sound tailoring is available with three-band individual part EQ settings, eight types of mastering effects, and a five-band master EQ. The arpeggiator is absolutetly wonderful as well, and the effects options allow for complete customization of a voice. If you're still bent on having a dedicated workstation such as the Motif 8, a Korg Triton or Triton Extreme will sate your tastes, and completment the s90 well.
The S70 XS synth adds a huge 142 megabytes dedicated exclusively to high-quality piano waveforms, for a total of 456 megabytes of instrument samples. Support for Yamaha Modular Plugin System expansion boards makes for a virtually limitless variety of sounds. By allocating so much on-board memory, Yamaha was able to construct the S90ES's piano voices from longer stereo-sampled waves.
USB connectivity turns the Yamaha S90ES into an outboard plugin, giving you DAW access to every incredible patch. Not only this, but you also have the option to transfer MIDI data to a computer via USB 2.0 (using a printer cable), which is incredible handy.

Foremost among these piano sounds are the samples taken from Yamaha's world-renowned S6 concert grand piano.
Of course, the factory presets already sound phenomenal; on the Yamaha S90ES, getting great synth tones is a easy or as complex as you want it to be.
The longer waves make for exceptionally natural pianissimo decay; on down tempo, sparse piano ballads, where other digital pianos are exposed as thin and lifeless, the S90ES remains full and complex. That's not all: the S90ES can even act as a control surface when connected to your computer.
The accoustic voices, (such as the violins and flutes)are incredibly realistic, so much so, that it feels as if you have not a keyboard, but an orchestra at your command.
The sixteen track recording mixer and the four track "Performance" mode is the icing on the cake, giving the s90 great versatility. This synthesizer fully captures the richly textured sound of the wonderfully expressive S6, and provides a warm, concert grand piano sound.In the past, conventional keyboards had sounds designed primarily for the listener.
The keys themselves are full-sized, with weight, action, and rebound that respond like those on a real, top-notch piano.
No synth would be complete without a killer arpeggiator, and the S90ES's is second-to-none. Special note should be made of the S90ES's piano patches' half-damper capabilities: when paired with the FC3 sustain pedal, the keyboard reads half-position movements to simulate the effects of a gently or partially applied damper, a huge improvement over most keyboards' rudimentary on-or-off operation. They're weighted just enough to feel like you can dig into them, but not so much so that you'll get fatigued, even during long, demanding sets. 1,787 different arpeggio patterns are included, and while they sound sweet on synths and drums, special things happen when you combine the arpeggiator with one of the keyboard's "Mega Voice" patches. This sophisticated playability, combined with incredible stereo sound, makes for one of the most expressive and realistic multi-sampled pianos available on any digital keyboard. Yamaha reasoned that when a performer hears and experiences the best possible sound, their performance would be the best possible too. The final touch on this intuitive 'board is the placement of the pitch and mod wheels--moved from their above-the-keyboard position on the older S90 to the left of the keys for quick, painless access. Select an electric guitar, for example, and the arpeggiated phrase will automatically generate hammer-ons, pull-offs and fret noises, turning an automated process into an breathtakingly organic musical passage. The result is the Yamaha S70 XS, a genuine musician's instrument that truly inspires the live performer as well as the music creator and arranger.Streamline your performanceThe S70 XS synth lets you quickly and conveniently create your own custom performances with the amazingly fast and easy Performance Creator feature. Every aspect of the physical design of the S90ES has been honed for effortless performance. Select a voice, then quickly program layers and splits-even assign a drum voice complete with arpeggios to create your perfect performance. Let's say that you're playing a piano voice and you want to layer a string sound on top of it.
Simply press the layer button, then select the desired voice category and voice, and store your new performance with the press of a button.The panel controls of the S70 XS have been designed and positioned for optimum, intuitive operation, especially for live performances. For example, with the top-panel controls you can quickly select a part, turn it on and off, set arpeggios and turn them on and off, and switch on arpeggio hold, in addition to instantly tweaking important synthesizer parameters using the knobs and sliders.Ideal for live performersThe S70 XS has a host of other features that live performers will appreciate, such as the combo input jack that accepts mic input. Just plug in a microphone, adjust the input gain knob (while checking the convenient peak lamp),and you're set. The only 76 weighted keyboard that is so well made that I know of that is on the market right now. This remarkable feature lets you instantly capture what you play on the keyboard (including arpeggio playback) to your USB device.
If you've connected a microphone or guitar, you can record your singing or playing as well. You can also record audio directly to the internal flash memory (192 megabytes) built into the instrument without the need of a memory device. Keep in mind that anything you've recorded to the memory device (even audio files created on your computer) can be played back on the S70 XS, which means you can create your own custom audio backing tracks and perform along with them. For example, you can create a basic song track beforehand, then sing and solo over it during your performance or add guitar parts and vocal harmonies to be played back during your live performance. There's also a useful song chain function that lets you string together separate recordings and create a convenient backing track "set list" for your gigs.76-key balanced keyboardThe S70 XS is a 76-key balanced hammer effect keyboard in a compact, lightweight design.
It's easy to use, exceptionally portable, and absolutely perfect for live performers and gigging musicians.
Software integrationThe S70 XS keyboard is also a perfect companion for your computer music production system, serving both as a master keyboard and a full-function, multitimbral tone generator. With the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) remote function and its 50 different control templates, you get amazingly easy, intuitive control over your main DAW software and Virtual Studio Technology (VST) instruments directly from the panel controls. Moreover, the Voice Editor and Remote Editor software gives you convenient, comprehensive computer control over all the sounds, settings, and functions of the Yamaha S70 XS. I use my S70XS for both composing and performing and it's features, ease of use and sound quality are superior to anything else I have ever played. One of the primary considerations in choosing a 76-key instrument over an 88 is the gain of that precious extra 5~7 inches of stage area. Had the controller wheels been moved to the upper panel and that ridiculously wide left end block been scrapped, I would have sold some family members to buy one.

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