You could also play the fundamental with the left and the chord with the right hand to learn to harmonize the melody or to accompany a singer or another musician.
Study all these progressions of II-V-I in major key and practice to play them on famous jazz standards.
Remember the most important notes of a chord are the third one and the seventh one that determine the mode (major or minor) and the type of chord. In music and art the complexity is generally synonym of ugliness, unnatural, difficulty of understanding.
For example, I do not like the sound of the sixth on the dominant seventh chord and I do not often use it, replacing it with the fifth or omitting both the sixth one and the fifth. Besides you can often omit the fifth on the minor and major seventh chords, the fifth or the ninth in dominant seventh chords. I will publish soon in another pages half diminished ,diminished seventh and altered chord voicings. La forme (au debut de la portee) est la cle de fa et correspond aux notes qui seront generalement jouees par la main gauche sur le piano. Pour memoriser l'emplacement des notes, il te faut pratiquer quelques exercices de lectures de notes, que nous te proposons ci-dessous. Tous les numeros ne sont volontairement pas indiques pour t'habituer a retenir la position des doigts. Looking at the piano diagram we can see that there are also black keys, which fall between most of the white keys. Enharmonic equivalence is most important when learning sharps and flats, because there are many sharp notes which are enharmonically equivalent to flat notes. So we can see that although we only have seven letter-name notes in the scale, we actually have twelve pitches in the scale because of the extra sharps and flats. Generally speaking, when we arrange the notes in ascending order, we should use the sharp names for the notes, not the flat names.
The reason we generally use flats for the descending scales is because flats are lower in pitch than the notes, which logically suits a descending scale because a descending scale gets lower in pitch.
Please ask all questions in the ‘Comments’ section below, rather than using the ‘Contact’ page. Try making the black and white notes the same length and height you will see good results from students. There are so many ways to teach music reading such as guide notes, sentences, counting up and down, flash cards, and so on. Using the Search and Find card you can discover if your student has some sort of learning disability. How many activities had we done to show the bass clef dots for F and the treble clef circle around G?
He undertood how to read by intervals, and Search and Find showed me he knew note names.  Some more diagnostic testing was in order.
Search and Find is limited because it does not have the student actually play the piano key.
If  you use a magnetic bingo wand and chips, it helps make Search and Find an enjoyable activity. If you teach using guide notes with your  young students, you might be interested in an activity I call Three C’s.
About this time of the year some of our students are moving from pre-reading to notes on the staff. If you have downloaded material from this site, please consider making a donation to help maintain the website. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
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Maroon 5 has been one of the most successful bands in the past 10 years and their hit One More Night has been seeling sheet music music like crazy online. Adam Levine has been the lead singer since their start back while the guys were in High School. Basse Apprendre a jouer de la basse Si vous voulez apprendre a jouer de la basse, vous vous posez surement de nombreuses questions theoriques ou pratiques… Vous trouverez ici de l’aide et les reponses a vos questions pour vous permettre d’apprendre a jouer de la basse dans de bonnes conditions et en vous faisant plaisir.
Dans votre salon se trouve le piano familial, rarement entendu mais parfait objet de decoration grace a l’elegance de ses rayures zebrees blanches et noires ?
En considerant les touches d’un piano, blanches ou noires, on dit qu’on augmente ou qu’on descend d’un ton lorsqu’on appuie deux touches en avant ou en arriere par rapport a la touche de depart. On dit qu’on augmente ou qu’on descend d’un demi-ton lorsqu’on se deplace d’une touche en avant ou en arriere par rapport a la touche de depart. En pratique, on peut retrouver le Do d’une facon tres simple : le clavier se compose successivement de deux touches noires reunies et de trois touches noires reunies. Ce schema vous permettra mieux de bien visualiser chaque touche du piano et leur correspondance aux notes de la gamme. Maintenant que vous savez brillamment reconnaitre les touches de votre piano, apprenez avec nous comment lire une partition, et pour aller plus loin, testez les cours de piano en ligne sur Carpe Diese! L’ecole de musique Carpe DieseVous etes sur le blog de Carpe Diese, la 1re ecole de musique en ligne par webcam.
Sur ce blog, vous trouverez des ressources utiles et totalement gratuites pour vous permettre d'apprendre la musique. Si vous voulez aller plus loin, vous pouvez reserver vos cours de guitare, cours de basse, cours de piano, cours de chant ou cours de batterie en direct par webcam jusqu'a 22h en semaine et le week-end sur le site de Carpe Diese. Keep in mind the chord of the left hand must be played as near as around the central C(C4) and it has to contain the central C inside (in virtual way, if the C does not belong to the chord), to avoid cacophony. Certainly there are also other chords besides minor seventh, dominant seventh or major seventh: in another pages I will treat about the half diminished, diminished and altered seventh chord voicings (with augmented fifth and ninth or minor ninth).
Therefore you should never miss these two notes in the chord, except if, for example, you need to play a sus4 chord: in this case the third is omitted leaving the place to the fourth note. So you do not need to exaggerate in the use of dissonances inside chords, even if you are playing some modern jazz.
Les chiffres places au dessus des notes correspondent aux doigts de la main droite; ceux en dessous des notes aux doigts de la main gauche.
Knowing the note names helps with reading standard notation, and helps with finding root notes for barre chords and other movable chords.
So, ascending (getting higher in pitch) through the musical alphabet, we have: A, B, C, D, E, F and G. We also know that sharps are higher than their natural note, and that flats are lower than their natural note.
After identifying one B and looking for the other one,  my student could not tell the difference in bass B and treble D on the Search and Find card.
As it turned out, he was a transfer and could only read in middle C position. Putting that pesky thumb in another position was causing him all kinds of trouble.
If you have a magnifying glass, you can use that just for fun and giggles, and your young students will love it.
I made it to help young students learn middle C, bass C, and treble C, but of course it can be used for other activities as well. Instead of starting with middle C, treble G, and bass F, will it be easier to remember 3 C’s first before branching out? Laminate them with clear vinyl or a laminating machine.  You will have to attach them together. I was able to print it all out, laminate it all, and get it ready for a student in about 30 minutes, and that includes the cutting time. While we use theory books that help students learn the notes, sometimes students need a little more practice.
The boys are from Los Angeles, California on the West Coast which is considered as a capital of music industry in the States, for some even in the world.

You might remember him from Moves Like Jagger which is yet another hit song sung with Christina Aguilera and was a major success in 2011. This is a 7-page piano music notes that has been initially written in the Key of F Minor but also transposed into -10 G Minor, -11 F# Minor, -1 E Minor, -3 D Minor, -5 C Minor, -6 B Minor and -8 A Minor. Commencez donc par comprendre quelle est la note que vous jouez lorsque par curiosite vous approchez d’une touche de piano.
L'ensemble des articles et videos ont ete produites par notre equipe pedagogique et nos professeurs. They are chords that derive above all from Bill Evan’s voicings in which the ninth is added into the minor seventh chord, the sixth and the ninth into the dominant seventh chord. Learning scales, chords and mastering your theory are also much easier if you can identify the notes on the neck.
However, students should learn note names to give them confidence and to know which note to start on or pick up and move their hand to.  This post is not about different ways to teaching reading, but how the teacher can discover  problems.
But while playing Search and Find and asking her to find the notes on the card that step up from middle C, I discovered she had trouble.  No wonder note reading was progressing slowly, even though she had a great ear and could play well by rote. The Cover the Keys cards in the picture are small music alphabet cards that I use with students to learn the music alphabet. The reason is because counting up the treble and down the bass staff is more intuitive for children who are learning middle C. I used clear mailing tape to tape right sides together, being careful to get the line for middle C exactly in the middle and spaced an even distance from the treble and bass staves. After the notes are cut out, laminate them being careful not to put them too close together.  You will need to leave some space around the notes when you laminate them.
We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright.
La gamme de Do est facilement reperable visuellement sur le clavier, et vous connaissez tous deja par c?ur l’enchainement « Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si ». Si on part d’un Sol par exemple, le demi-ton superieur (c’est donc une touche noire) se nommera Sol diese, note Sol #, et le demi-ton inferieur (une touche noire aussi) se nommera Sol bemol, note Sol b. Similarly C# and Db are the same pitch, D# and Eb are the same pitch, and F# and Gb are the same pitch. I had already noticed that he got his right and left hands mixed up as well as fingers 2 and 4. This is the way Faber’s My First Piano Adventures teaches counting on the staff and I have found it works very well.  I am not a teacher who always does something just because that was the way I was taught! If you are using clear vinyl such as clear book covers, you will have to cover both sides to get the same effect.
Cette suite de notes correspond a une serie de 7 touches blanches qui se suivent sur le clavier, appele des octaves.
Ainsi la touche noire situee entre le Sol et le La peut aussi bien etre appelee Sol # que La b. The Three C’s card (finding only F and G, not C as I discuss in that blog post) helped a lot and he liked moving the notes around.
I also found out that she had some problems identifying which piano key went with each note. Elle se repete plusieurs fois, c’est pourquoi on trouve par exemple 8 touches correspondant a un Do sur un piano.
We also used my magnetic white board, and I made some hide and seek cards and placed them around the room.

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