The students look forward to the production, and many costumes and sets are expertly created by the students, teachers and support assistants.
After several last minute panics – no lighting or curtains the school production has made a successful transition into the new school building. Will the students of Redbirdge High keep The Regals satisfied as they act out many popular programmes!! This play was about Redbridge High School coming to the rescue of a local animal shelter that was about to be demolished for a building development. The students agreed to raise over one million pounds in a series of sponsored events, but there was one catch they had to complete the tasks in one week! The trend in school nowadays is that the development of academic abilities is much more important compared to the enjoyment of a child. Play is particularly advantageous to a child’s education if this reaches a particular amount of sophistication. When children participate in this type of play in their early years, they learn how to delay satisfaction and also learn to prioritize their set goals and actions.

Early childhood classes give a unique setting to promote the type of dramatic play which will result in cognitive and social maturity. This entry was posted in Pre-K and Kindergarten and tagged early childhood, importance of play by admin. The rehearsals are spread over 6 weeks leading to the final production in front of Parents and Carers of the Students. Our super hero pupils have been in full force working enormously hard to produce another fabulous Redbridge production.
The emphasis on academic excellence for children in school is getting younger and younger that they almost always neglect the role of play in developing a child’s personality and intelligence. Quite simply, unproductive play happens not just when children fight and dispute who will probably be the “mommy” and who will probably be the “baby,” but additionally once the child who is the “mommy” keeps carrying out exactly the same activities together with her “baby” the next day without any change. Additionally, they learn how to think about the perspectives and needs of the people around them.
Organization of imaginative play is beneficial to let the children experience different atmospheres and environment to enhance their social and cognitive maturity.

Is the thought of play basically a detriment to a child’s capability of learning academic skills like reading and writing?
They learn how to symbolically represent things and also regulate their actions in a deliberate and intentional way. You can look at it as a learning activity instead of play so that it would become more objective and educational as well as fun for the children involved.
This is actually the cornerstone for child education, and believing in it is not only beneficial to our kids but to us as well.
Could it be worthwhile to sacrifice play to be able to make certain that youngsters discover the letters from the alphabet and understand how to count?

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