To start, the definite high point of the Das Keyboard is the tactile feedback it provides when a key is pressed.
I like Logitech products, I love my MX1000 mouse and I love the keys layout my keyboard had.
But suddenly, Logitech listened to my prayers and offers an awesome board, simply called, Illuminated Keyboard.
Simply put, this is the best keyboard I’ve ever used and I’m very happy Logitech addressed my wishes to 100%! The keyboard may be the most unglamorous of peripherals, with its uncomfortable tendency to conjure up images of sitting in office cubicles. Whether you use it to control strafing in all directions in a first-person shooter, or to select from an arsenal of spells in an MMO, it’s the primary tool that allows you to showcase your skills and establish an all-important reputation.
With that in mind, we’ve selected the 10 best gaming keyboards available for all the different flavours of PC gamers. Logitech has followed up its Orion Spark G910 mechanical keyboard with the G810, which arrives with a refreshingly grown-up feel. Better known for producing some impressive professional keyboards, the X40 comes as part of Das Keyboard’s new Division Zero gaming lineup. If you favour gaming keyboards at the more compact end of the spectrum, Turtle Beach’s Impact 700 does away with a wrist-rest, and has as small a footprint as is possible for a keyboard that includes a numeric keypad and uses Cherry MX Brown keys. The RYOS MK Pro might just be the most high-tech gaming keyboard in existence, with not one but two 32-bit ARM processors built in. Logitech has been pushing its self-built Romer G-switches for the better part of a year, if you still prefer the feel of mechanical Cherry MX switches then look no further than the Logitech G610.
Mechanical keyboards offer a superior tactile feel to traditional membrane models, but they’re damn noisy. If you prefer your mechanical keyboards to be built like tanks, the aluminium-fashioned Cougar Attack X3 is for you. A tablet might be irresistible, but bashing away at a virtual keyboard on a touchscreen certainly is not. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more!
Let’s face it, even though we’d like to think of 8th generation consoles as being some type of magical box, they’re really just supped-up gaming PC’s, aren’t they? Note* - for additional information about setting up keyboards for use with a PS4, click here. If you’re after a relatively affordable wireless model that is small, highly portable, useful for other devices (including IOS, Android and Windows) with looks to match the PS4 console itself, look no further than the Sharkk Backlit Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard.
There are going to be a number of keyboards from Logitech on this list, but the Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 certainly stands out. The G710 Plus is a bit pricer than most other models, but there’s a reason for that – it is absolutely jam-packed with so many features that it is ridiculous.
If its functionality and pure high-tech goodness you crave, Logitech’s G19 keyboard is definitely the model to get. The Corsair K70 is an extremely solid, feature-laden mechanical keyboard which is perfect for gaming.
While those who tend to stick exclusively to consoles, PC’s or mobile devices might find the VG-KBD2000 to be superfluous, anyone who has a compatible television with smart capabilities might disagree. The main selling point of the Logitech Playstation 3 USB Keyboard is that it was actually built for use with a Sony gaming console; that alone should be reason enough to consider purchasing it. Assuming that you don’t want or need a full-sized keyboard, but would rather opt for something more portable and wireless, there’s the Fosmon Portable Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Controller with Built-In Touchpad.

This mechanical keyboard was designed for gaming and exhibits superior response to every nuance you provide. Finally, we come to the Hausbell Mini H7 2.4GHz Wireless Entertainment Keyboard with Touchpad, which is by all accounts one of the more outstanding all in one units you can buy. This happens because easy key is controlled by its own switch, just like old IBM keyboards, giving it a unique feel when pressed.
Tapscape is also a leading reviewer of the latest in apps for both iOS and Android devices, with over 2000 apps reviewed to date. Which actually turned out to be a problem when I started looking around for a keyboard to replace my current, classical old, keyboard. If you like Logitech keyboards and are looking for a high-tech illuminated replacement, this is your best bet! Featuring Cherry’s new linear MX Speed Switch, its keys are highly responsive and take only a slight movement of the finger to press them down. It removes the protective top plate to expose the aluminium chassis underneath, and we’d argue that it looks all the better for it. Available with clicky (or optionally silent) tactile keys, Das utilizes its own custom made Alpha-Zulu switches that have a very similar feel to Cherry MX Red keys.
It does lack programmable macros, though, so lends itself more to devotees of first-person shooters – especially since it comes with spare W, A, S and D keys (along with others), and a tool that enables you to remove worn-out ones.
So you can record and unleash up to 500 macros on the fly, which could give you the edge in an MMO or MOBA. Available with Brown (tactile bump) and Red (linear-action) key switches, the G610 comes with everything we loved about the G810 including the metal backplate and handy media keys. Sacrificing RGB lighting for a moodier black, silver and red appearance, the keyboard comes with a choice of Cherry MX Red, Blue, Brown or Black keyswitches to suit your tastes.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. These keyboards provides tactile feedback as well as a few other cool features which I’ve covered below. Currently, there is no wireless variant of the Das Keyboard and we’re not sure if one is coming. It’s also nice that the Das Keyboard has all standard OS X keys, making it an easy switch from a standard Apple keyboard. The thing is, Logitech made some keyboards with a specific layout I grew used to for the past years I’ve been typing on it. Featuring smart media keys that work equally well on both Windows and OS X, Logitech’s latest keyboard is a solid all-round offering. What’s more, the X40 comes with interchangeable thick aluminum panels making this one of the strongest and most rigid keyboards around. That said, the entry-level mechanical keyboard trades RGB backlighting for a programmable white backlight system.
Especially when scripting, you get used to the Tab placement, the strangely sized Enter as well as the size and placement of Shift and other keys. With a feeling like typing on super-sensitive Cherry MX Reds, which are a sensitive keyswitch anyway, they’re not very suitable for long typing sessions. Not the cheapest, but worth considering by those who have a tendency to hammer their keyboards into oblivion.
Plus it has a palm-rest, a USB hub, and built-in audio jacks, and is available with all the different flavours of Cherry MX mechanical keys – black, red, brown and blue – which have subtly different amounts of travel. While the quieter switches still make a noise, the snapping sound they make upon actuation is muffled in comparison to Cherry MX Red or Brown switches.

This was a bit of a problem as most keyboards out there, including those from Logitech, didn’t have this same layout, which bothered me.
However, if you’re into first-person shooters or any game that requires fast reflexes, the K65 RGB is equipped for the job. Being a Chroma keyboard, you can download different developer-submitted profiles to control the RGB backlighting, with Blizzard’s Overwatch profile being one of the latest and most impressive. The Cherry Strafe RGB Silent is also beautiful, capable of flashing all the colours of the rainbow thanks to per-key RGB backlighting. This switch is probably the loudest, compared to the other four.A popular choice for typers due to the louder clicks and the slight bump when pressing the key.
The function keys work perfectly in combination with the FN key, which is a great concept and I love it. Unlike the full-length K70 RGB Rapidfire, the K65 RGB Rapidfire is tenkeyless in design, making it easy to transport and slip into a bag to take to LAN parties. Marketed as a gaming switch, the Cherry MX Red switches are known for its high actuation force. The headline feature is a thing of wonder; as your finger approaches the keys they subtly light up from behind, only to fade out a second or so after your pinkies have left the letters. LED-powered so using negligible power despite this trickery (its mini USB-fed battery is slated to last for over a week), the K810 nevertheless peaks not with flashy features but solid usability.
The Cherry MX Brown switch is just as fast as the Cherry MX Red.The Cherry MX Black SwitchAnother linear switch with a quick spring back due to its stronger resistance, has found its niche among RTS gamers. Gripping its guest at the corners though being careful to leave a gap for the iPad mini's headphones slot and a cut-out for the 5 megapixel camera, a magnet ensures the whole thing stays securely closed.It pairs over Bluetooth very easily, and the accurate, comfortable keyboard also operates basic iOS functions.
I wouldn’t have minded a Happy Hacking keyboard, but the price was a little out of my range. The slight downside - apart from the high price - is that the keyboard isn't quite as sturdy as it could be, and if hammered at it does arch inwards. Although I only casually game, this keyboard makes a much better gaming companion than the Happy Hacking keyboard. It has a fairly standard layout for a mini keyboard and has all the necessary keys for gaming, including the arrow keys. Sitting fairly high off a surface at about 17mm (0.67 inches), the Cygnett is about the same size as the Belkin though isn't particularly aimed at the iPad mini. Suited to use with any Bluetooth device, this solidly made product nevertheless doesn't put quite enough space between individual buttons.Mistakes do creep in, it's true, though if you use it for five minutes it gets much easier, though it's a touch fiddly to use elsewhere, too. Pairing with a Bluetooth gadget involves tampering with what looks like a 'reset' button on the back of the keyboard, which necessitates finding a pen.
Weighing a paltry 240g (8.47 inches), this QWERTY keyboard clips onto an iPad 2, 3 or 4 in an almost identical magnetic fashion to the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, though Archos claims that it's almost as slim as the ubiquitous SmartCover. The Black version has white lights for Num, Caps, and Scroll and the Red version lights are red. After spending considerable time researching mechanical keyboards, I purchased the Logitech G710+ because it was the only one which satisfied all of my criteria. There is no flex at all and the soft rubberized finish and dark black keys and bright blue lighting gives it a sleek and expensive look that you don’t really notice in the pictures.
I have to say that this board beats them all, the feel of a cherry brown with the speed of the a cherry black, rolled into one beautiful feel.

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