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The best resource that I have found for teaching yourself to play the pentatonic flute is the  Waldorf Teachers’ Companion to the Pentatonic Flute, by John Cyril Miles, from Promethean Press.
The one challenge that you might encounter is that book starts with the assumption that you know the fundamentals of reading music. The symbols above are rests, which are the parts in music when you get to rest and you don’t play any music. If you work through the Teachers’ Companion, Promethean Press also publishes another book of folksongs that have been adapted for the pentatonic flute by John C.

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Not only does it produce a beautiful and clear sound, the fingering on the Choroi pentatonic flute is simple enough for a first grader to play. The Teachers’ Companion is easy to read and clearly shows you how to finger and hold your flute.
So, in case there are some of you out there who want to teach yourself to play the Choroi pentatonic flute, here are some basics to help you in your endeavor. Completely updated to cover all the latest features, this book walks you step-by-step through over 150 essential Windows tasks.Using full color screen shots and clear instruction, you'll learn your way around the interface, set up user accounts, play media files, download photos from your camera, go online, set up email, and much more.
When reading music, you will read a staff, which are the five lines that run across the page and are shown below.

I blog about seasonal crafting, cooking, nature exploring, living in Seattle, and learning with children all year round. If you like Waldorf, but aren’t into anthropology, the introduction can be skipped completely by simply starting the book on page 7, where is says “Begin Here”. Patient pacing, plain-English instruction, and easy-to-follow screen shot-based tutorials show you everything you need to know every step of the way.

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