Sometimes I feel like the phrase I repeat the most in a lesson is “curve your fingers.” I truly feel like a broken record at times! My continual repetition of a phrase, or instruction on many of the basic proper techniques in piano are truly there for a reason. One of the most basic is having a nice curve to our fingers while playing, and also strengthening those finger muscles so that the fingers stay close to the keys while another finger is playing. When he started playing a sharp-which was a fairly new occurrence-he said, “Oh, this is why you curve your fingers!”  Yes, that, and several other reasons, but it was a great thing to see a piano student figure some of it out on his own.

When you press the two fingers together you’re training them to feel pressure and stay curved. Good habits at the beginning of piano lessons makes for easier transitions into all the harder things to come! If your hand is flat the orange will fall, so if it looks like you can hold an orange, you can play the piano correctly.
The tendency to play with flat fingers is more pronounced in some students than others, but it is something that can be learned by all.

1st bring your index finger to your thumb, then your middle finger to your thumb, then your ring finger and lastly your pinky.

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