I’m releasing a HTML Canvas and Javascript based virtual, online, onscreen keyboard for testing and whatever fun you can make out of it. Basically what’s a virtual keyboard is that its simply an input without a physcial keyboard.
If you add this as a Keyboard Bookmarklet (Firefox recommended – drag this to your toolbar), you may use this keyboard on various websites buy clicking on your bookmark which launch as translucent, mac like, on screen keyboard.
However, you can use this keyboard to enter text into textareas and input field by using your mouse, stylus or touchscreen. I think that it would be better if a CSS file is put outside the js, since I’d like to change the key colours,backgrounds, dimension, and position and avoid to move it.
By using a laser, the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard and Touchpad projects a keyboard onto any flat surface. What makes this small gadget so great is that the design allows you to conveniently bring a full size keyboard with you, in compact form. This release is actually dedicated for my friend’s 25th birthday, but its kind of way overdued.

The uproar is most commonly found in teenagers, they simply love to rule the world on their own terms and conditions & whatever attracts them, they walk an extra mile to get to the thing. Of course, this isn’t really true since virtual keyboards may be backdoors themselves so please do not use this or any other bookmarklet, greasemonkey, addons etc you do not trust for sensitive information.
Creating custom interfaces with canvas could create the possibility of interfacing 2 users in a browser – imagine 2 users surfing the net together by sharing a wide browser screen on a pc. Technology and advancement is taking this universe to another level, who knows which side this earth will revolve the next moment?Well, today my post is dedicated to those geeks and techno freaks that are always in the hunt for newness fashionable gadgets. Fifa 95 (thats over a decade ago!) allowed 2 users to play with or against each other – one with the keyboard, another with the mouse, and this would be possible with a virtual keyboard (for the 2nd user). Whether this is another lame project, or whether there are possible great ideas, I’ll leave it up to your imagination.
Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch GadgetIf you are a fast pace man with a swift mind and you want immediacy in your tasks then you can simply go with the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart-watch gadget, it is truly made for your type. Directors Edition Digital Alarm Clock If you’re a funky person and try to play with home decor every now and then, you must be looking forward to have a cool and fabulous alarm clock.

You can simply use the clapper and clip the board like a director to silence the alarm clock. Karlsson Table Clock BookIf you are a book lover and a literary sort of person then you would love the company of books scattered all around.
Then Nova wireless stereo speaker system will provide you the best audio performance, it can be connected with any device such as smartphones, computers, tablets and televisions.
The issue is resolved now, have the USB battleship gadget which magically takes 5 USB ports.

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